Nigeria: Dr Olusola Saraki, the Political Lord of Kwara State Passes On

Late Olusola Saraki

November 14th, 2012

NewsRescue– The political father of Kwara and Kogi states of Nigeria, Dr Olusola Saraki died in the early hours of Wednesday morning. His death was announced by the Saraki family. Olaolu, son of the late Senator announced that his father died after a battle with cancer.

Dr Saraki is rememberd as a political guru who had literally ‘bought’ Kwara and Kogi states and could hand them over to any presidential candidate of his choice. He could even carry the electorate and swing them across political lines.

In 2011 he lamented his son, Bukola (PDP party) who he made governor, campaigning with his party against his sister, Gbemisola, who he, Saraki wished to make governor. In reference to his daughter candidateship, he said:

Peace, love, and positive development. She cannot do anything less than that and I am happy with the way Kwara people are accepting her. I quote Leo Max, a British poet: “Life that I have is all that I have and the life that I have is yours and yours and yours; the love that I have of the life that I have, is yours and yours and yours”. My life is for the Kwara people.

He will also be missed for the long lines which were a common site in Ilorin, where he used to give market women handouts of cash to maintain their loyalty and subservience to his political wishes.

A governor maker, Saraki made late governor Lawal, who later waged a war against the guru, in which late Dr saraki switched political parties and defeated his old party by hook or crook, he also made his son, Bukola governor and made Mohammed Alabi Lawal, the current governor win the seat.

The Saraki’s assert to be Fulani’s from Ilorin via migration from Mali over 150 years ago.

A Muslim, married to a Christian wife, Morenike. The late medical doctor and politician, who has in his past also contested for presidency of Nigeria will certainly be missed by many.

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