Nigerian Illuminati

August 5th, 2012

by Hamza Suleiman, Lekan Abayomi and staff

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NewsRescue- When God cast away the devil, fallen and stripped of rank, there was one thing the devil asked for- Dominion. Control over Gods creations. Deposed, denuded, yet it wanted control.

According to the Bible, Jesus(U) was tempted by Satan with a certain greatest offer. Not mere wealth, not love, not good looks, not a beautiful woman, but with a last greatest offer of control.

The devil told Jesus(U) that he ruled the world and it will give Jesus control over the world if he submit himself to it, bow down and worship the devil. But Jesus replied that he must only worship God and no one else.

Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. “All this I will give you,” he said, “if you will bow down and worship me.” Jesus said to him, “Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.'” Mathew 4:8-10 KJV

The devil still throws this offer at mankind, and many accept it to get dominion over other men as was offered to Jesus.

What has been sleek about the devil making this offer these days, is that, as mentioned in the phenomenal Usual Suspects movie, “the greatest trick the devil pulled was convincing the world he did not exist“.  Many times, though not all, these days, the devil makes that offer in ‘camera’.

We have had numerous vocal confessions of being empowered by sacred pact and selling of a soul to the devil ‘lord of the world’, in return for power, fame, wealth and control. Many an artist and official have confessed to this.

We have also seen those who rejected making such pact, and those who challenged the forces that be, the rulers of the world as handed to them by pact with Satan. And how their tale has ended.

The Illuminati basically are an underground caucus of connected powerful people all over the world, who determine and control all that happens. The popular understanding is that the organisation is not religious, but is powered by the  ‘dark ruler of the (material)world’, Satan.

World renowned Bob Dylan, given many global awards, confesses he sold his soul to the devil

One of the most remarkable of note to rebel against the leading illuminati occult, was no other than the most famous black rapper, Tupac Shakur. During his days of illumination, when he was tossed in jail and used this period to rather learn about life and decided to change his rap style and orientation, stop his filth and empower blacks. Tupac at this point, heard about the illuminati in jail, that they had total control and knew all that was going on. The Pope, America Muslim leaders, etc. He doubted this and challenged it in the recording below.

He assumed the illuminati was a fake story to keep blacks down, and so he promised to make an album “killing” the illuminati, putting a “K” to it, as he said. This was the “Killuminati” album, and by no surprise, Tupac’s last album. He was shot in broad evening light after its release and his killers were never sought.

Video: Tupac says he is putting a “K” to “illuminati”, to “Kill illuminati”, Killuminati was his last video!

More recently, famous comedian, Dave Chapelle, ran away to South Africa to cool his head, and when he came back on interview with Oprah, revealed that he was not crazy, but had to walk out on Hollywood for trying to make him sell filth to the youth, and make him cross-dress as they have in the passed made all famous celebrities, in what can be seen as an agenda and aggressive campaign of feminism of the black male.

Dave broke a millions of dollars contract and retired to a quiet home life in the suburbs with family.

And then there is Jason Russel, the KONY 2012 propaganda guy who was shot to global fame in a day by assistance of the corporate media, with his baseless video, that had as best evidence, the conversations of two little children, and it’s agenda being obviously- promoting US occupation of Africa.

Many believe that he sold his soul to the devil for fame and wealth and broke down upon actualizing the pact. This type of behavior is surprisingly common in Hollywood, and Dave Chappelle who also experienced a similar trial but escaped from his by running to the motherland, Africa, had this to say of Celebrity meltdowns:

Transcript of Dave Chapelle in Youtube Video discussing the Underworld

*To art student audience* Just prepare to have your heart broken… you see him laughing *show host laughing* that evil laugh? Because he knows. … and everyone here .. laughing…. just get your Africa ticket ready because you have no idea. … Martin Lawrence is the guy that showed everybody you can make it from DC to Hollywood. I had a personal stake in his success, every time we did something it made me feel inspired and really good… and he was always real nice to me…. you know when we did Blue streak, we were promoting it and Martin had a stroke, it was bad, and afterwards when I spoke to him, asked if he was ok, he said- you know I had the best sleep I ever got my life. This is how tough he is.

So let me ask you, what is happening in Hollywood that what is happening in Hollywood that a guy that tough would be on the street, waving a gun screaming ‘they are trying to kill me’. What is going on? Why is Dave Chappelle going to Africa? Why is Mariah Carey make a 100 million dollars deal and take off her clothes on TRL? A weak person can not get to sit here and talk to you. Ain’t no weak people talking to you. So what is happening in in Hollywood? No body knows. The worst thing to call somebody is crazy. It is dismissive. I don’t understand this person so they are crazy. Its BS$&t! These people are not crazy, they are strong people. Maybe the environment is a little sick.


Something went seriously wrong with Jason Russel, he obviously could not handle it, and shortly after he was seen walking the streets of LA, naked, slapping the floor, making gay struts, and reigning curses at something, a “being” that camera’s could not catch and people could not see, but he kept calling out at this, devil, by name, till the cops came and got him.

In the video Jason yelled all types of expletives, while strikingly pointing and calling out ‘SATAN… SATAN!’ ‘You are the DEVIL! You are the DEVIL!’

It’s all about global control

So, how about Nigerian Illuminati? Let’s together ask the questions and connect the glaring dots…

Nigeria is a very important country in the world. A world leading oil supplier, every fifth car in America runs on Nigeria’s fuel.

Nigeria, Africa’s largest black nation led the ECOWAS effort in Liberia and Sierra Leone, solving the crises and establishing democracy in those Nations while the west cared less. The success story was amazing and it prompted western nations and the US, seeking to gain dominance over Nigeria, to engage many scholars into research into why Nigeria was such a successful regional leader. Many of these scholarly articles can be seen online, in line with plans to subdue Nigeria and install AFRICOM and western hegemony as global controllers of Africa. See: NewsRescue- Boko Haram, Nigeria’s dominance in Africa and the CIA

But this is the outward picture of the chaos that upsets Nigeria and the reasons for Boko Haram terror and other impossible seeming events that cripple the Nation.

When it comes to Illuminati operation it is not what you see clearly, but what you do not. Behind every nation in the worlds Central Bank is a single Illuminati leadership. Even Nigeria’s central bank is controlled by the illuminati, headed by the Rothschild family.

Sanusi Lamido: Time 100

So, when you look at prominent figures in Nigeria, like CBN director Sanusi Lamido, and of course the Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonji Iweala, you easily see the links back to a central illuminati command and control center. Then you realize that when Sanusi Lamido was trying to install Federal government regulation of Shariah or Islamic banking in Nigeria and its commercialization- to now be sold and offered by all banks, even if non Islamic, which real Muslim clerks oppose, he was not acting for Muslims in Nigeria, but acting for the new plans of obtaining and saving all wealth in Central banks as proposed by the leaders of Illuminati. They now want to control Muslim and Arab money and finance and regulate Muslim money which was traditionally privately regulated and not on the Central Bank radar. {Addendum- please note- there has always been Islamic banking, this new IMF and illuminati scheme was simply the “trademarking”, commercialization (to even non Muslim enterprise) and Federal regulation of what was traditionally Muslims private property and private business}

The plan of federal regulation of Shariah/Islamic banking was drawn up and is ultimately controlled, not in Nigeria but in Europe, and sold by the IMF/World Bank. See: IMF Survey: Islamic Banks: More Resilient to Crisis?

Little surprise as read on wikipedia: The renowned global financial intelliegence magazine, The Banker, published by the Financial Times, has conferred on Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi two awards. He has been recognised with the global award for Central Bank Governor of the Year, as well as for Central Bank Governor of the Year for Africa. See:

So we easily understand why on earth Nigeria’s leaders will bow to the wishes of Christine Lagarde, IMF boss, when she came to impose hardship on the entire Nation, to rescue Europe in its greed caused recession. Lagarde conniving with Ngozi Iweala and Sanusi Lamido as well as the president of Nigeria, to suddenly remove fuel subsidies in a directive that was given to neighboring oil producers, was obviously not in Nigeria’s interest but in servitude to ‘the lord and master of the dark world.” Many Nigerians died due to the Finance Minister – President – CBN governor’s dispatch of their duties to the grand wizard. In contrast, Zuma of South Africa turned her down when she came-a-begging. IMF Forces African Nations to Remove Fuel Subsidies

Secretive evil genius nature of the occult


And then Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, aka NOI, a world bank leader, does not need further elaboration or delving. She is clearly embedded with the corridors of hidden powers. Once you see a person attend the world economic forum, you know this person belongs. So look out for the blue background in the image below, once you spot it, you know you are dealing with a person who has your nations interest as a secondary prerogative, and has a service to establishing a New World Order of total control as primary objective.

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It is in these secluded meetings that agenda’s are put forth to make a single global economy, government, and single media.

You see, Illuminati does not care about country, not even US. They can abandon the US any day, they already have, the US has sunk into a depression, with no hope of revival. Illuminati don’t care, they have moved their head offices to the Middle East, someday to Mars. What illuminati see is only two points, Leaders and workers, “children” and “sheep”. Classicists, they are the most non racist group that exists on earth.

Our article from the forum meeting in 2009, One World Media For ‘Global Citizens’- 2009 World Economic Forum; Are You Ready?

Highlighted how the powers that be are also taking over the Media, planning to have a single controlled media, so that all news you hear from seeming individualistic elements, is not frank and honest, but vetted news approved and planned by these powers to indoctrinate the masses in their preferred directions.

Fareed Zakaria (FLTR), Editor, Newsweek International, USA, Kgalema Motlanthe, President of South Africa, Han Seung-Soo, Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea, Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Felipe Calderón, President of Mexico captured during the session 'Reviving Economic Growth' at the Annual Meeting 2009 of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, January 30, 2009
Fareed Zakaria (FLTR), Editor, Newsweek International, USA, Kgalema Motlanthe, President of South Africa, Han Seung-Soo, Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea, Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Felipe Calderón, President of Mexico captured during the session ‘Reviving Economic Growth’ at the Annual Meeting 2009 of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, January 30, 2009 {img: WEF}

NewsRescue; July 22nd, 2009

Excerpt from the World Economic Forum elite meeting in Switzerland, Jan 30, 2009 (W.E.Forum global agenda 2009, pdf file):

The Global Agenda Council on the Future of Media proposes the following:
A new value proposition for journalism and its mission in society. The Council is championing a new global, independent news and information service whose role is to inform, educate and improve the state of the world – one that would take advantage of all platforms of content delivery from mobile to satellite and online to create a new global network. It could bring together journalists and citizens, aggregating content to create new communities of interest that cross the boundaries already crossed by companies and NGOs and that eliminate the barriers that so often frustrate truly global responses.

Christiane Amanpour, Chief International Correspondent, CNN International, USA {img: WEF by Remy Steinegger}
Christiane Amanpour, Chief International Correspondent, CNN International, USA {img: WEF by Remy Steinegger}

And how do we advance the proposals of the Network of Global Agenda Councils if not through an ambitious act of journalism itself?

It will take innovative public-private funding to provide that global voice, one that can both generate content and imagine a new global community in which people can share, participate and disagree, with a focus on mission rather than the bottom line. That voice, and the content it creates, will act as a focus for providing education, campaigning for access and championing empowerment. …

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Why is something new required in a world seemingly awash with information? In a world where there are calls for global governance as a response to a global financial crisis, where scientific research, capital flows and production chains are globalized, the media and the communities in which we imagine ourselves remain fiercely localized.

Even the media voices we think of as international come from London, Qatar or Atlanta. Via the World Economic Forum committed to improving the state of the world, the agenda that will deliver those improvements needs a genuine, global voice that shares that fundamental commitment.

Communicating a global agenda, and motivating and mobilizing people to support it, requires an initiative of global imagination, and why shouldn’t such an initiative come from the World Economic Forum and its Members?

So now that we are thinking of Media, lets; take a look at the globalist media machines in Nigeria. Here is from a NewsRescue article way back in 2009:

‘Elites’ meet in Nigeria to commence Obama era; Clinton, Rove, Bush, Mundell, Al Gore and others

bill-clinton-politicalkudzuNewsRescue- A very strange meeting officially called ‘festival of ideas’, took place in Nigeria on the invite of Nduka Obaigbena and his ‘ThisDay’ Nigeria newspaper, just as Obama was being prepared for swearing-in (Jan 20th 2009). This very strange, higher echelons meeting was largely unreported by main stream news media, but NewsRescue picked it up and highlights the peculiarities of the agenda, the timing and those in attendance. The rest is for you to figure. Note- this meeting was before Nigeria’s president Yaradua’s death.

Attendance of January 14th-16th 2009 meeting in Abuja Nigeria

Howad Dean, Andy Card, Donna Brazille and Karl Rove in Nigeria {Bellanaija}

    1. Jeb Bush;- Son and brother of Presidents Bush Snr. and Junior, past Governor of Florida, possible future presidential candidate Republican party.
    2. Bill Clinton;- Former president USA.
    3. Al Gore;- Former Vice President, USA, former presidential candidate for the democratic party, former White House Chief of Staff.
    4. Karl Rove;- Former White House Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Adviser to President George W. Bush.

