NANS 2015: Time For Nigerian Students To Choose, Part 9, By Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah


By Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah

Dear Readers, your man the master of the series of the Presidential aspirants of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) is back again after a long term break on some critical national issues. However, as the time runs out to the end of the year, it is better to conclude some of my assignments now because 2016 will surely be for the young people of Nasarawa South Senatorial District, new year with new assignment.

As the students constituency want to know, the whole world equally want to know the person that will be taking the leadership of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) from High Chief (Dr.) Tijani Usman Shehu.

It is on the same vain that I present to you a young man with vision, a charismatic leader that want to take NANS to the promise land, a dogged and fearless Comrade, the only person I have seen in the recent time that’s ready to lead NANS with his personal resource, it is not any other person than Comrade Chinoso Obasi AKA Aluta IBB.

For the purpose of clarity, Aluta IBB as he’s fondly called is a post graduate Student of Ebonyi State University, an Ebonyi born Petro-Chemical Engineer turned Comrade of an international standard, a former Students Union President and Zone ‘B’ (South-South and South-East) Coordinator of the National Association of Nigerian (NANS) and member 2014 National Conference as one of the representative of the NANS.

Aluta IBB doesn’t belong to the class of those that have spent over a decade in the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), and by age is the youngest candidate compare to others, in fact, IBB is less than 30years old.

In the recent past, NANS as an organization has not produced a candidate like Obasi based on the fact that nobody, I mean nobody among the aspirants for NANS Presidency has served the organization from the grass root like Aluta IBB. In one of my discussion with him at the Royal Tropicana Hotels in Abuja during the inauguration of the Nigerian Youth Parliament, he opined that “I am a candidate for NANS Presidency but not an aspirant for NANS Presidency, they are all aspirants but I am a candidate because I am more qualified to be the next NANS President, how on earth should we allowed someone like… that has never been a class representative to become NANS President”.

Aluta IBB is the most acceptable NANS Presidential candidate across the Niger, the most amazing thing is the total supports of his candidature by the NANS members of the 2014 National Conference, even if you hate him, IBB is the man of the moment and a force to reckon with in NANS as its stand, there’s somebody I hold in high esteem called Hon. Yinka Dada (The Jagaban and Illuminati of NANS) and for the past few years he has been producing NANS President and he’s for Aluta IBB, I read in literature that if you are contesting for anything in NANS and Yinka Dada Sadam is not with you physically and spiritually then you are a looser.

It is on records that Obasi was the person that made strong recommendation to the Federal Government during the National Conference that the issue of the Bsc and HND diahonomy should be scrap.

As I write, I have two documents in my custody in form of bill well prepared by IBB to be submitted to the National Assembly if eventually he become the next NANS President, the documents contained two things, one is to empower all the old comrades that have been victimised in one way or the other in the course of the emancipation of the Nigerian Students and those students that are enterprenues conscious in order to earn a living after graduation from School, and secondly to supports the less previlige in form of sponsorship by the Government.

In his words ” I want to use NANS as a platform to push for a bill in the National Assembly to sponsor those that are less previlege in the Nigerian higher Institution, so that after their graduation the government will always find a way of getting their money back by asking them to work for some particular period of time, no Nigerian child will have a reason of not going to School”.

“Distinguished, let me tell you that during my time as the NANS President, the best Student in any of the Nigerian higher institution must be rewarded by the government to serve as a motivation to other ones to read more and harder”.

As a person, I am not comfortable with IBB as a candidate for NANS Presidency but sentiment aside, IBB is pulling crowd in Zone ‘A’ where the present NANS President is from and Zone ‘D’ where the jagaban of NANS comes from, as such, nobody would want to miss this moving train.

As a matter of fact, the only sin of Aluta IBB is his doggedness and fearless nature of taking Nigerian Students to the next level, some certain interest in Zone ‘B’ are not comfortable with IBB based on the outcome of the National Conference, they were only interested in the financial benefits of the National Confab but none of them has ever presented a working documents on how to protect the interest and welfare of an ordinary Nigerian Students on campus, IBB did his best and left the remaining one for God.

Therefore, we are all aware that nobody on earth is perfect, as I write, I am still looking for faults against IBB and I can’t find ANY, what an iron of life, for somebody like IBB that’s ready to sponsor a bill in the name of protecting the welfare of the Nigerian Students needs our supports and prayers at this point in time.

Consequently, I have no any other option than to follow my boss the immediate past President of NANS Yinka Gbadebo, YGsneh, MNC, GCNS, like other of his loyalists but I am still watching with keen interest.

No more series for NANS Presidential aspirants but I will surely endorse my candidate on the 1st of January, 2016