Nigeria Ekiti State Governor Torture Chamber (VIDEO)

The video shows how journalists duly accredited by Nigeria’s Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to observe the controversial rerun of Ekiti State gubernatorial election were assaulted, beaten, bitten and maltreated by Ekiti state officials.  The journalists had discovered paid agents who engaged in multiple thumb-printing of ballot papers on the eve of the rerun elections on  April 24th, 2009.

Segun Oni’s torture chambers located right inside Ekiti Government House where journalists duly accredited by INEC to observed rerun Government Election were assaulted, beaten, bitten & manhandled for being in the “wrong place at

Ekiti State Governor, Mr. Segun Oni {Punch}
Ekiti State Governor, Mr. Segun Oni {Punch}

the wrong time” and ‘discovering’ paid agents who were engaged in multiple thumb-printing of ballot papers on the eve of the rerun elections (24th April, 2009). The victims shown in d video are Itobo Ofem of d Verite Newspapers (based in Rivers State); Gospel Oziri of the National Guide Newspapers (based in Ebonyi State)

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The PDP goons & perpetrators in the video are; (1) Sanya Adesua alias Pero- Commissioner I, Ekiti State Civil Service Commission (ESCSC); (2) Bolanle Bruce (female) Snr. Special Asst to Gov. Segun Oni on Ekiti in Diaspora. A member of Ekitipanupo online forum, Bruce was shown in the video interrogating the journalists & taking their pictures and addressing them as fake journalists. She asked one of the journalists…”Can I ask him a question Akogun? (Ijakoko was same as Akogun in d video) Was I not the one that accosted you on the day of the Local Govt Election at Awo-Ekiti…? You were in a Niger Delta wear. Answer me now it’s a question. You were driving in a…kiloruko Motor yiii oooo ……Golf.”

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But the journalist wasn’t in Ekiti at that time and his negative response only earned him more beating from his tormentors while Bola Bruce supervised & enjoyed d scene. (3) ‘Pastor’ Yemi Olayinka- A PDP Chairmanship aspirant 4 Ado-Ekiti Local Govt in the Local Govt Elections of 2008. He was defeated in the primaries by Mrs Tosin Aluko. He appeared in the video in a multi-coloured Ankara fabric and he wore glasses. He was laughing heartily while the journalists were being beaten mercilessly. Yemi Olayinka is also a member of Ekitipanupo online forum. (4) Olu Ojo–A strong member of d PDP from Ifaki shown in the video wearing a hat & slapped one of the journalists towards the end of the video when they were asked to carry their shoes on their heads.


Olu Ojo is fat with a robust cheek (5) Femi Ijakoko- He is Gov Segun Oni’s thug & until recently, was second in Command to Erinmoje. He’s since taken over as no one. He was wearing a flowing buba & sokoto (Milk colour). He bites one of the journalists as a lion would tear its prey. He interrogated them by asking the question.- ” And you, what is your business in that place that I saw you?. If you provoke me I will blast your head…!”

(6) Femi aka Akilapa- A PDP thug of no fixed address. He was shown in the video wearing a multi coloured ‘buba’ & ‘sokoto’ adire fabric. He was most vicious in the video as he played the role of a professional slap-giver. He was the one shouting on the journalists, “kneel down! Kneel down!” source1, source2