When Next They Tell You Buhari Will Islamize Nigeria, Tell Them They Are Senseless- Okonkwo Kenechukwu Kelvin

by Okonkwo Kenechukwu Kelvin
Good people of Nigeria!

When next they tell you Buhari
will Islamise Nigeria if he becomes the president, tell them they
are senseless; that no democratically elected president can

When next they tell you Buhari is too old, tell
them you prefer an old man with a purpose than a youth without
a focus.
Nelson Mandela was how many years when he ruled south Africa??
Robert mugabe is how many years & still ruling zimbabwe???
Cameroon president is how many years?? and many other president…
Is Nigeria better than all these countries in the past 5yrs???
Jonathan is young & so what?
He has a PhD & so what?
Name other things he has?
He’s a professor in corruption…
MSC in looting & cluelessness…
A PhD holder in stealing…
A lecturer in bad governance…
You may even ask them that what benefit did the
youthfulness of Dimeji Bankole who became the number 3 man
(Speaker of House of Representatives) at the age of 37; James
Ibori who became agovernor at the age of 41 and Lucky
Igbinedion who also became a governor at the age of 42 bring
into the system.

When next they tell you Buhari is the sponsor of
Boko-Haram, tell them they have gone nuts. That they used the
same propaganda to campaign against the man in 2011, so why
is he still walking in the streets while the menace Boko- Haram is
burgeoning and the president has not ordered his arrest?

When next they tell you APC is more corrupt than PDP, tell them“no
matter how good they are in mathematics, they’d never be able
to add up the sins of APC and arrive at the report card of PDP
since 1999. Logic and common sense will always be
their undoing in such a mathematical venture”.

When next they tell you about Buhari’s human
right recordsduring his 18 months sojourn as a military head of
state, tell them he is not coming back as a military head of state
but a democratically elected president and that does not erase
his sterling anti-corruption credentials which is what Nigeria
badly needs at the moment.

When next they tell you that it is
wrong for Buhari to be hobnobbing with the likes of Tinubu, Atiku
and co, given his toga anti-corruption; ask them if they voted for
him when he decided to go alone?

Nigeria needs #change!!! you & i knows it even when some people have been blindfolded with sentiment ………
say no to #Mediocrity

say YES to………..

by Okonkwo Kenechukwu Kelvin