Nasir Responds to “Amaechi and his Wife Refused to Pay Homage, Cry by First-lady Patience”

Aug. 19, 2013

by Nasir Lawal Danmowa

May I seize this opportunity to call to order her excellency, dame Patience as many dunces call her and her like for being the wife of their Oga, a honor she and her ilk do not in the faintest deserve. But perhaps better than some who even call her “Jesus Christ on earth.”

Now may I point out to her “excellency” and her supporters the distressing fact that neither she nor her husband paid a condolence visit to the widows of those security men that were killed and brutalized by Ombatse cult in Nasarawa state, nor did they visit the families of those that lost their lives/limbs in the 2011 post election violence of which most of the victims were innocents killed by her supporters. And when and how many visits have the first family paid to the thousands of victims of terror in the lackadaisically governed Nigeria?

But despite the mourning and sorrowful state you should be in with the loss of your lovely mom and more so, with the fortune of the uncountable number of people and groups of your subjects from different parts of this great country of ours who tumbled over themselves to visit you and observe condolence to your “holiness,” your eyes, ears and mind were on that innocent governor of Rivers state and his wife for not visiting you.

The question here is; is it by force to visit you or he must abandon what he was duly elected for to visit you?

Someone should tell Madam Patience that it wasn’t Amaechi that took the life of her mom on the dangerous roads of Nigeria, and his condolence will not in anyway bring her back.

Please let this acclaimed son of yours, that you gave birth to when you were 7 yrs old be among those to have the fresh air that your husband assured Nigerians during his 2011 campaign.

May the spirit of your mom rest in peace


Nigerian Elite Tumble-over Themselves To Pay Condolence To First Lady Over Her “Mother’s” Death

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