NewsRescue Calls On Nigerians To Save Snapshots of All Slanderous Posts

Dear Readers and Contributors,

Please identify the Nigerian blogs, newspapers etc that have been bribed with the N21-100 billion. If you have seen blogs pushing obvious malicious fabricated propaganda unreasonably, they were paid. Please point these to us (via comment) for a new article we are publishing to alert well meaning Nigerians and to be saved for the Nigerian justice system when revamped.

Also if you see people posting libelous stuff, like images that associate distinguished and elder statesmen and other responsible Nigerians with Boko Haram, etc, please take a snapshot of the user’s page with the images. You can do, “printscreen” on a computer etc and save these. You can email all to [email protected] to be saved. These are needed for the Nigerian justice system now and in the future because they are very strong allegations and accusations and libel and slander is no joke whether by organisation or individual.

Thanks as always!