Nigeria: The Illusion of a North Dominated Rule


May 14th, 2012

by Lekan Abayomi

NewsRescue OpEd- I am sure you have recently heard or perhaps said, ‘Nigeria’s Northern rulers are responsible for the problems of the nation,’ or that ‘that Northern Cabal, those Arewa boys and that Northern rule…never again, we must have Southern and Middle Belt rule from now on.’

In February, Nigeria’s notorious MEND (Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta) militant leader, Mujaheed Dokubo-Asari, while leading a coalition of South South and middle belt youths for condolence to late Ojukwu’s home, expressed a warning that the North should forget about ruling Nigeria next election, adding that the leadership position must go to the South or Middle Belt.

Quoting the Tribune


Sunday, 19 February 2012

Mujaheed Dokubo-Asari, has advised Northerners to forget the Presidency in 2015, insisting that the exalted position will remain in the South or go to the Middle Belt.

Fact is, not the North, but the Middle Belt ruled Nigeria the longest!

The first question we address on this topic of the Illusion of Northern rule is, who are the Middle Belt?

We can get a lot of information on this from an article published on January 29th, 2012:

Middle Belt leader and Southern General decimated Biafra

The South usually blames the North for the decimation of the Biafra dream. But how real is this? Fact-check: It is very untrue. It was another Middle Belt leader, Yakubu Gowon, a Christian who hails from Kanke, Plateau state in Nigeria’s Middle Belt, that, together with his army commander, another Southern Christian from Ogun state, General and two-time president of Nigeria, Obasanjo (OBJ), led the assault of Biafra. In the Northern counter Aguyi Ironsi coup of 1966, according to Encyclopedia Britannica, Christian Gowon from the Middle Belt emerged as the ‘compromise’ head of the new government.

In this Youtube video, at 3 mins and 30 seconds, Gowon clearly acknowledges his being from the Middle Belt of Nigeria.

Indeed, according to NVS, and Wikipedia, the Middle Belt consists of:


Nigeria’s prominent and most ‘remarkable’ leaders, the Babangidas, the Tafawa Balewas, the Abdulsalam Abubakars and the Gowons, blamed for most of the grievance of Nigeria, were all Middle Belt Nigerians.

In truth, the Sharia North has contributed very little to actual leadership of the Nation. And this area remains the most impoverished part of Nigeria, with the poverty level at 70-90%, at the low extreme of the combined 50% average. No surprise violence which is closely related to poverty is prominent in this Northern area.

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The leaders from the ‘Sharia’/ Dan-Fodio North include: Shehu Shagari, Late Musa Yaradua and General Buhari, who is regarded by most Nigerians as having been one of Nigeria’s best and least corrupt leaders. Buhari together with his deputy, late general Tunde Idiagbon rejected IMF-SAP proposals which IBB later accepted, that crippled Nigeria. In like fashion, current president Goodluck Johnathan listened to the IMF and abruptly removed fuel subsidies, to the detriment of Nigeria.

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In a statement by a prominent Middle Belt leader, Leonard Karshima Shilgba, PhD:

We the peoples of the Middle Belt in particular and non Dan Fodians, in general, must rise up and resist this egregiously inhuman vision with every sense of pride and purpose. You can never be wrong in seeking to be free. Some have derisively asked the clear description of the Middle Belt peoples. Socially speaking, all non-Dan Fodians in the geographical north and central north are Middle Belt people, the oppressed people, deceptively huddled up under the “One North” of Sir Ahmadu Bello. However, geographically, it is generally acceptable to many scholars from the region that the Middle Belt federation consists of people in the present BENUE, NASSARAWA, TARABA, ADAMAWA, PLATEAU, SOUTHERN KEBBI, KOGI, KWARA, NIGER, SOUTHERN KADUNA, FCT, SOUTHERN GOMBE , and the two minority local government areas of TAFAWA BALEWA and BOGORO in southern Bauchi State.

The Powerful Multicolored Belt; is not the North!

We immediately see the areas recognized as the Middle Belt by the Middle Belt itself. This raises two pertinent issues,- Why does the South fail to recognize that it is the large Middle Belt that was responsible for the issues of the past that they hold the ‘Dan-Fodio’/Sharia North responsible for? And secondly, is it possible to ever expect this same Middle Belt will stand against their Northern cousins and support the South?

Nigeria’s Middle Belt, just like any belt does, has historically fastened the South to the rest of Nigeria. Indeed this vast area of mixed tribes, including some who will associate as Northerners and others who will call themselves Southerners. A rich even mix of Muslims and Christians has long been the capital and command and control center of Nigeria. A quiet, hidden giant. Silently operating to foster unity and maintain its quiet dominance. Little surprise the capital of Nigeria is not situated in Lagos anymore and was not moved to the impoverished North, but was rather situated at Abuja, FCT, right beside IBB’s Niger state, in the Middle Belt.

Is a conclusive division of Nigeria possible with this multi-religio-ethnic vast Middle Belt?

Chimaroke Nnnamani, the then governor of Enugu State, in his speech delivered to the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) and Africa Republic Foundation (ARF), in Jos, in 2005, described the Middle Belt as ‘the Glue of the Nation’. Nigeria Central: Middle Belt, Glue of the Nation– Chimaroke Nnamani, Enugu Governor

As Middle Belt has come a long way in history, it has expanded on the political fillip of a feeling of system emasculation and oppression. Indeed, such feeling has drawn more who were not ordinarily, by geography and culture, considered by Middle Belt. Mid way, it was simply those who considered themselves unfortunate to be hemmed into the Northern Nigerian political system. That way, even some of the ethnic groups, evident northeast bound but living on the feeling of alienation, either by the old Northern system or the evolving Northeastern patch-up, had to seek succour under the umbrella of Middle Belt.

Further south, the Yoruba of Kwara and Kogi, Kabba, Ebira, Igala, Idoma, etc, had to be sucked into this emerging political feeling.

It is on account of this that it is currently argued that in terms of geopolitical territory, what may eventually spring up as the Middle Belt would be a behemoth squeezing apart the North and South of Nigeria, but constituting a seeming natural intervention between some alleged dominators and usurpists favoured at the transition of power from colonialism to nation.

It becomes clear that either Dokubo Asari for instance does not realize who the Middle Belt is and what they have represented in Nigeria’s history, or he for purposes best serving his strategic interests, chooses to ignore this.

Nigeria’s most infamous president, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida(IBB) is a true representative and leader from the Middle Belt. Is it the likes of that administration that Dokubo Asari and others who call upon a comradeship with the Middle Belt seek?

Now let us get to the Nitty-gritty of this subject. Nigeria’s leadership, Northern dominated or not?

Two Middle Belt leaders in childhood; Gen. Abdusalami Abubakar and IBB {img:lasgidiboy}

The truth and facts immediately become glaring. The Middle Belt likes of Christian Yakubu Gowon and IBB held the reigns of power and are culpable for the success or clear failure of Nigeria more than any other group.

The western-literate Southern journalists and historians have re-written Nigeria’s history to create an illusion of Northern dominated rule. Perhaps it is time Northerners learned and participated more in journalism.

As noted above, it was under the tenure of Yakubu Gowon, a Christian from the Middle Belt that the Biafra project was decimated, and this decimation was led by his Southern General, soon to become leader, OBJ.

Ok, not leadership but a Northern caucus?

Is it then true perhaps, that it was not actually a Northern dominated leadership, but by a Northern caucus that the North allegedly controlled and destroyed Nigeria? I do not like participating in these types of debates because they do nothing but deepen the lines of ethnic divide. But for the purpose of progress, let us fact-check that too. Indeed Northern caucuses like the Arewa group, have to a large extent preserved and determined Nigerian leadership, but in what way?

Why and How did Yakubu Gowon and OBJ become presidents?

By the Northern caucus. Indeed the word for the behavior of the Northern caucus is ‘compromise’. As described in the Encyclopedia Britannica, after a Northern 1966 countercoup, the North agreed for Yakubu Gowon, a Christian who hailed from the Middle Belt, assume power in good faith and compromise.

Quoting Britannica:

Yakubu Gowon, also known as Jack Gowon   (born October 19, 1934, Pankshin, Nigeria), Nigerian military leader, who served as head of state (1966–75).

From Plateau state in the middle belt of Nigeria, Gowon’s father was an early convert to Christianity. Gowon was educated in Zaria and later became a career army officer. He was trained in Ghana and in England at Sandhurst and twice served in the Congo region as part of Nigeria’s peacekeeping force there in the early 1960s. After the coup of January 1966, he was appointed chief of staff by Major General Johnson Aguiyi-Ironsi, the new leader. Northern officers staged a countercoup in July 1966, and Gowon emerged as the compromise head of the new government.

Again, in discussing whether to take Middle Belt Dimka as a Biafran hero, BiafraNigeriaWorld forum demonstrated knowledge not only of the unique role and distinguish-ment of the Middle Belt from the North, but also Yakubu Gowon as a Middle Belt candidate and alleged comrade of General Dimka.

Posted by Ezeka Onu (Advocate # 23) on April 25, 2001 03:30 PM:

Using Nigerian standards, Dimka and co are certainly heroes of the Middle-Belt. But, before I can join the Middle-Belt in celebrating Dimka as a hero, I need to know what atrocities Dimka himself may have committed against NdiIgbo. As you know, When Dimka killed Murtala, Dimka was not thinking about Murtala’s crimes of genocide against NdiIgbo. Dimka was thinking about his Middle-Belt comrad, Gowon. However, I will celebrate Dimka as a hero before I ever celebrate Murtala Muhamed, the well-known mass murderer.


It becomes clear that any effect the North had, caucuses and leadership was diluted with partnership, cooperation and involvement of the South and Middle Belt.  As encyclopedia puts it, with much compromise.

So which caucuses and which Cabal really destroyed Nigeria?

Perhaps the Yoruba’s, a group to which I belong, need a deeper examination.

Abiola, the goon who maimed Nigeria

Which Nigerian financed and promoted the Buhari Military coup that replaced our Shagari civilian government with a military installation?

Again, which Nigerian arranged for the invitation of two of Nigeria’s favorite leaders, Buhari and Idiagbon to Saudi Arabia, to enable a coup he sponsored and the assumption of leadership by his crony, IBB?

That Yoruba man was Abiola.  Indeed in respect to Abiola, Olusegun Obasanjo warned:

“Abiola is “not the Messiah that Nigerians are looking for”.

Maxsiollun, a high repute global blog, has this to say of Abiola, the one man caucus:

Abiola assumed that when President Shagari’s term of office expired, the NPN would zone the presidency to the south, and he would be allowed to run for President. He was wrong. His presidential ambition was rebuffed by the powerful Minister of Transport Umaru Dikko who told him that “the presidency is not for sale to the highest bidder”. Abiola “retired” from politics soon after – totally exasperated with the NPN. He would have his revenge.

President Shagari reported that several frustrated politicians engaged in what he termed “coup baiting” against his government. Abiola had a massive publishing empire was used to launch frequent vitriolic attacks on President Shagari’s government with the intention of discrediting it sufficiently to psychologically prepare the public for its replacement by a military regime.

In his memoirs (“Beckoned to Serve”), President Shagari later obliquely referred to the financing and support given to military conspirators by an unnamed “well known business tycoon”. Although he declined to name this tycoon, contextually it was an obvious reference to Abiola. Babangida went further in unequivocally confirming Abiola’s role in financing a coup plot against Shagari and using his influence to destabilise Shagari’s government. He later revealed that Abiola:

“was also very good in trying to mould the thinking of the media. We relied on him a lot for that. So there was both the media support and the financial support.” (Karl Maier – Midnight in Nigeria)

President Shagari was overthrown in a military coup on December 31, 1983 and replaced by a military government in which Abiola’s friend Babangida was Chief of Army Staff (number 3 in the regime). Less than two years later Abiola was at it again and financed another military coup which eventually led to his friend Babangida becoming Head of State.

Update, August 29th, 2012: Hallmark “Respectful” Bow Yoruba Leader Tinubu Accorded Former President Buhari of Northern Heritage

So we ask, what caucus?

Who orchestrated the first military and ethnic coup, and initiated military rule in Nigeria? Kaduna Nzeogwu.

Who dissolved the regions? Aguiyi Ironsi

Who decimated Biafra? Yakubu Gowon and OBJ.

Who betrayed and sold the South? Azikiwe.

Who was behind, financing and establishing coups upon coups in Nigeria, installing the worst leaders to destroy our history? Abiola.

All, not that typical Muslim or North/Northerner that we choose to blame for all our woes.

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Terror in A North, neglected, dilapidated, poor and denuded

So what happened to the core North while the Yoruba’s and Middle Belt leaders played games with Nigeria’s administration and finance?

The North decayed in the annals of underdevelopment, poverty and chaos. I schooled in the North and I saw and lived with the abject poverty there. Nigeria as a whole is at the 50% poverty level, but the Northern states with the most violence are at the 70-80% poverty level. The reasons for the poverty up North are many, this article linked does justice to that {Poverty in the North – A “Mayday” Call}.

Abuja Capital

In the article the Northern poverty level is on par with nations like Somalia and Eritrea, little coincidence the violence levels also bear semblance. While the Southern economy, with 90% of bank loans and deposits occurring in Southern Nigeria, correlates with the economies of Korea and China.

If indeed the North held the reigns of power, why was the only international airport in the North so poorly maintained, the Kano airport, a worlds worst? I landed there once in the 80s, the buildings were like a class room.

Why was the Northern link to the south and to the world, the rail road system allowed to rust and collapse?

Why was all business and trade in the North relocated out of the North, the likes of Abiola, and not a Northerner becoming the richest man in Nigeria and opening industry across the South.

Finally, why did the project to relocate the capital of Nigeria from Lagos, headed by late Justice Akinola Aguda, including members like late Tai Solarin, place this in the Middle Belt and not the North that ‘dominated’ Nigeria?

Updated July, 2013 to current time data

Updated July, 2013 to current time data

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‘Tribe/Tribalism’ is a colonial word utilized to divide and destroy Africa

Not too long ago, I sat with a distinguished senior colleague, who passionately recanted his discourse with another black African in Grenada. The black man had asked him what tribe he was from, and he responded, ‘we do not have tribes in Africa’. This had led to an argument.

It is the truth. ‘Tribe’ is a vocabulary utilized by the colonialist to degrade African’s and Indians and lead to our constant internal battle. Tribe creates a false consanguineous association of primitiveness and barbarism, delineating closed-ness, homogeneity and intra-marriages, which is not representative of Africa with its rich history of cultural integration, heterogeneity, acculturation and assimilation.

Indeed this term is the real issue that plagues and creates the confusion seen in this article, and the cycle of hate, distrust and violence.

We have no tribes. We only have ethnic groups. ‘Why,’ my colleague had asked, ‘do we not hear of any ‘tribe’ in Europe?’

The only tribes that come to mind are in the Bible, the 12 tribes of Israel, which depicted a religious intra-marrying lineage.

The Middle Belt, The North and the South are all Nigeria. We need to get over this sickness and seek the best leader, rather than keep fighting for tribal colonial quests that lead to one regional domination over the other. State-of-origin must be removed from Nigerian official application.

An article was recently written about the Bayelsanisation of Nigeria under the Jonathan administration. It expressed that the top positions in Nigeria are now being filled by people with Bayelsa roots and affiliations.

Is this what we Nigerians wish to keep witnessing and repeating, region by region, or do we at last wish to come together and select a smart leader from wherever who is brave enough to tackle corruption and exploitation, both internally and externally and develop Nigeria as it deserves?

Nigeria is not a pie to be shared, it is a baby to be restored and raised. It’s not about who and where is he from, it is about how and what does he know. What is his intellectual and moral capacity.

Nigeria’s past leaders play together in school

Yoruba, Igbo, Northern, Middle Belter and Southerner cabal alike have worked together to destroy our Nation. Rather than seeing beyond this, we the masses allow ourselves be used as pawns to the cabal’s ultimate, eternal advantage. It is time we broke off the colonial shackles of tribal connotation. We have no tribes!

The views expressed in this article belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of NewsRescue

Nigerians, it is time to reflect.

*Lekan Abayomi writes from New York; Article credit to NVS




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      wambai ismaila rabiu 21 May, 2012 at 15:38 Reply

      i love this great article,for reference purpose.thanks for refreshing the young once.

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        chyday 7 August, 2012 at 18:13 Reply

        Devil are fooling every one of us by dividing us, by colour,languages,country,state,town,villiage,street,area,families,home,religion status and gender. we are killing our self bcos of one of this reasons!! WHY??????

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          naijaboy 16 August, 2012 at 05:23 Reply

          how do u think Nigeria will ever good? look at here just little
          article someone wrote about NIGERIA, for us to current every mistake he made we already started civil war here, when we all know that no one is perfect and he cant say it all, if anyone know more than him here then go write ur own and publish to the world too, chyday u are the wisest man here i like all u said about all this,

    • Avatar
      Sunday A.Isaac 15 May, 2012 at 11:01 Reply

      This article has given me clue about many thing and problems of Nigeria, meanwhile the southerners should know when the Northerners are talking about north they are speaking Islam even the so-call leaders from Middle Belt. If we will have a God fearing leader from South or Middle Belt to correct the past mistake all Nigerians will be happy. Especially to bring peace, improve the economic of the Nation.

      • Avatar
        ahmed 17 July, 2012 at 23:19 Reply

        “We have created thee into Nations, States, Tribe and different Languages, but the best among you is he or she that is most noble” —-Holy Quran. God recognise these divide but the yardstick is Justice to all.

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    Jeegsy 14 May, 2012 at 15:48 Reply

    Tribe is just a word. The use of the word cannot be solely responsible for all the disunity in Nigeria. We could call the different peoples “ethnic groups” and still end up in the same place. Remember that Nigeria is an artificial construct of different ppl put together for the convenience of someone else. We must acknowledge that not try to wish it away. Europe may have no tribes but a Frenchman will never rule England 

    • Avatar
      doctor007 14 May, 2012 at 17:54 Reply

       I disagree. Canada has french and English and they select leaders from these two groups at random. England has many different ‘tribes’, and they do not put these ahead of them. Lords of different houses.

      • Avatar
        Jeegsy 15 May, 2012 at 06:54 Reply

        Canada might have both English and French and they do elect folks from both. However, they exist as distinct cultures in the same country. The English “tribes” were united by force a long time ago and they have basically gotten used to it. They consider themselves Englishmen and that is their ethnic group so to speak. My point is, there is no compelling reason for us to ignore our diversity for the sake of unity. Rather, we must figure out the structure of how we relate to one another in a way that we have never truly done. 

        • Avatar
          doctor007 15 May, 2012 at 07:31 Reply

          One thing. The ‘tribalism’ we have is actually new. So it is not a way we have never done, rather I do not know when and how we picked this tribalism, we were never that way. I guess it is the colonialist succeeding with invoking that barbaric term on us. Take a look at our rich history. Murtala’s wife, Ajoke was a Yoruba lady. The Celestine Babayaros of soccer, the Amoakachi, these were all Igbo’s living and adopted by Hausa’s. Our parents all intermarried and interlived. There wasn’t all this tribal nonsense. Gaa in Ghana are Benin, Benin are Yoruba, Ilorin is a mix of Fulani who came down and each Fulani man who came took it upon himself to marry a Yoruba wife and become officially Yoruba families. In the North, you will never imagine how many different tribes there are, Abacha the Kanuri man was accepted to be Kano. Do you know that today most Yoruba state Governors are Muslim? I can go on and on.

          This new North-Spouth, Igbo-North colonial tribalistic behavior is brand new and it is a damn shame at a time when the world is coming together, we can not simply say- good man, bad man, rather we say- Hausa, Igbo, Modakeke, Ife. Boko, MEND Ijaw. Dokubo Asari, guess what his name is- Mujahid Dokubo Asari, yes indeed the leader of MEND is a Muslim. He even choose the Muslim Holy War word, ‘Jihad’ as his name. And he leads the south damn well!

          • Avatar
            Abraham Musa 22 July, 2012 at 14:42

            I’m shocked that a person of Lekan’s standard could provide such level of distortion to Nigeria’s history for parochial reasons. Nura Alkali was right in his write-up. There is one North and one South. The one North includes the so-called Middle Belt. The one North has ruled Nigeria more than the one South. Nnamdi Azikiwe’s period of Presidency should not be credited to the period Ibos ruled Nigeria. That is pure distortion of history. Anyone who attributes Lekan’s source to Wikipedia is a mischief maker. Wikipedia write-up is destructive on the subject. The author of Wikipedia cannot know Nigeria’s history more than knowledgeable Nigerians.
            @Doctor007. It is arrogance and ignorance that make you not to care whether the Ibos are maltreated or not. I dont know how old you are. But, I guess, you may not have been born in 1954 when the North murdered thousands of Ibos in the North. Between 1963 and 1966 another round of genocide was committed against the Ibos by the same North and as it is today, Nigerians then kept quiet as if nothing happened. When the Ibos reacted, the North supported by the deceptive West accused the Ibos of attacking first. It is more honourable to maintain silence on issues you dont understand or you seek for the truth before you publicly exhibit your ignorance. In modern day Nigeria whenever there is crisis in the North Ibos will be singled out and killed and later buried in mass graves as if they are not owned by people and Nigerians will maintain grave-yard silence. But any time there is reprisal attacks people will rise to condemn the reprisal attacks. The crisis in Nigeria whether Boko Haram or Maitasinen or Election Riot is the handwork of the Muslim Northern Leaders including the Emirs.
            Unfortunately these leaders are using innocent but brainwashed Northern youths, Nigeriens and Chaldeans to commit atrocities against fellow Nigerians. Very soon the judgement of God shall come upon them and the Northern Youths will destroy them because they are bad leaders.
            @Lekan. Lekan as Fulani Yoruba tried in vain to distort history to balkanizing the North into Sharia North and Middle Belt for selfish political reasons. I sympathize with you because your write-up will checkmate your ambition. Without the Middle Belt you deride the Sharia North cannot taste power in Nigeria again.

  2. Avatar
    Babangida Yohanna 14 May, 2012 at 21:55 Reply

    Fuck all of em. Non of them had or have Nigeria at heart. They are all patriotic to their homes that’s all.

  3. Avatar
    Sam_konga 15 May, 2012 at 05:48 Reply

    What is the Middle Belt? Is the Middle Belt not the North Central? Are they not part of Arewa? Please do not distort facts just help your arguments. The leader of Northern Governor’s forum is Babangida Aliu of Niger State yet you say Niger state is not North.

  4. Avatar
    Usman 15 May, 2012 at 23:15 Reply

    the truth is coming out fast, Okah made clear that this people are not to be called Nigeria and he was killed. from this wonderful write up, i am beginning to believe this okah may his soul rest in peace. Abacha is not a Nigeria now because you want to make a cheap point, go on you are doing more harm to this country than good. your pen is deceiving you to be sincere

  5. Avatar
    A.Y.Maiyaki 16 May, 2012 at 10:40 Reply

    Tell them and l hope they will take note,please allow us to enjoy the so called fresh air that is blownig in the country now!

  6. Avatar
    Abolat32 16 May, 2012 at 11:04 Reply

    Nigeria as of the moment is not a country ruled by tribal consciousness but by personal interest of the past leaders, each of which make up their team from different part of the nation. Take it this way: OBJ was accused by his kinsmen as installing Shagari, a man from the North even at the expense of Awolawo whom the nation assumed won 1979 general election.
     We must not forget that Abiola, a yoruba man played big role in the process and we all know his interest then. When Abiola came close to becoming Nigeria president, IBB and his allies from the north were involved and we must not also forget how the entire nation voted for him without any traces of tribalism. Yet he was played out of the game by the assumed northern leaders.
    Then OBJ came even at the expense of the interest of yoruba against the popular candidate OLU FALAE,the assumption is OBJ, a yoruba man was a continuation of northern domination. Soon after, the nation still said the same OBJ installed YAR ADUA and now He was still assumed to have single handedly installed GOODLUCK who is not of the same region with him .yet we say there is no single yoruba man in the current nigeria political hireachy. How come we say a yoruba man is responsible for installation of the current governmen.
    A good look at the whole thing does not show an indication of a tribe or region dominating another. It is just a question of the interest of those luck character who at one time or the other assumed the leadership of the nation called Nigeria. We must also remember that Dangote is a northerner but lives and reign in the southern part of the nation. The question of tribe does not really work in the country but is the question of what individual wants for him or herself.

    May be truely if we remove tribal sentiment from our discussion, the nation will work better.

  7. Avatar
    chubby 17 May, 2012 at 23:29 Reply

    Lekan, you are a wonderful Nigerian No sentiments, no wuruwuru, no magomago. you just said it as it is, period. God bless you my brother.

    • Avatar
      ahmed 17 July, 2012 at 23:01 Reply

      yes, this is what they want from us all. we keep fighting so as to keep the divide. please, stop the fight. lets make corrections to leks errors and fight this brigde as we did in Jan 1, subsidy protest.

  8. Avatar
    segun pidan 18 May, 2012 at 15:41 Reply

    does it matter who rules, either hausa, igbo or yoruba, any leader that will not bring succor to the populace may Almight God kill him before he gets there.

  9. Avatar
    festus 18 May, 2012 at 16:48 Reply

    A nice piece. But I have reservations concerning your analysis.
    1.You are not truthful to youself by
    mentioning Azikwe as one of the heads
    of govt when talking about our past
    rulers. Are you trying to make
    Nigerians believe that the Igbos have
    also ruled Nigerian like the others? Azikwe was a ceremonial head. It was
    Tafawa Balewa that ruled and not Azikwe

  10. Avatar
    festus 18 May, 2012 at 17:28 Reply

    Nice piece but I have reservations.You distoted facts in your analysis:

    1. Azikwe never ruled Nigeria he was merely a second in command. Tafawa Balewa was the head while Azikwe was a ceremonial head(Vice-deputy head)

    2. you did not include Tafawa Balewa in your analysis of those that ruled Nigeria. You put Azikwe in his place.
    You commited blunder by telling us a lie that the Igbo had ruled Nigeria under Azikwe.Let me quote you-“Benjamin Nnamdi Azikiwe South/Igbo Nov 16 1960– Jan 16 1966 5.17”

    3. Your statistics is wrong. Igbo has ruled for 194 days under Aguiyi Ironsi.

    4. The 5years you sloted for south should be put as that done by the Sharia North or the Middle Belt as you analysed it.

    5. You don’t need to distort fact to decieve people or to suit your analysis.That’s unfair.

    6. You are biased in most of your analysis. I find it difficult to believe that you decided to call Abacha a Chadian because you believe that power should be ceded to the Sharia North whose rulers you consider good and better than others in the Middle Belt and beyond.

    Because the Massob has not taken up arms does not mean you should write off the Igbos.

    I think we should sit down and discuss how to rule this country. Every country fashions out their own democracy. There is nothing wrong in rotational Presidency, Multiple vice Presidents, Regional authonomy etc, so as to give everybody a sense of belonging as stake holders. Unless we do what is right the problem will continue.

    • Avatar
      mickey 28 May, 2012 at 15:12 Reply

      @festus; Why would you say Azikwe was a second in command? His appointment was President during the first regime. You could say he was a “ceremonial” President, but dont say he was second in command. If you say so, you are trying to allude that he was subordinate to the prime minister, which was not the case.

      For more information, you may wish to read up on the Prime ministerial arrangement of the first republic. Thank you

      • Avatar
        Festus 30 May, 2012 at 10:04 Reply

        The pattern of executive functions within a Westminster System is quite complex. In essence, the head of state, usually a monarch or president, is a ceremonial figurehead who is the theoretical, nominal or de jure source of executive power within the system. In practice, such a figure does not actively exercise executive powers, even though executive authority

        Michy please go back and check very how Parliamentary system works.

        • Avatar
          Festus 30 May, 2012 at 10:05 Reply

          The pattern of executive functions within a Westminster System is quite complex. In essence, the head of state, usually a monarch or president, is a ceremonial figurehead who is the theoretical, nominal or de jure source of executive power within the system. In practice, such a figure does not actively exercise executive powers, even though executive authority may be exercised in his/her name.

  11. Avatar
    abu 19 May, 2012 at 00:10 Reply

    nigerians we like each other,only that we allowed our leaders to use sentiments on us for their intrest.

    • Avatar
      ahmed 17 July, 2012 at 23:01 Reply

      agreed. their greatest weapon against us as a people is sentiments. same old brigade from leks pictures. If only we can fight this old brigade together as a people we can defeat this monster called sentiment

  12. Avatar
    Mathew Egbele 20 May, 2012 at 07:00 Reply

    In all these names, I did not see sny from the likes of Edo, Delta Rivers, and all other minority states in the Country. WHY?

  13. Avatar
    t-man 20 May, 2012 at 12:34 Reply

    This is the kind of lame parochial nonsense that has kept us misruled and underdeveloped. What difference does it make where a leader is from? Shouldn’t we rather judge them by the quality of their leadership? Who gives a shit how long the igbos or yorubas or hausas have ruled? why am i even reading this shit.

  14. Avatar
    Olumayegun segun 20 May, 2012 at 21:44 Reply

    This article enlightens.We choose what to belief based on the information we have.God will use nigerians to sort Nigeria

  15. Avatar
    kalil eltamim 21 May, 2012 at 15:23 Reply


  16. Avatar
    ABBAS 21 May, 2012 at 18:58 Reply

    Why should Nigeria be Distributed by Religion,you go back to history and from the great Britain, they are in the best position to let the cat out of the back,for you to know…

  17. Avatar
    Effiong Udofia 21 May, 2012 at 20:44 Reply

    i think the greatest problem of the country is that we concentratee more on the geographical origin of the leader and align our support. the author is more interested in southern/Yoruba; southern/ Igbo but for the north it is North or middle belt. lets not distort history to suit parochial sentiments. we should look at the person and his capabilities and not the name of his father and place of worship

    • Avatar
      Ikenga Charles Ijiomah 27 May, 2012 at 20:57 Reply

      Udofia my brother,
      I do not think that Our problem is that we concentrate on the geographical origin of our leaders;Our greatest problem is that we have refused to read books. An average Nigerian girl Flying Aero Contractor from Lagos to Owerri will prefer to be chewing her gum and rolling her eyes while seated in the cabin but compare that to a German Girl flying from Amsterdam in a KLM city hopper to Hamburg,all through her flight,she will bend her head reading.Except we change this “not reading attitude”. People need to read what you and I have read,so that they will leave the North alone.I am of the opinion that Dr.Alex Ekwueme Constitution drafting committee which recommended rotational presidency at the 1995 Constitutional conference should be applauded.Even though the Abacha junta refused to allow that recommendation to see the light of the day.And the Abubakar government that succeeded it,did not have enough time to evaluate that recommendation!Rotational presidency will solve the problem of this country and when all the zones have ‘tasted’ the presidency,there will now be sufficient trust so that anybody from any geopolitical zone can vie,contest and win in a transparent,credible,free and fair election. But for now,the rate of marginalization is so high that the militancy in the South-South or the Mai-tasin/Boko haram in the North,the OPC Militancy in the South West nor the Vicious MASSOB in the South East will solve the hydra-headed monster called injustice which is an evil wind that blows no one any good!!

  18. Avatar
    FRIDAY G.O. NDUBUISI 28 May, 2012 at 04:01 Reply

    I am not surprised. Afterall, Dr. Goebels was able to weave falsehood into powerful propaganda tools for Adolf Hitler, which aroused ignorant Germans against the Jews and the whole world.

  19. Avatar
    kOLA Adebayo 28 May, 2012 at 15:02 Reply

    I will advice you to stop your deceit.
    How can you include Azikwe(VICE) and Prime minister Tafawa Balewa (HEAD)at the same time and date,so as to shortchange the Igbos in your analysis?

    Can two people be head of govt. at the same time? I need an answer.In a parliamentary system the prime minister as was Tafawa Balewa, is the head and the president(Azikwe) is a ceremonial head (vice)If you don’t know ask others who know.

    Igbo only ruled for 194 days under Aguiyi Ironsi. Based on this, I discredit your analysis until you re-do it to show that you are not shortchanging any tribe or race.

    Your analysis is full of mischief-You were mentioning igbo rule, but failed to mention Yoruba rule, or Hausa-Fulani rule etc. Worst still, you allocated the date ruled by a man from middle belt to the igbo to deceive those who do not know who is the head in a Parliamentary system which Nigeria operated in 1960-1966

    re-do your analysis to show:
    Middle belt (idoma,Kanuri,etc)rule
    south East (Igbo)rule
    South south(Ijaw,Itshekiri,Urobo,)rule
    South west(Yoruba)rule

    Remove the position of Azikwe(Ceremonial head or you include other vice or deputies)Tafawa Balewa ruled(1960-19660 and not Azikwe.

    You tried to shortchange the igbo in your analyses its unfair.



    • Avatar
      Taiwo 28 May, 2012 at 19:50 Reply

      “You tried to shortchange the igbo in your analyses its unfair.”

      LWKMD wooo!!! na wa, see narrow mindedness. Point in case shortchanged or not shortchanged. We have all been deceived moral of the story. Quit with the “tribalism” and bring solutions to the table.

      At the end of the day regardless of who was in power, they ate with cronies from all across the country, it wasn’t just people from their own areas.

      Stop the blame game, this silly mentality needs to end, my brother it is not going to help you become a better person

  20. Avatar
    Festus 30 May, 2012 at 14:27 Reply

    Kola, thank you.
    In a Parliamentary system, the head of state -The President in the case of Nigeria or the king or queen in the case of Britain is a “ceremonial head” From the word ceremony you will get ceremonial. Politically he is a figure head, and Political power was not meant to be in his hands.Zik was the president then and was just a ceremonial head.

    The Prime minister is usually the person that rules. Tafawa Balewa was the prime Minister then.He was the head of Government.

    We copied from Britain. Tell me who is the ruler of Britain that you hear of today? Is it not the Prime minister? Do you hear people say it is the Queen or the king / the Prime minister ruling at the same time?

    Your statistics is showing that Azikwe/Tafawa Balewa ruled at the same time.You are wrong, you didn’t do your homework well.

    I commented on your first data in which you completely removed Tafawa Balewa and put Azikwe as the one that ruled because he was called “President”.
    After my comment, you now included Tafawa Balewa and still left Azikwe, and your data and analysis still shows that both of them ruled at the same time. What a shame and an insult to our collective intelligence.

    The fact still remains that:
    The Igbo has only ruled for 194 days(6 Months and some days) out of the 52years, while the other tribes have taken 51 years plus.

    When it comes to grabbing power we will hear one North,after that we will start hearing Middle belt, sharia North or core north.

    Left for me Power should rotate to south East so as to give all a sense of belonging and in the process promote unity and peace of the country.

    • Avatar
      NewsRescue 30 May, 2012 at 16:06 Reply

      Hi Festus,

      You are making very strange reactions to this piece. We love your comments, but please be responsible and honest to stay contributing. We always had Tafawa Balewa up there. the list as you see was picked and adapted directly from onlineNigeria. Look at online Nigeria:

      You will see Zik and Tafawa Balewa listed in the order we have it. The only thing we added to make you more comfortable and for anyone who does not know Zik was ceremonial, was the ceremonial comment. We also have metrics with and without Zik in the combined South, Middle Belt rule.

      We vet all the articles written and fact check all data to ensure our stories are factual and accurate.

      • Avatar
        festus 4 June, 2012 at 15:06 Reply

        The list you refered me to, is merely a list showing Nigerian leaders.
        It did not answer my question of whether Tafawa Balewa the Prime minister (head of govt) in 1960-1966  and Nnamdi Azikwe (the ceremonial head-Deputy) in 1960-1966 were both heads of govt at the same time? So you are bold to refer me to this list? So what you did was “copy and paste”. I thought you did an intelligent research. Please go back and do your home work, and stop the deceit. Igbo did not rule in 1960-1966, it was the North- if you like you call it Middle belt. Your analysis is not correct.

        Since the writer of this controvertial and decietful/ biased piece is  Lekan- a Fulani-Kwara who wants power tranfered to the Hausa-Fulani, Iam not surprised that he would present data and facts in a way that will favour him.

        The Hausa-Fulani from the north has ruled under MUHAMMADU BUHARI, SANNI ABACHA, SHEHU SHAGARI, MURTALA MOHAMMED, UMARU YARADUA. 

        Did you- Lekan bother to know whether other sections of the country have ruled? whether you like it or not, the North has had its fair share of Nigeria’s rulership!

        • Avatar
          doctor007 4 June, 2012 at 19:02 Reply

           Thanks for your expressions though they seem more emotional than realistic. I see ‘Ceremonial’ was mentioned. And I do not agree that everyone needs taste leadership, it’s not a pudding, it is a duty, a heavy duty, there are 500 ethnic groups, hope you know. Rather let us give one good person from wherever. I do not think Lekan is interested in anything Fulani, he does not sound tribalistic, you rather do.

          • Avatar
            Taiwo 5 June, 2012 at 11:34

            I like your biased expression.Why should you put Azikwe in the first place, and allocate 5yrs plus to him when you know that his post was ceremonial, and not that he ruled? People like you and Lekan the author of this misleading piece that only appeal to uninformed minds like yours are the enemies of our great country. The earlier you change your minds the better for you.

            Since you know that we have so many ethnic groups, then tell your kinsmen from the North to allow Goodluck Jonathan the chance to rule like you have ruled. You call yourself doctor oo7. 007 is James bond film trick. I can see that you are not a realistic person. There is no more film trick of ” we are born to rule” uasually applied by the North.

            The reason why this contry is lopsided in favour of the the North in terms of rulership distribution is because of Military rule. It is no longer business as usual. 

          • Avatar
            doctor007 5 June, 2012 at 17:19

             Hey Kola,
            The truth is represented on the chart up there. If you want lies to please you, i don’t think lekan knows how to lie. * Zik was Leader, albeit ceremonial, he was leader. The Queen is leader in UK.
            Next, *in every list, wikipedia, online Nigeria Zik is listed and designated just as lekan listed him here, it only hurt you because u suddenly realised that the core North did not dominate you as much as the south and Middle belt did. You possibly feel like a fool all of a sudden and u are calling black white.
            Finally *The only reason why Igbos have the least to no rule is no one fault, it is what every loser in a seccesion or rebellion war gets. Germany got it for losing WW, Palestine got it for attacking Israel and Biafra got it for attacking Nigeria. When you loose u are punished. This is the rule of man. Biafra were traitors, they lost and they could not be trusted. Deal with the reality. No one has a love for North or hate for Igbo. It is the Igbos who attacked Nigeria, will u give leadership to a group who for right or wrong reasons attacked the same country?

            I don’t give a hoot about tribe, I am not western-colonialized minded like u, all this North, Igbo, Yoruba, Fulani hate speech. Get ur freakin head over it! they are all the same pieces of shat. I simply want an intelligent ruler, wherever the freak he is from. GEJ is just another worse piece of sh*t! And u are stup*d to believe he must continue ruling if he clearly is not up to the task. Like the north and south all voted for Abiola. Trust me again, when indeed a good guy come,s be him Igbo or even cameroonian, we will all support him and kill his detractors, be they our kind or foreign. I’m done with this tribal-primitive-barbaric back and forth, just as the white man designed it.

            You are invited to drop blind sentiments and think here.

          • Avatar
            Merechi Zangariwa Merechi 11 July, 2012 at 19:27

            @TAIWO PLS.STOP IT NOW STOP THE RUBBISH SAYING YOU USELESS TRIBES you must be a fool forever and shameless bastard, for such comments to Igbo race, amoung the people that loots Nigeria how many igbos are involve,? if Igbo man likes money today yes i s…upport them because that was what Awolowo denies them, If your father have 1million pounds Awolowo will give you 20 pounds to start life with after the war, YERUBA THE CAMELIONS CAUSE THE CIVIL WAR IN NIGERIA, that is what they do to Igbos which lead them to fight to makes end meet, Igbo likes money is james Ibori igbo man? is OBJ an igbo man? Is MKO Abiola an Igbo man? Is Abacha an Igbo Man? Is Babangida an Igbo Man? Is Buhari an Igbo man,? Is Bankole an Igbo Man? Is Bode George An Igbo man? Is Tafa Balogu an Igbo Man? BUT STILL ALL TRIBE HATE IGBOS, IT’S ONLY IGBO MAN WHO MEANT WELL FOR ALL NIGERIAN, SAYING 1 NIGERIA 1 NIGERIA HOW MANY HASUA AND YERUBA HAVE DONE THAT? HAUSA MAN HAVE RULES FOR 38 YEARS WITH YERUBA 8 YEARS STILL NIGERIA IS RUINED TO THE GREAT PREDICAMENT WHY CANT WE GIVE THIS TO IGBO’S, GIVE THEM A TRIAL, IGBO MAN IS NOT AS BLACK AS YOU USELESS TRIBE ARE PAINTING THEM, Yeruba Man uses Charms to make money now no one sees them are they igbos? Why everyone sees Igbo as lovers of Money, if you think so how many of your ethnics can spread money on celebrities? is only igbos who can do that, Igbos loves themselves-approach an Igbo man and understand him well, check the list of the people who have looted Nigeria to the core how many IGBOS ARE THEIR? NIGERIA WILL BE WELL IF IGBO MAN LEADS YOU, BUT WHAT YOU DID TO IGBOS DURING WAR ARE STILL HUNTING YOU PEOPLE AND IT WILL HUNT YOU TILL YOU GO BACK TO YOUR GRAVES, BOKO HARRAM HAVE KILLED ENOUGH,
            How come somebody somewhere will be saying Igbos like money very well, is it not Igbo man brought Nigeria Independent from colonial masters Great ZIK, why Nigerian hate Igbos, because Igbo man refuse to be poor,
            The North Rules for 38 good years and still have the highest rate of poverty why are they lamenting at this government? Why not didn’t they lament during Jaradua regime? Why now? Is this their early morning in Politics, you out of 52 years of Nigeria Independent you rule for 38 years still nothing was in your house you need to be called fool, the northerners Politicians are greedy fools THE NORTH AND WESTERN HAVE KILLED NIGERIA, the war was caused by YERUBAS READ IT WELL AND KNOW WHY, DON’T NEGLECT ANY IGBO MAN BECAUSE IGBOS NEVER FIGHT HAUSA MEN, IT WAS NIGERIAN MILITARY THEN AND BRITISH CUM RUSSIAN THAT FIGHT THE ONLY TRIBE CALLED IGBOS, IF IT’S A CLASH BETWEEN HAUSA AND IGBOS I BET YOU THE IGBOS WOULD HAVE WIPE ALL THE NORTHERNERS BUT THE FIGHT THE MILITARY STILL GAIN ACCESS, NO TRIBE IN NIGERIA WILL CHALLENGE IGBOS AND GO FREE,

  21. Avatar
    Nura Alkali 30 May, 2012 at 21:05 Reply

    Lekan, you are the one who is deluded. So, Adamawa is not in the North but in the Middle Belt? And Gombe,Bauchi and Kaduna states too? You then contradicted yourself by referring to your so-called Middle Belt people as “non-Dan Fodians”, meaning non-Fulani. Well, since you are thick in the head, and lack a basic knowledge of history and geography, i will educate you: 1). The words North and South in relation to Nigeria refer to the former Northern and Southern Protectorates almagated by Lord Frederick Lugard in 1914. To this day, the North ends where the South begins, which in the west is at the border between Kwara and Oyo states, and in the East, at the border between Benue and Anambra states. In other words, what you call the Middle Belt is a part and parcel of Northern Nigeria. 2). I belong to the majority Fulani tribe of Adamawa State and my state is not part of the Middle Belt of your imagination. If being of the same kith and kin with the late Shehu Usman Dan Fodio is a crime, as you seem to suggest, then i will bear my cross gladly and you can go to hell. 3). Your hatred of the Fulani is all too clear in this write-up, but love us or hate us, we the Fulanis are far above your cut. Believe me.

    • Avatar
      NewsRescue 31 May, 2012 at 01:18 Reply

      Surprisingly, the author, Lekan is Fulani-Kwara. We will invite him to rebuff your claim. Thanks for the comment.

  22. Avatar
    Moses Aizebeokhai 31 May, 2012 at 12:40 Reply

    Most of we nigerians ve been in the dark al this years and this issue ve brought tears,thank God for this knowledge.Nigerians should ask for God’s mercy.

  23. Avatar
    Simonokpachu 7 June, 2012 at 12:58 Reply

    The solution to our problems is to go after the major players that crippled this great country to this level, jail them for life or kill them. And then enact a law that will attract death as the penalty for corruption and not the plea bargain introduced and enjoyed by those in the circle of corruption.

  24. Avatar
    Funsho Akingbade 11 June, 2012 at 14:19 Reply

    Nigeria will remain underdeveloped as long as we remain as one. There is no trust between us. Come the next hundred years, we will continue to crawl. All we are intrerested in is power at all cost, everybody wants a share of the national cake. Lets make the centre weak, Let each region take total control of their resources. The best way to know u are d best athletics is through competition. Nigeria developed better when we were in 4 regions. Each regions trying to outdo each others. Then we hear stories of Cocoa, rubber plantations, Timbersetc from the southwest, Groundnut pyramids from the north, The midwest very good in sports, East in Palm kernels and associate. Lots of money is being spent on infrastructures, but we do not see result. Money spent so far on Electricity is enough to guarrantee stable power supply for three developed countries of same size as Nigeria, where there is unity . Today it is Boko haram, i can assure you that if by tomorrow the north became the  President of the nation, the militant will take over and i can assure you that will ground the nation. I dont see Nigeria remaining one after the next election. This is the right time to start putting things in order to make the separation a peaceful one.

  25. Avatar
    Naibzubair 13 June, 2012 at 15:51 Reply

    All the brouhaha about power being at what area should not be a very good issue, once there is good leadership. No matter where the man at the top comes from, his rulership does not only serves his people, but the general entity called Nigeria and I’m yet to see any ruler that single handedly ruled, only with his kinsmen. But the cosmopolitan nature of the country makes it mandatory that there must be inputs from other quarters. So whatever successes or otherwise recorded, should be shared by all. At times evev, having a leader from one region, turns out to be a curse on his kinsmen, when his performances fall below expectations. The good thing will be, understand each other, tolerate one another, think of ways to progressively move the country forward in unison, instead of thinking of what would balkanize us. So God help my Nigeria.

  26. Avatar
    Omiyale 13 June, 2012 at 20:10 Reply

    It is unfortunate that your very articulate article was bias basing your reasoning on the north,  south and the Middlebelt. One would have appreciated the write-up much if it was based on the  Six Geo-political zones and anaylse the trend of Leadership.  Either North or South It is beleived that the north include the Middlebelt   have had enough share of leadership. In any case, the solution to the present impasse is for Nigeria to divide. The issue of Boko Haram is even the reason for division. The North have had enough share of the cake with the volume of money pumped into the system plus the money posted monthly to all the unviable local government scattered in the entire north. Pls advice them for division for the sake of peace. It is then you will know that the north will rise against itself

  27. Avatar
    Victor Umukoro 14 June, 2012 at 10:31 Reply

    Your desription of the North and South is completely baised. You are just raising issues to hide your true motive. Nura Alkali has said it all. People like you that cannot call a spade a spade are the draw back of this country. Sorry if am had we just need to move this country forward.

    • Avatar
      JIMOTA OJISE 18 June, 2012 at 01:49 Reply


  28. Avatar
    Samuelpopeson 16 June, 2012 at 14:09 Reply

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NIGERIA should divide into two seperate countries [ Northen Nigeria] and the [Southern Nigeria] At least lets try it for about 8 years and see.

  29. Avatar
    Ndagi59 19 June, 2012 at 13:41 Reply

    Wallahi I’ve never been so delighted to read a totally focused and detrabalized article by a well meaning Nigerian. I love his closing remarks; “NIGERIANS, IT IS TIME TO REFLECT”. I would not even bother myself to read other comments for, I’m sure they will be the normal tribal jingoist at work. My prayers is for Allah to hear earnest prayers of true meaning Nigerians and make Lekan’s vision to come to pass, AMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN!!!!!

  30. Avatar
    Aarondemperor 20 June, 2012 at 09:27 Reply

    Fuck tribalism. I dont care if is the igbo man that rules, or it is the hause-fulani or yoruba, I dont even care if it’s someone from Igala the ethnic group where i am from, all i care for is for God to bless Nigeria my country with a classical Leader who can elevate Nigeria to greater heights. This is the same thing the author of this insightful article is trying to inform us and yet block heads like Festus can not understand what is so simply to understand. Its not about reading its about understanding what you read. My best friend is igbo so fuck tribalism.

    • Avatar
      festus 13 July, 2012 at 09:37 Reply

      The problem u have is that you are not an informed person. How can you build on nothing? truth can not be based on falsehood. So the writer- your brother is using false data to arrive at his answer and you expect people who are informed to accept it? Let me help you- Pick any text book on govt. and read parliamentary or Cabinet system of government. After that come back and check the data on who the ruler of Nigeria was between 1960-1966.

  31. Avatar
    Cdotsays 24 June, 2012 at 17:36 Reply

    Is this Lekan fella on drugs? Does  he need a lobotomy or why does he love to weave falsehood? I had read an earlier piece about Igbos drawing 1st blood and now I see even more distortions here.
    This man is full of mendacity and needs to go back and study history proper.I am a man of 22 years and the difference is I have tried to read as much of Nigerian History right from the 1st republic to now.
    His blame game on the Igbo in his last article showed his bigotry and how parochial he was.This dude in effect labelled the Igbo race instigators because Nzeogwu staged a coup.Just to append to my earlier comment,if it was an Igbo coup,couldn’t one have considered Nzeogwu as more Northern than Igbo? Clearly he loved the Hausa Culture and spoke more hausa than Igbo.He believed in a cause which was executed by officers of all parts of the country.My point here is would you still say it was truly an Igbo coup if it was led by a man who was raised practically in Kaduna and loved the very man he killed? Records show that many lauded the outcome of the coup.
    Besides who quashed the so called coup?Was it not Ironsi with the aid of Ojukwu who were major players at that time? Does he realise that Ironsi and Ojukwu were also at a time marked for death and knew nothing of the impending coup at its early stages? IF it was an Igbo coup,then why wld they quell the rebellion? Does he read books from real accounts or does this man just spew nonsense off the bat?
    Now you write this again and its strewn with mendacity.Now you say Igbo ruled under Azikiwe.This Lekan guy is a joker. You have the capacity to write great articles,just please research well before you state nonsense. I wld love to have to say most of these things on a debate.

    • Avatar
      Editor 24 June, 2012 at 18:53 Reply


      In response to this, to be honset, I have actually encountered Igbo’s who object to Azikiwe being refereed to as #2, and who say he was #1 and Tafawa Balewa only worked under him as his prime minister. This is a historical account, I will like to be sue the terms as posted are accurate. Please advice what we should change the title of his position to.

      In response to your comments on the other article.

      We tried to verify the details of Lekan’s account, and find it is a common account on the internet.
      have quoted the wikipedia account, one of his references, of Nzeogwu
      into the story and you will see that even though the interpretation is
      not as critical and annoying as his, it still points out ethnic
      connotations like his.

      Please let us know if the wikipedia account is also biased.
      We will be happy to read and publish your writing too.

      John J.

      • Avatar
        Jide 13 July, 2012 at 09:55 Reply

        The problem u have is that you are biased. Who wrote the Wikipedia account? How can you build on nothing? truth can not be based on falsehood. So the writer- your brother is using false data to arrive at his answer and you expect people who are informed to accept it? Let me help you- Pick any text book on govt. and read parliamentary or Cabinet system of government. After that come back and check the data on who the ruler of Nigeria was between 1960-1966.

  32. Avatar
    Evans Osuji 24 June, 2012 at 23:52 Reply

    The nature of this debate shows that the democratic process is evolving in Nigeria. This is significant because for democracy to work, Nigeria’s collective political mindset must make the transition from command to democratic. This is a worldview agenda that’ll take some time to permeate through the population. Once the democratic worldview is widely understood and accepted, a new belief system favorable to better social management will emerge. 

    This new and better social management will be embodied in our institutions: constitutional reforms, vigorous citizen democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of press, dynamic and strategic economic laws, progressive science and technology policies, forward-looking education and health policies, responsible environmental policies, adherence to rule of law, etc. Indeed, an open, participatory, democratic, equitable, capitalistic, adaptive regime.

