Nigeria Realizes Bad State Of Roads, Driver Violations After Minister Dies In Road Traffic Accident

Ocholi accident: imag- Vanguard


by J. S Kwaru,

It only came to the notice of our change government that has been in the opposition for the last sixteen years to know how paralytic our roads are when a minister had a tragic accident In which he lost his liee, wife and son.

An average of 100 Road traffic accident are reported daily in Nigeria out of which 50% lost their lives on the spot, 30% are left with permanent disability and a merely less than 20% recover which makes it the most cause of non infection related death in Nigeria. It is the most preventable cause of death in Nigeria but Nigerians are impatiently patient, everything must go at their own pace, their already calculated how much time they will spend on the road no matter how bad the road is. That’s just been Nigerian anyways, we believe in miracles that’s why we think eight months is enough to fix the mess of more than 16 years.

50% of Nigerian drivers are unlicensed, fair enough the average driver of the honorable minister has no licence too. We must not always wait for the government to fix everything for us, yeah they should definitely fix the infrastructures for us but we have a big responsibility to fix our behaviours too, follow simple rules and regulations.

We must not always run the road at our desired speed knowing well the state of the road. The government must as a matter of urgency declare a state of emergency not waiting on another influential casualty and start making noise all over again.

May The soul of Barrister ocholi, His son, Wife and hundreds of Nigerian that lost their lives on our pathetic roads continue to rest in peace, amin.

J. S Kwaru writes from Simferopol crimea, Russian federation.