Nigeria: Boko Haram Runs Mad In Maiduguri, Attacks Residents, Communications

September 5th, 2012

NewsRescue– Reports: Boko Haram terrorist group has unleashed total war against the citizens of Maiduguri, resulting in over 50 dead and various essential infrastructures damaged and destroyed within the last 3 days. The dead include women and children who the terrorists in swaths of 3-10 men, murder in cold blood.

Terrorists attacked several communications facilities in the state, across Olori, Ngaranam, Dala Alamdiri, Adam Kolo, Limanti, Gwange, Bayan Quarters and West end. These attacks and the burning of telecommunications equipment was reported between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. MTN masts and poles were destroyed by the Boko Haram terrorists in addition to other devices and buildings damaged or burned.

The Joint Task Force, who have in recent days announced much gain against the terrorist group, have not made any major announcements about the new retaliatory campaign of terror and intimidation by Boko Haram.

Among those killed in recent days, have been a council secretary and a visiting law lecturer from Ekiti. According to the Guardian:

The Police Commissioner in the state, Yuguda Abdullalahi,  said  yesterday: “The Bama Council Secretary, Muhammed Salisu, and his friend, Barrister Abubakar Muhammed Salihu, a Senior Law lecturer from Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti, in South-West Nigeria, were shot dead last night.”

He added: “When the police rushed to the scene, the bodies of the two slain friends were seen lying in the pool of their blood with bullet wounds in their heads, suspected to be fired by armed hoodlums in the area.”

A close family relation to Salisu told The Guardian that  the  lecturer was in Maiduguri to enroll his 12-year-old son in one of the colleges in Maiduguri.

He said: “This boy came in yesterday and insisted on sleeping in the house of his best friend, the local government secretary. He was supposed to deliver a paper at the Nigeria Law School today in Abuja.”

The bodies of the two have since been taken to Biu town, 187 kilometres south of Maiduguri, for burial, according to Islamic rites.

The Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti (EKSU) was thrown  into  a mournful mood yesterday following the news of the gruesome murder of  the lecturer .

Retaliation against the masses

It is believed that Boko Haram have embarked on this campaign and war against the residents of Maiduguri in retaliation for the masses cooperation with the JTF in exposing and ridding the state of their terror enclaves. Yesterday a major weapons cache was reportedly discovered by the JTF in a top Boko Haram terrorist leaders house. The items recovered were: 3AK 47 rifles, 306 x 7.62 mm special ammunition, 39 primed improvised explosives devices cans, and six empty magazines, other items recovered, included one HP laptop computer containing instruction on preparation of IEDs and chemical weapons, a notebook register containing names of Boko Haram members indicating those already dead and 54 assorted SIM cards. 40 IED remote controls, 20 assorted electrical switches, 50 Qlink motor cycle battery chargers, 20 assorted torchlight batteries and one RPG bomb fuse.

JTF: Lt. Col. Sagir Musa

Boko Fining Masses for Exposing Terror Enclaves

At the end of August, Boko Haram harassed residents in a market in Maidufuri, warning them to stop cooperating with the security forces. During that event, the terrorist fined the townsmen for the items the JTF had seized in a raid at the market. They also distributed fliers warning residents to stop cooperating with the security forces. JTF spokesman Lt. Col. Sagir Musa, immediately announced that if the citizens hearkened to Boko Haram’s warnings and if they continued paying up when fined by Boko, they will be considered terrorists as well. See: NewsRescueNigeria: Boko Haram Threaten, Fine Maiduguri Residents

Boko Haram Destroys Communications to Silence Citizens

Destroying Communication

In attacking communications installations it appears Boko Haram is getting exceedingly desperate in their bid to silence the vexed masses who have taken  brave and determined steps to continue the war against Boko Haram terror by continuously ratting out members and hide-outs to security services. Boko Haram are trying to shut off telephone communications to disallow the masses communicate with the security forces.

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It appears Boko Haram is waging a desperate, dying battle. The existence of this terror insurgency depends on the support or successful intimidation and consequent silence of the host community. The Northern community is not providing this for Boko Haram any more. Of recent there have been significant calls and actions by prominent Muslim sheiks and Muslim groups for the masses to be brave and confront Boko Haram toe to toe. The economic hardship Boko Haram has caused the North is now well felt and the masses are fighting back. It is unlikely the current intimidation in Borno will last long enough and have the desired impact of returning the masses to silence. Atrocities committed by Boko Haram have affected almost every family in the North of all faiths in one way or the other and the people are fed up.

It is hoped that the JTF will be able to cash in on the gains made thus far, and the new wild and desperate nature of Boko Haram to make significant strikes that can potentially cripple the group for good.