#Nigeria2015: Ugly Girls, Who Will Pay Your Bride Price?

President Jonathan dances as Nigerians die from terror attacks across the country

July 15, 2014


This is not a rumor, it’s been verified by numerous personal contacts who are current ‘opposition’ Party law makers in Nigeria. The ruling Party is paying out sums of at least N50 million to purchase any law maker they can, most especially in opposition states. Kwara, Edo, Rivers, Nasarawa and the like. People are being bought for $380,000, one of the tallest sums ever widely offered to buy people. These are people being bought to help frustrate the opposition state and Party. Also, every sharp opposition Party political youth who possibly does not have a spot in the highly competitive opposition is being offered sweet sums to be bought by the ruling Party and contest on their platform.

There is a lot of money flowing around. At the rate of N50 million per head, just $1 billion of the missing $20-127 billion buys 2000! Of course some more stubborn law makers will be bought for larger sums, N100 million plus. That considered, 1-2 billion of the missing billions, or the amount Diezani still makes per year – as tolerated and permitted by our senators – from the kerosene  subsidy scam, can buy over 1000 law makers and ‘opponents’ in different states.

Those mentioned above, being bought for these delicious sums of stolen money, are the ‘fine girls.’ These are their bride prices. Notice the numbers quoted – 1000-2000 to be bought for sure. But who are the ‘ugly girls?’ You guessed right: me and you. Who will pay our bride price? Will we be offered $380,000 too? Of course not, the most they will use to try to get our hand in marriage will be a 10kg bag of branded rice. Intelligent and progressive people in Ekiti wouldn’t be bothered to waste their vote and thus with the billions to spare, the accused, indicted thief won. This is the risk Nigeria faces. To rescue and restore hope to Nigeria(ns), we need a bigger commitment.

So wetin we go do? Ugly girls, are we going to unite and harvest the collective wealth of our numbers? Over 168 million of us, versus the 2-3,000 max, total number of fine girls (senators, Reps, chiefs, authors and tabloids) who are buying and selling themselves with the ‘missing’ or as Babangida’s David Mark rebranded it, ‘unaccounted-for’ billions($)?

Are we going to band together and coordinate ourselves behind some well known, tested and trusted open activist youth leaders and altruistic, idealistic patriots, the likes of Omojuwa, the Kuti’s, Oby Ezekwesili and Sowore or the progressive, fearless, incorruptible northern Sheikhs, the Gumi’s and Jingir’s, and work together on open web and social media platforms to defend our dignity and salvage our nation made up of great nations and kingdoms that deserve our nobility and sacrifice?

If we band together we will be wealthier than those who stole and steal our billions and buy and sell each other. This is our only chance, any other thing and we will be fools forever in continuation of the the fools we have been for most of 53 years.

Fellow ugly girls, do you remember 1993 and how we banded together and kicked out Babangida? How we prayed together 5 years later and Abacha died? Now we have those who celebrate Abacha and free his thieving, laundering children to empower them over us. We have those who gather us in millions in immigration job scams and kill us. We have those in power now who sponsor terror over us and leave our daughters at the mercy of ‘Shekau’ who they arm and give cover for in his convoy operations in which he uses our army vehicles they have given him on our own people. We have those who rather buy senators, or rather, sinators for hundreds of thousands of dollars, than spend a few hundred to assist with our nation’s security and with the securing the freedom and better life of our abducted daughters and their families. These are perilous times, the devil is awake all night and very busy plotting our death. Ugly girls, shall we band together or continue to perish?

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian