Nigeria Belongs To Us: It’s Time To #KillGoliath And Take Charge


The cabal have started planning in earnest and consolidating their unions towards 2019. They do not leave their destiny to chance. Switching from one to the other of the two-are-one main parties, they select the next leader after thoroughly ensuring that he will be affianced to the survival of their corruption-derived enterprises and their continued grip on the nation’s wealth. Pacts are signed and they sponsor him. Thus they have secured their and their great great great grand children’s futures including their guaranteed ability to tour abroad for school and health care, while our schools and hospitals are slumified. We know this tale too well. It has been our fate since the days we were born.

Dear Youth,

Have we planned? Are we going to wait once again for the vultures to make the choices for us in their primaries come 2019? Is our fate going to be decided-upon once again in Minna and Abeokuta? Are we going to continue hoping and praying without making our plans and consolidating our unions, and let the jet-flying so-called owners of Nigeria PLC run over us again? And again. And again?

I have decided I will never sit back and let them make the choice for me ever again, have you? Do you realize that we have to start planning from yesterday?, that unless we decide and mobilize from the very minute you read this, that’s the only way we can take charge of our destiny and kick out the old goons once and for all? In 2019 we will be fighting an enemy as mighty as Goliath. The cabal have billions of dollars they looted from us that they will be putting together to buy votes of the weak and desperate of us. They will pay in US currency to have our old and below age vote. They will use the greedy and hopeless among our youth to break us and buy us. We know how it works. We know how both APC and PDP overshot the INEC stipulated spending cap and wrecked our economy last election. And then what? Another four years of poverty and pain; of whining and swearing. Of talking about the immunity and boldness of the cabal as they fly their jets to converge for the lavish unions of their offspring?

Dear fellow Youth. Are we not all tired of the Senate we call “Sinate?” Did we not all fight for transparency, for drastic slashing of their budget, for a unicameral, one house system and part time legislative work? Undress NASS, Occupy NASS. Did this administration as much as comment? Do you see a single flicker of hope that the Buhari-Osinbajo government can and will fight to fulfill the choices we have made on eliminating the rot that our NASS house of legislooters is? How will I break the Assembly? I’ll tell you: if the Presidency and people are united in protest, that stinky house will fall. NASS cannot withstand such a united front. Tell me, if we do not mobilize and strategize from now, how will we get the leaders, Presidents, Governors and Assemblymen who will fight with us and for us and take us out of our misery and to the promised land?

We see other African nations taking giant strides while we battle a recession and accept mediocre change with social investment lottery-like provisions for 1 in 1000 of us, and watch the cabal hold on the presidency and the new opportunities. We saw Senegal scrap one of its houses, did those we elected even try? Can we get there if we keep folding our arms and watching these wicked jackals making the decisions for us starting from primaries in their parties and on as our rulers? Will their parties ever give a new generation Nigerian a chance?

We cannot bring change unless we take charge and we cannot take charge unless we win the elections and we cannot win the elections unless we start now. I mean, TODAY! Since we refuse to revolt on the streets, for those unborn we must revolt at the polls.

Dear Brethren and Sistren,

Some of you may know me and some may not. Some of you may like me and what I have stood consistently for and some may not. But this is not about me. It is about us! Let’s be candid, how long did we use to know and vet Buhari? He won the primaries in December for an election slated for February. Before that, what did we know he was up to for 30 years? I remember only two things about him for the 30-year period: one was his fighting for Miyetti Allah regardless of whether they were right or wrong and the other was his demand for Jonathan not to kill Boko Haram members. Did we ever vet Goodluck Jonathan…already known in Bayelsa, with his wife nicknamed “the greediest person in the state,” ever before he became late Yar’Adua’s vice? And of Osinbajo, I knew he was Lagos’-owner, cabal Tinubu’s man. What did we expect?

Are we surprised Buhari filled his cabinet with the same cabal who hold him and us to ransom? Are we surprised the duo have appointed the same billionaire cabal who looted us dry as board directors of PINE, Industrial Advisory board and everywhere else? Are we surprised Buhari’s ministers are the same old goons and cabal striking deals with the other cabal? Are we shocked that the Halliburton case is closed, that the Panama Papers was ignored and that rather than recover our loot we have gone a-borrowing to go a-sorrowing tomorrow? Are you surprised Buhari replaced Jonathan’s fuel subsidy for the cabal with the cabal FOREX subsidy that Emir Sanusi said was making new billionaires daily and Reuters said Dangote made millions to billions of dollars from?  There’s no need to list all the problems. And even if we like Osinbajo and he wanted to run, will the big parties allow him, not being a northerner? Did Osinbajo not tell us Buhari was hale and hearty when Buhari would later say he had never been so sick? So whose script does Osinbajo read to us?, his, Buhari’s or the cabal’s? If he is not strong now, what is our guarantee he ever will be? If he is politicking with the the cabal for survival now, how can we vouch he will not always?

Did you read the recent NBS report? That the total public debt of the FGN and the 36 states jumped 43% to N18 trillion in 2016. Total foreign debt rose by 6.5 per cent to $11.41 billion in 2016 from $10.71 billion in 2015, and the total domestic debt rose by 36.5 per cent to N14.02 trillion from N10.49 in 2015 trillion. (Vanguard, May 4, 2017) The Buhari government is borrowing its way out of its laggard bad policies. We are now the best buddies of the World Bank, IMF, AFD, China Exim and what have you. Buhari and Osinbajo are known at their doors with their begging bowls. Perhaps Buhari and many of us will not live to witness the humiliating suffering our children will go through to offset just the interest on the loans this government is taking to fund the cabal’s businesses and its charity projects for the masses. Let’s save space.

My Proposal

So here is my proposal: I am tired of only praying and hoping for leaders who will loath the ravenous cabal and have the power, capacity and intellectual knowhow to get things done, that is why I, Dr. Perry Brimah am contesting for the presidency God willing in 2019. I believe it is time for cabinets of dynamic new minds and new visions. I believe it is time to make the cabal feel the pain we have felt for way too long. Oh, I will give them pain! It is time for professional police who we pay fairly and who do their work and do not extort us. For police to protect us without a single one remaining devalued, attached to a cabal. It is time to order the security services to disarm all rampaging militants and attach state security-men where needed. It is time to listen to people agitating in this country, to sit down, have referendums and not insolently ignore and stifle the voices of thousands and then trample on them. It is time to restore the regionalism we were founded upon and reduce power at the center. It is time for a Parliamentary system where the president is not too strong and can be replaced at a heartbeat. Time for state police. It is time for us to sit and think freely and found a Nigeria for all of us instead of dragging-along this wreckage. Most importantly I repeat, it is time you are all respected, consulted and involved in the decisions that affect your lives, Nigerians at home and even abroad. There is technology for that, trust me.

Tell me, what is Buhari’s central vision for Nigeria as the world advances into the technological and robotic era? What is his state-based plan and does he utilise direct-democracy, allowing the people participate in planning their lives at every step? What is his plan for the youth extorted by exorbitant telecommunications costs, internet rates, and expensive little electricity in today’s world of online academia and online enterprise? They should all farm? Well Dangote has bought-up all the farming land and when they do, freely armed herder militia, the 4th deadliest terror group in the world kill them for sport. What is Nigeria’s vision 2010, 2020 and 2040? TSA? Mass feeding pupils? Lol.
Look me up online, reach me on twitter @EveryNigerian, join my campaign group: But don’t stop there. Contest for any position including the presidency if you feel you are up to it. Dare and disrupt them in their parties. Use small and new parties. Mobilize the masses and youth, that this must be our time. Again, from TODAY, mobilize the masses and youth that this must be our time. When the time comes, we shall choose the best new generation individuals, youth and only the older with impeccable records we have carefully scrutinized. We must unite…and make single selections when elections come so we can win. There is technology to coordinate and we are jobless enough to invest our time so we can defeat them with their looted billions. It is time for hope for our generation. The latest NBS reports of 2016 Q4 paints an ugly picture of 30 million unemployed with 1.4 million who lost their jobs that quarter. And the millions regarded as ’employed’ are not too far from the unemployed list in terms of the peanuts they have and the burdens they bear. Shall we end this tragic story? We shall end this tragic story. Nigeria needs HOPE and PRIDE in ourselves and country.

It is time to kill Goliath! May the wind of God be behind us.