My Husband Goodluck Jonathan Is The Messiah, Patience Jonathan Says in Ilorin

Patience Jonathan investigated by ICC

Nigeria’s First Lady, Patience Jonathan, on Tuesday, March 17, attended a campaign rally in Ilorin, Kwara State.

During the event, Mrs. Jonathan castigated the All Progressives Congress (APC) and urged its Presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari to abandon his ambitions.

Here are seven unbelievable things she said during the Ilorin rally:

  1. Nigerian women, if they (APC) come, tell them that your mother said you should not listen to them.

  2. God has brought down the messiah for us. And PDP is the messiah. Goodluck is the messiah.

  3. I am a person that will tell the truth. I will not abuse people, but if you are old you are old, so leave it to younger people.

  4. What are we going to take expired drug to do? Have you seen anywhere where APC cured any person? If you vote and drink it and die, it is not my business. Do not go near APC. It is an expired drug and an adulterated drug.

  5. Before I went to Edo State, the APC was there, all to make trouble. I have always been telling them that they like to make trouble. I wanted to go to Edo, they were there. Why? To make trouble. I wanted to come to Kwara, they were there. Why? To make trouble.

  6. Everyday they change from one name to another and very soon they will change to Ebola and then death will come.

  7. There is office for wife of President but they were saying there is none. But soon they brought one ‘Hajia’ as wife of the President and she is now saying, ‘don’t worry, my husband made a mistake, we shall make provisions as necessary.

Culled from Pulse as videos of Patience have been banned since she was reported to the ICC due to our exposes.