Nigeria Government BLAMES Power Outages On Gas Failures, Vandalization And Sabotage

The federal government apologized to Nigerians for the power situation in the country, blaming it on gas failures, vandalization, and sabotage of the power infrastructure.

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, assured the country that the necessary steps are being taken to bring power back. Starting this weekend, the power supply will increase to 4000 WMW.

Routine maintenance of the country’s power supply was one of the root causes of the power outage, according to Mr. Mohammed. The Nigeria Gas Company’s maintenance caused the power supply to drop from 5074 MW to 4000 MW.

Vandalization and sabotage caused the power supply to plummet from 4000 MW to roughly 2000 MW.

“The vandalization of the Forcados export pipelines forced oil companies to shut down, making it impossible for them to produce gas.” Furthermore, protesting workers at Ikea Discos “colluded with the National Transmission Station in Osogbo to shut down transmission.”

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation strike exacerbated the situation, leaving only 13 out of the country’s 24 power stations functioning.

“The bitter truth is that for as long as these groups of Nigerians continue to sabotage the power infrastructure, Nigerians cannot enjoy a decent level of power supply. We therefore admonish all Nigerians who may be agitating for their rights in whatever form to refrain from any action that will further hurt the same people they clam to be protecting,” the minister said.