Article linking IBB to Boko pulled after NewsRescue expose! Bible4Africa implicated!


February 11th, 2012

NewsRescue- NaijaJive pulls malicious propaganda article; leads readers to another suspicious website: Bible4Africa as sole source of mischievous, hate article!

Our readers followed our article on February 5th, 2012, detailing the cyber propaganda warfare being mounted against Nigeria by certain websites, including a 2 month old forum, NaijaJive and an old public edited online editorial, RepublicReports. Below are some excerpts from the article:

Cyber War against Nigeria! RepublicReports, NaijaJive implicated in IBB- Boko slander

NewsRescue- Classified reports reaching our news desk, indicate that certain websites are engaged in an intense cyber war against Nigeria and its people. Cyber propaganda wars are frequently carried out via online and mobile platforms, to foment discord, stoke the fires of tribal, religious or other sentiment – ultimately resulting in deadly violence and destabilization.

We can clearly implicate NaijaJive, but it appears Republic Report is only guilty by association and lax operational guidelines. We do hope the later is the case for this news media outlet.

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NaijaJive owner asks NewsRescue to dissociate him

Following our detailed article and expose of the malicious, un-sourced, fabricated article, attempting to fan the flames of religious tension in Nigeria. In an attempt disingenuous enough to implicate Nigerians like former president, IBB (Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida) and leader of the MEND southern rebel group, Asari Dokubo (a claim Asari swiftly rejected as fraud and ‘419’) in Boko Haram terrorism, the owner of Naijajive pulled the article from his website and sent NewsRescue an email, pleading that our organization remove his name from the article.

Letter from owner of NaijaJive propaganda website {name edited as he pulled the article totally} implicated in circulation of hate article:

Hello Editor,

It is with much displeasure that I write this email. That one of the sites that I registered have been brandished an anti Northern and anti Nigerian website. And in the midst of this imbrogglio, You happen to list my name as the site administrator on this havoc wrecking title.
After reading through your piece, I informed the poster to list a source of the article or I will be forced to delete this piece and I can state he has listed a source for the article.
As you can see it is a forum and I cannot be responsible for every post made by a moderator, regular members or even guest.
Moving on, We are all working for the good of the country and to put issues upward for discussion and that why its a forum. I want you to remove the published piece bad naming the website and my personal details from your piece.
Long live the republic of Nigeria.

The owner of Nigeria’s foremost forum, Oluwaseun Osewa proudly puts his identity behind the forum, Nairaland. Why is the owner of NaijaJive worried about standing behind his forum? Can he really dissociate himself from the articles, which as we detailed in our investigation of his site, were created by forum moderator, Rossquo, who was a member of the forum from when it was first registered and is a forum moderator?

Bible4Africa website: Spreading the Bible or spreading the seed of hate and discord in Africa?

KKK operate out of Wichita, Kansas, US

The article page has not yet been removed as the forum obviously enjoys the cheap publicity it received, and though the article was pulled, the moderator of the forum who posted it, still left the title and put a link accessible only for registered members, to another propaganda source: Bible4Africa., a fairly new website for a missionary group operating in Delta State, Nigeria with its operators from Wichita, a prominent ‘KKK’ activity state in America, remains the only source of this article against MEND leader, Dokubo Asari, IBB, Buhari and Nigeria as a whole.

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NewsRescue at this time refuses to investigate Bible4Africa, which has a Nigerian headquarters in Delta State, Nigeria, with details below, because we are too sad to see such a propaganda campaign being waged against peace, life, prosperity and progress of Nigeria and the world at large, by a religion affiliated website claiming to wish to spread the Bible:

Bible4Africa details:

Yomi Opeola-Messiri and wife, on 'Messianic' mission {Img: FaceBook}

Tel: 234-703-276-9762;  0708-598-6742.

Mailing address is: P. O. Box 618 Warri, Delta State, Nigeria.

US Director: Mike Nicholson, Cell:  316-516-9093 domain information:

President, registrant and administrative contact:

Yomi Opeola of 524 onanor, Wichita, Kansas 67208, US

Phone:  +1.3168580924      

Email: [email protected]

Website record: 2011-10-08

Yomi Opeola-Messiri of Bible4Africa and his wife engage in their ‘missionary’ work in Effurun/Warri, Delta State Nigeria.

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Christian ‘KKK’ Supremacist agenda to disintegrate Nigeria

Radical groups in Europe who believe due to false western media propaganda, that Nigeria is divided evenly into a Muslim North and Christian south(which is far from true), are desirous of dividing Nigeria. It is recollected that the Oslo, Norway Island Bomber, Ander Berivik, who was arrested in connection with over 84 deaths in twin car bomb blasts and an Island gun-massacre of immigrants in Norway, belonged to a KKK type, European supremacist thinking, set out to disintegrate Nigeria.

Quoting the Anders Breivik documents:

Behring Anders Breivik comments at

Anders Breivik, Norway Massacre {MailOnline}

2009-09-14 11:12:20

We should immediately work towards joint establishment of a cultural conservative major newspaper (paper / online national distribution).

Primary Doctrines:

Critical to multiculturalism (Anti-kulturmarxistisk)
Pro Progress Party (maybe right)
Pro Israel (+ support for Armenia, Christian Copts / Maronite / Assyriere, cultural conservative Indians, support for the establishment of a Christian state Biafra, Southern Nigeria and support to the establishment of a Christian state in Sudan, support for Russian / Thailand / Philippines / China + Fighting Jihad)
Critical to kulturmarxistiske media (all)
Pro free market
Pro Christian

Our readers can again satisfy their curiosity and settle their consciences by contacting this platform and requesting their source and reason for spreading this anti-Nigeria, destructive propaganda. Confidential sources also indicate that the Nigerian security services are seeking out this outfit.

If the owner of the new, chaos causing forum who allowed his forum implicate Nigerian personalities, linking them with wicked terror, and stir up hate and provoke more death in Nigeria, does he have the right to plead for dissociation? We leave this question to our readers, it is upon your wishes that we will ‘pardon’ him or not. We believe that with power comes responsibility, and any one who believes they have the right and prerogative to inform the public via news media or forum, must understand their moral obligations and societal responsibilities.

RepublicReports also implicated for allowing the same individual and fictitious moderator character of NaijaJive, Rossquo post the same source-less article on their website, it is expected will soon act responsibly and apologize to Nigeria.

Once again, we call on all readers to understand that there are many enemies of Nigeria’s great progress, while many other Nations in the world are battling for survival, and it will be sad if malicious, fabricated stories, and a few retarded and malicious individuals, including the like of foreign sponsored Boko Haram terrorists, destroy and rob Nigerian life and future. Please be vigilant and please take the course of peace and understanding always.

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Image from previous article on NaijaJive, RepublicReports cyber warfare: