Nepotism Defined, Buhari Hires The People Jonathan Fired For Corruption – Jafar Jafar


From Jafar Jafar

Take it or leave it, nepotism is the motif that gives the Buhari administration a shape, a grotesque shape. Class difference is clear. Jobs are no longer based on one’s aptitude but based on one’s link to the ruling cabal. Exclusive vacancies are created in lucrative agencies like CBN, FIRS, NNPC, etc for the children of the elite.

The same goes to fight against corruption. The privileged ones are never investigated or sicced anti-corruption watchdog, EFCC, on them.

The Goodluck Jonathan we all accused of condoning corruption sacked Louis Edozien as Executive Director, Engineering & Technical Service at the lucrative Niger Delta Power Holding Company for corruption and certificate issue. Buhari appointed him permanent secretary of his biggest ministry (Power, Works and Housing) because of his closeness to the Aso cabal.

Goodluck Jonathan fired Abdulrasheed Maina as head of the Presidential Task Force on Pension Reforms for corruption. Buhari recalled Maina from exile in Dubai and promoted him to the rank of director.

Under Buhari, when a member of the opposition party who ate ‘yam’ is on trial, he will be sentenced to stoning with pebbles but when a member of the ruling party is accused of corruption, he will be sentenced to stoning – with yam buns.