    This worldview agenda, the new social management regime, will enable better-organised wealth production and distribution systems to evolve. Once prosperity begins to spread, our confidence in the “new social management regime” will grow, thus reinforcing and legitimating it. With the legitimation comes further increase in confidence in the capitalist-democratic process which in turn reinforces it. This worldview agenda quickly goes into positive feedback loop, making regress to military rule highly improbable. 

    So my people, keep the debate going but keep it civil. Be tolerant of our differences because our strength is in our rich tribal heritages.


  33. Avatar
    Pickat 26 June, 2012 at 15:58 Reply

    MIDDLE BELT IS NORTH, SIMPLE!  The area that you call north is extremely poor because its people are shortchanged by its leaders simply because they dont ask questions. You praise them for peanuts they offer you.  Look at the number of local governments you have and funds flowing in.  Just think, see yourself as Nigerians and confront these guys. forget about Middle belt, South etc. Join the bandwagon to develop Nigeria.

  34. Avatar
    Naibi 27 June, 2012 at 21:49 Reply

    I still don’t want to believe the misconception of the so called middle belt separated from the north. This is just a ploy by those living on stipend and handouts like the Mujahids, Asaris and Dokubos. For the simple reason that; the closest neighbors to Igbo lands are people from Benue states, whose major tribes are the Tivs and Idomas. But at the same times happened to have fallen victims to merciless and senseles killings, by their neighbors, whether they are from Christian fold, as they termed them, northerner is a northerner. Some whom would they ‘south-south’ people deceive by their de-classification? To the Asaris, the table will turn full circle and time heal all wounds. By the time the it’s our own rule syndrome is over, he may find himself running and hiding, just like the coward he is.

  35. Avatar
    Elmud2 2 July, 2012 at 17:23 Reply

    The issue of who rules Nigeria and from which part  of the country is the key set back for Nigeria as a Nation and the back bone of corruption. This is because, if you are really look  for a result oriented dividends of democracy then certainly most forget where a president should come from, this myopism was what lead to tribal cleansing amongst the Hutu/totsi of a thing. No civilized society or community any where in the world could  give a positive response,

    either to creat or adopt this big political miscalculation by Nigeria. It’s unequivocally clear that there are a alot of quality leaders that Nigeria as a nation was denied due to this short-sightness. Politics is all about number. If at point in time in the history of this country a southerner was elected to beat a Northerner in his home town in the North, i believe that this crop of politicians of this mordern time are the once that designed this blunder around the clock thinking their are revolutionizing the polity, alas there are making the greatest mistake that will lead to possible civil war later the breakage of the country sooner than they expect. Because, due to this rotational thing only the influential enmergies and not the best as require to manage the crisis of time.

  36. Avatar
    Eniolorunfegroup 3 July, 2012 at 16:05 Reply

    There is no enough justification to the reasons above, An Hausa man is an Hausa man,likewise Igbo, Yoruba….the Politics of referring to some people as middlebelt when they still fluently speak Hausa and the International communities only recognise Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa can not Play on the inteligetsia of the elites in Nigeria.Stop deceiving us with sentimentic and ethical figures.

  37. Avatar
    Gabriel 3 July, 2012 at 22:26 Reply


  38. Avatar
    Omiyale ademola 8 July, 2012 at 10:49 Reply

    Enough of this deceits from our leaders. The best solution is to divide this country into its original four North,South, East and West and each unit to govern itself. Our leaders are selfish, self centered, wicked, visionless and too greedy for money. The National Assembly shoukd be dismantled bcos of their greed for money. The earlier we return to base the better. Life and our economy will go further bad as long as we still have rouges as our Leader. Let all the youths rise up for their salvation now.

  39. Avatar
    SUNDAY O. ADEDIRAN 1 August, 2012 at 15:04 Reply


  40. Avatar
    goldenthoughts 5 August, 2012 at 16:51 Reply

    Not a very intellectual exercise at all! That Britannica says Yakubu Gowon is from Plateau state does not make it so, and the ‘map’ which included such states as Kano, Gombe, Kwara and Bauchi, may be so geographically but not so politically, you should know the difference before making such claims as you have

  41. Avatar
    Tobias Eze 6 August, 2012 at 00:34 Reply

    The most foolish person in this world is the one who thinks
    he is wiser than his fellow human being. Just like an ostrich bird that buries
    its head in the sand in the open Sahara
    Desert with its exposed
    body to the world. When two fools fight, it is the language that suffers. It is
    unfortunate to use this language to both Northern and the foolish South West
    Yorubas . The distinguished fool that described IGBOS as the too much Money lovers
    and the people that looted Nigeria
    do not realize that it was a Yoruba descent, Olusegun Obasanjo introduced stealing
    of Nigeria Moneys and hide it in overseas Bank accounts in 1975 after assassinating
    General Murtala Muhammed because he initiated a programme for a return to
    democracy. The idiot does not mention the ITT money or is the people that
    involved in stealing ITT money IGBO men? What of MKO Abiola , Abacha ,Babangida
    , Bankole, Bode George, Tafa Balogu is these men mentioned related to any IGBOMEN

    I do not blame you
    scombags for whatever shits coming out
    from your guys ashore because the Great ZIK is the person that put us in this
    mess apart from one Nigeria he maintained is any Yoruba man or woman that will stand
    up against any IGBO Man or Woman talk more of the puck pal goats so called Hausas.
    The bastard Yorubas who have no originated are the people that caused Nigeria civil
    war because they want to grant their lazy useless people free education. Awolowo
    gave all IGBO men 20 pound and confiscate the rest because he is lazy and have no
    skill to make money on his own. In ten years spaces IGBO back to their root
    Yorubas will become Immigrants to IGBOS as they are hoping in IGBOS properties
    in Lagos and in
    other YORUBA and Hausas’ States when they go the house will be empty and the
    rats will take over it for ten or twenty years it will start collapsing. Or you foolish Yorubas believe yourself why not
    support for segregate? Mother fuckers. In a day not too long IGBOS will go back to their root then let us see you
    guys useless fits there.

  42. Avatar
    seyi thomas 6 August, 2012 at 17:27 Reply

    you better stop been used by those who you are deceiving yourself together with, you do not know the history of your fatherland

  43. Avatar
    Richard Olurombi 26 September, 2012 at 10:23 Reply

    Rubbish! what is middle
    belt? Certainly it is not a nation like Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa/Fulani, Berom, and
    Kanuri and so on. Middle belt is just a geographical space which is home to
    many small nations. It is like a mini Nigeria; a mere geographical expression.
    There can never be middle beltian in the sense of Yoruba man, Igbo man and
    Hausa man and so.

  44. Avatar
    akinwale akinwumi 9 February, 2013 at 20:59 Reply

    Where did the igbos and Hausas originate from i was told by my great granny that they are not from ODU’S FAMILY and am sure obasanjo and Abiola’s blood analyses will indicate that they are not a true descendant of ODU’S family because when you born a child in Yoruba land you can tell straight away that this is not my child or is my child and if you look at Obasanjo and Abiola’s mouth properly you can easily tell that they are not Odu’s family and Awolowo called them omo “Ale” before he died. So my dear writer
    everybody you mention in your write up are called omo “ALE” in Yoruba land and they are.

  45. Avatar
    Ahmed Alaofin 15 June, 2013 at 20:18 Reply

    Thank u all dat hav commented here. I am a learner and am really learning from the articulate article writer, Lekan to every contributors (wether in support or in against), but one thing that I noticed here is that Mr. Lakan has no place in his analysis for President Yar”adua and no one has observed this, or is Yar’ardua not one of our past President?

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