Nigeria2015: Stella Oduah Sacked

Feb. 12, 2014

NewsRescue– As Nigeria nears its next election, there have been predicted events by the weak leadership to portray efficiency in desperation to trick the populace and regain support ahead of the presidential election. The sacking of Nigeria’s aviation minister at last, who has insulted and abused the nation with absolute impunity for so long, is one such action a year to the election.

The current president is known for lies and tricks and doing and saying whatever can make him elected only to renege on this and break his word and promises as soon as he is voted into power. He once notably even said he will not run for re-election in 2015 if Nigerians vote him in, in 2011, he appears to have tricked Nigerians in that instance as all gears are set and money is being wasted on him running. The report of her sack:

i wont contest 2015Nigeria’s Aviation Minister, Stella Oduah, has been fired by President Goodluck Jonathan. Ms. Oduah has been caught in a web of certificate scandals and a scandalous purchase of two BMW armored cars for $1.6 million. Both scandals were exposed by Saharareporters.

Our correspondent reported that Ms. Oduah and three other ministers within the Jonathan govt were relieved of their positions on the orders of Mr. Jonathan. However, their sack was passed off as  voluntary resignation from the cabinet.

The other ministers sacked includes, the minister of the Niger Delta, Godsday Orubebe, minister of police affairs, Chris Olukolade and the minister of state for Finance, Yerima  Ngama

Late last year, we reported that Ms. Oduah had compelled the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) to pay Coscharis Motors, an auto dealer, approximately $1.6 million for two BMW bullet-proof cars. Investigations by us showed that the highest cost for each such car in both the US and UK was $267,000 per car. NCAA and other sources further disclosed that the two cars were never delivered, compounding a scam by Ms. Oduah who reportedly split the $1.6 million funds with Cosmas Maduka, the chief executive of Coscharis.

More recently, SaharaReporters discovered that the former Aviation Minister did not earn a Masters degree she claimed to have received from a US college.