Nigeria: Secondary Schools Closed in Yobe, Following Boko Mad Attack on Children

July 7, 2013

NewsRescue– The Yobe State Governor Ibrahim Gaidam has ordered all secondary schools in the state to be closed down, following an attack by Boko Haram extremists, Saturday, in which the terrorists killed over 30 students and school staff. Schools will be shut from Monday July 8th 2013, till the new academic session in September.

Boko Haram waged a war on Nigerian children, following youth organised as the “Civilian JTF,” wrecking havoc on the terrorist cult, by arresting and killing their members.

The Boko Haram terrorist group has been in existence for several years, the last 4 have been the most violent, with over 5000 deaths of innocent Nigerians attributed to the group. Media reports have fingered a three time Nigerian NSA, Aliyu Spymaster Gusau as the die-to-rule-Nigeria Boko Haram mastermind.