National Assembly 2016 Budget Sabotage And Its Effect On Ordinary Nigerians

by Alhassan Haruna Danbatta,

The Nigeria’s National Assembly have once again proven to Nigerians that the many insinuations we uphold and the circulated rumours making the round that the national assembly are all out to sabotage the 2016 budget are true afterall.

Today, the national assembly have drawn a line, they are after our lives, they want to eliminate us out of the face of the earth. No contention about it, no doubt behind it , they want to see us stop breathing, they have gagged our throats, they blocked our nostrils, they now want to rape us.

It was not a surprise, it was never unexpected, we saw it coming, we were aware of their intentions to sabotage the 2016 budget, we know of their evil plans to sabotage our budget of change.

Our lives are at stake, Nigerians lives are being played with, we are being fooled by the same people we elected to represent us, it is left for us to decide our next line of action, it is left for us to take our destiny in our hand.

Andre Roicas said, “Experience is not what happen to a man, it is what a man does with what happened to him”. We have had enough of the bad experiences, the national assembly have been putting us through hell, the recent one is of no difference, they want us to beg, becoming beggars than the kings, while we are to be their constituents and them the servants, we are now the servants and they are the kings.

we have leant of a new bad development, the President is
handicapped in signing the 2016
budget because the National Assembly has only transmitted the highlights of the document without details,

What an indiscretion, what a criminal intention, what a barbaric pay back, Nigerians are united, we will never be slaves anymore, that budget of change has to be passed, we shall never sleep while it hangs.

They call this their action ‘politics’ but to Nigerians it is known as sabotage, they have wounded us so many times, they believed we had no option for salvation, but our surprise is in the opined, we are to spring one very soon, the time needed is too short, we have to communicate our surprise, it is now or never.

We have made so many mistakes in the past, through that they learnt of our weaknesses, they already knew of us as dogs who doesn’t bark, we are toothless in our hearts, we nigerians never ever says never.

It is time to correct those mistakes because it seems, our mistakes of the past are a blessing in disguise, Edmund Sung have since reminded us that “A mistake is an opportunity to learn what works and what doesn’t work”, we are now rehabilitate people because we already knows what works and what doesn’t work about our 2016 budget.

Our president is very
anxious to sign the budget, so that implementation of the budget can start immediately, so as to ease the tension in the economy and polity, but the president is very afraid of their criminality, he has been a victim of their machinations, he may be deceive into another artificial delay, while been deceived, he may later discover, when the details are fully sent, that what is contained therein is not implementable.

You know they are very subtle and cunning, they don’t care about us, they cared only for their selfish ends, this is why we must resist their intimidation,we must say enough is enough, we must tell them to provide the budget details.

We have many questions to ask our honorable members, we are filled with anger inside a cocoon of rage, we shall point them one by one, it is our duty to identify the good out of the bad, its our duty to know their true color, it is our duty to shame the bad eggs.

They have planned an exit to escape our wrath on their unruly representation, on their action which we suspects is a sabotage, that is why they pass the buck to the president, they want the public to blame him, they thought we are dumb and daft as usual, not knowing of our getting wiser with democracy, through it we know of who loved us and who doesn’t.

The National Assembly have to  send in the details speedly so that it could be considered for assent by the president, the opposite of that is hunger and hardships, inflation will be our next neighbour, unemployment will be our language, stagnantion will be our race, we nigerians will then become a laughing stock, because the 10,000 police officers will not be recruited, the 500,000 graduates teachers will not be a reality, the Ajaokuta steel mill will never function, the national air line will never be activated, the 10,000 mega watt of electricity will be a pipe dream, and Boko haram may turn ugly because there will be no money to buy all the needed weapons to fight the insurgency.

Nigerians, it is time we tell the honorable members to provide those details so that our budget of change may be assented upon by the president and then passed, considerably it may change our rotten lives.

Comrade, Alhassan Haruna Danbatta
[email protected]