Niger Slights Nigeria: As It Announces Handing Over Boko Haram Terrorists To ICC


In what is seen as a slight to Nigeria that has been notably sympathetic to Boko Haram terrorists, neighboring Niger today announced the handing over of many arrested Boko Haram terrorists to the International Criminal Court, ICC for proper punishment for their grave atrocities.

President Mahamadou Issoufou said,

“This is something that all countries should do,” he said.

The best way to protect civilians, he added, was to ratify humanitarian conventions.

“Political, military and administrative authorities must be aware of pledges made by Governments and of the sanctions provided for under those conventions.”

The Buhari government has come under criticism for offering an amnesty offer to killer and rapist Boko Haram terrorists. many are already being trained and “reintegrated” to be returned into Nigerian society without having been punished for their crimes.

The Nigerian constitution ordains capital sentences for terrorists who have been involved in killing citizens. The Nigerian government ignores this ordinance.

While Cameroon and Kenya kill their apprehended terrorists, Nigeria does not.

It would have been expected for President Mahamadou Issoufou who campaigned using Buhari’s image to help him to victory, to have handed over the apprehended terrorists to Nigeria. The country not doing so is read as disregard and its abhorrence for the criminally compassionate treatment of killer Boko Haram terrorists by Nigeria.