Nigeria Chief Terrorist, Abubakar Shekau Appears Mentally Challenged In New Video

July 15, 2013

NewsRescue– In a new video released by the military leader of Nigeria’s radical fanatic sect, Boko Haram, the leader and PRO of the group, Abubakar Shekau appeared to be heavily drugged up or possessed by some sort of demons. His eyes were surprisingly closed all through the clip. Shekau can be seen shouting and raising his head in weird ways in the video in which he denied peace negotiations with the Nigerian government and promised more school attacks. This is a stark change to his previous videos in which he usually appeared more relaxed. Raided camps have always turned up used condoms and cocktails of hard drugs, cocaine, heroin and the like. The background of the video also had a simple plastic bag drape as against his more comfortable surroundings previously. Nigeria waged a full war against Boko Haram May 14, since then many of the members have been killed or now hide in caves in the mountains.

NewsRescue analysts have predicted that Shekau will soon either be killed or arrested/turned in for the $7 million bounty, if Nigeria continues its operation against the radical terrorists. There is evidence of lost morale and fragmentation among the remaining denuded terrorists. With an “animal” appearance Shekau’s demeanor compared to the past was more of a desperate violent talk with inverse relationship to capacity, the more violent your talk, usually, the less your capacity, experts said. Related: NewsRescueNew Video Shows Boko Haram Terror Capability and Training Before SoE

 Video below: