Pew Poll: Nigeria Has Highest ‘Favorable’ Attitude Toward ISIS Of World Countries


One in five Nigerian Muslims find Daesh favorable, a new Pew poll has found; the highest of all countries surveyed and about double Malaysia, the next in line which was approximately 1 in 10.

The Pew Research Poll of 11 countries with significant Muslim populations found that majority of respondents expressed negative opinions of Daesh. The Poll was conducted in the wake of ISIS bombing a Russian passenger jet and striking Paris.

The very religiously diverse and tolerant Lebanon was almost 100% while Pakistan was the lowest on the unfavorable list with majority offering no definitive opinion on the deadly Takfiri terrorist group. Lebanon is 54% Muslim(27% Shia, 27% Sunni), 5.6% Druze and 40% Christian(21% Maronite, 8% Greek Orthodox, 5% Melkite, 1% Protestant).

However Nigeria while also having a significant number of ‘no opinions,’ had the highest ‘favorable’ numbers towards ISIS. Nigeria scored a whopping 14% for people who LIKE Daesh. This meant a significant number of Nigerians liked ISIS’ reign of terror and probably found its demonic actions against Kurds, Shias, Yazidis and dissenting Sunnis, Muslims and others as justified.

Views of ISIS Overwhelmingly Negative

When separated by religion, Nigeria’s Muslims were well above the curve in finding ISIS favorable.

A whole 20% of Nigerian Muslims polled liked the Takfiri extremist Sunni death cult. That is 1 in every 5 Muslims.

Next was Malaysia at 12% of Muslims who liked Daesh. Other countries scored single digits for favorable opinion among their Muslim respondents.

Views of ISIS by Religion, Ethnicity and Region

Nigeria is known for its religious intolerance. Sprouts of violence against minorities of other faiths has been common place in the north. It would appear from the poll that there is a correlation between religious intolerance and love of terror.

Nigeria is home to religious intolerance and deadly fanaticsm