NANS Demands Immediate Restructuring Of Nigeria To Usher In True Federalism


We have chosen today to address the world and most importantly Nigerians on the plethora of issues plaguing the country in recent times.

Today being a historic day in the annals of our history, calls for a sober reflection.

June 12, 1993 represents a day, where Nigerians from across the various divides jettisoned trivialities built on ethnicity, religion etc and embraced a united Nigeria built on ideas and prosperity.

It is unfortunate that, events of the past few weeks has once again calls for a redirection, if we must continue to exist as one indivisible Nigeria.

June 12, as represented by our father and Democracy mythrdom; Mko Abiola, if not for anything, NANS as an organization will continue to protect and preserve his heroic struggle for a democratic Nigeria.

It is inline with the foregoing that NANS states as follows:

1. Arewa Youth Forum Quit *Notice:

i. NANS condemns unequivocally the quit notice order handed down to the Igbo people by the Arewa Youth coalition. This is an aberration and portends a great danger to the unity of our country.

ii. NANS also condemns the open declaration of support by the Northern Elders Forum to the quit notice order. As elders, we do have expected them as fathers to seek for ways of resolving raging issues instead of adding more fuel to the already escalated fire.

2. Coup Rumour:

June 12, represents an open confrontation against Military rule, and it is in the spirit of this Day, that, NANS call on the Nigeria Military to continue to pursue professionalism in their dealings and remain in their barracks as, we will never tolerate any act of coup under which ever guise.

3. We call on the Federal Government to continue to strengthen our democratic institutions, aimed at promoting an egalitarian society for all.

4. NANS condemns the delay in the signing of our national budget, months into the fiscal year.


i. There is no longer a better time to restructure Nigeria than now. There is already a consensus built around a restructured Nigeria as the only gateway to a prosperous Nigeria.

ii. A restructured Nigeria will no doubt encourage healthy competition, inclusive growth and development, as it was in 1960’s; As the West was then synonymous with Cocoa, East with Palm Oil and North with Groundnut pyramids etc. This is in sharp contrast with today Nigeria, where the Federating units have turned idle, beggars in the current “Feeding Bottle Federalism” practiced in the country, that is alien to Federalism practice across the globe.

iii. A restructured Nigeria will automatically put to rest, the various agitations by all ethnic militia groups.

iv. NANS therefore demands for a restructured Nigeria with immediate effect to usher in True Federalism, where each Federating unit, either State or regions as the case maybe will develop at their own pace in unity.

v. NANS calls on Federal Government to put machinery in motion to implement a restructured Nigeria, as days ahead, NANS will begin massive mobilization of Nigerian Students and the general public to achieve this demand.

6. On Niger Delta University Amassoma, Bayelsa State school fees increment;

i. NANS demands immediate reversal without further delay.

ii. On the victimization of the NANS/JCC Chairman, Bayelsa State Axis, we call on the Acting Vice Chancellor of Niger Delta University; Prof. Samuel Edomiekumor to stay clear of the politics of the state and turn a new leaf instead of turning himself to an errand boy to Mr. Austin Adigio.

iii. NANS warns Austin Adigio, S.A. on Students Affairs to Bayelsa State Governor to stay off any threat against Comr. Benjamin Ogeteimowei, who is the Chairman of NANS/JCC, Bayelsa State Axis, as if anything untoward happens to Comr. Benjamin, Austin Adigio should be prepared to bid farewell to his meal ticket. This NANS is more than committed to implement.

iv. NANS charges the Acting Vice Chancellor of NDU to immediately effect the reversal in fee hike.

v. NANS uses this medium to inform the entire Nigerian Students in advance, that whatever happens to Comr. Benjamin, who has been agitating and demanding for the reversal of the fee, NANS will relocate to Niger Delta University (NDU), Amassoma for a total shutdown and make the University ungovernable for Prof. Samuel Edomiekumor, whose profiles and dossier are well documented in our secretariat.

7. NANS commends and congratulates the Governor of Delta State; His Excellency Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa on his successful two years Anniversary and massive infrastructural development of the educational sector in the State. Ranging from the revamping of Technical Colleges and the successful accreditation of the Law Faculty of Delta State University, Abraka after years of non accreditation.

8. Finally NANS prays for the quick recovery and recuperation of President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR.

Aluta Continua… Victor Ascerta…


Pedro Obi,
Coodrdinator, NANS Zone B.