Nigeria: aero Airline en-route Abuja returns to Lagos due to engine trouble

October 16th, 2012

NewsRescue- Tuesday an Aero airplane turned around quarter way from Lagos to Abuja due to engine failure. The pilot announced that an engine went down so he switched to backup and hence had to turn around to land back in Lagos.

According to a passenger who spoke to NewsRescue, the passengers were reportedly scared stiff in the plane and engaged in prayers. The airliner that developed trouble apparently was one that just came in from Accra.

A  good number of Nigeria’s airlines have been off the air since a tragic crash of a Dana McDonnell Douglas MD-8 airliner in June resulted in 170 deaths.

Arik, Aero and IRS are some of the few airliners still operating, Air Nigeria, Dana, and First nation are still out.

The passengers who were transferred to another flight made it to Abuja safely with the replacement aircraft.

But Nigerians now pray that  the faulty aircraft is properly fixed before being put back in the air, so it doesn’t go down like the Dana aircraft that the was also faulty a few days before and nothing was done till the weekend when the plane finally gave way.