    5. Kofi Annan;- Former Secretary-General of the United Nations
    6. Howard Dean;- Chairman of the US Democratic Party
    7. Donna Brazile;- Democratic Strategist popular on CNN and former Campaign Manager of ex-Vice President Al Gore
    8. Andrew Card;- Former White House Chief of Staff, under Bush administration
    9. Bill Mundell, AKA William A. Mundell;- Political activist; Republican presidential campaigns; Chairman Board of directors ZBB energy corporation
    10. Liling Chen;- Peoples Bank of China
    11. Lola Ogunnaike;- CNN
    12. Paul Begala;- Senior strategist for the Democratic Party in the United States of America, CNN presenter.

Others in attendance included Lionel Richie, and from Nigeria, the likes of Art Alade, Governor Gabrial Suswam of Benue State, Governor Bukola Saraki of Kwara State, Governor Donald Duke, with Nigeria’s former Minister of External Affairs, Professor Bolaji Akinyemi moderating.

This list is very interesting. How easy is it to invite these people together? How easy to get them to Africa and Nigeria? How easy is it to get them to Nigeria less than a week to the inauguration of the first US ‘half-Black’ president? what connects this diverse group of US Government advisers, world business moguls, media operatives and US ex presidents and presidential candidates? Who is Nduka Obaigbena that owns and funds ThisDay and what are its affiliations? Was this what is called a ‘illuminati event’? These are just a few of many questions created by this event.

Goodluck Jonathan, being prodded, this before President Yaradua passes away; Note Kofi Annan, Clinton, Goodluck and Obiagbena {Bellanaija}

Nigeria’s President, Goodluck Jonathan can be seen in this picture above at the Thisday summit, just days before Obama’s inauguration, being prodded up by these great leaders. This meeting took place January 14th-16th 2009 , Yaradua passed in May 2010!

View sources: Nigeria: Annan, Clinton in Abuja for Thisday Awards’ Festival of Ideas Nigeria: Thisday Awards – Bush Joins Governors at Breakfast Session
NYTimes: Nduka Obaigbena – ‘Using Star Power to repair Nigeria’s image’

ThisDay {Nigerian Newspapers}
ThisDay {Nigerian Newspapers}
ThisDay owner, Nduka Obaigbena with Paul Begala, left, and Henry Kissinger in New York { NYTimes}
ThisDay owner, Nduka Obaigbena with Paul Begala, left, and Henry Kissinger in New York { NYTimes}

What was this meeting all about?

By all means this is not an event of low merit, and the attendance by all these eminent personalities barely a week to Obama’s inauguration as well as the timing of the event, possibly to aid its secrecy or a very critical event to take place just before inauguration, raises a whirlwind of questions.

According to, the event was described as below:

A star-studded international team will discuss the implications of the Barack Obama Presidency for Africa at the second session.

The team will lead discussions in Session II entitled “Obama is President: What Next for the World and So What for Africa ?”

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As this meeting has been concluded and Obama sworn in, the public is interested in knowing what policies were discussed for Africa and how these will be implemented. What will be taken from this meeting to Obama, the new president of the United States, and what and how the conclusion of this ThisDay meeting in Nigeria shall determine the new administrations policies toward Africa, and the possibility of Africa becoming free from imperialism and neo-colonialism, un-free trade, SAP and other policies that hamper its growth at last.

NewsRescue is calling for updates and the minutes of this meeting from anyone with authentic information. Please email: editor@

See: NewsRescue- How The IMF-World Bank and Structural Adjustment Program(SAP) Destroyed Africa

NewsRescue- Obama didn’t mention what US farm subsidies did to Ghana’s farmers- compete and ravage Africa’s agriculture

Henry Kissinger: Chaos sets perfect opportunity for Obama to create ‘New World Order’

NYTimes: Kissinger- World chaos opportunity for Obama to start New World Order(NWO)
WorldNetDaily- Henry Kissinger: Obama primed to create ‘New World Order’

Policy guru says global upheaval presents ‘great opportunity’

Henry Kissinger, seen with Nduka Obaigbena in the picture in above article, was a Nobel Peace Prize winner and former secretary of state under President Nixon. He also served under the Ford and Reagan administrations. Kissinger, named by Bush as the chairman of the Sept. 11 investigatory commission, on January 6th at the commencement of Obama’s administration, said in this CNBC video interview:

“…conflicts across the globe and an international respect for Barack Obama have created the perfect setting for establishment of “a New World Order.”

It is rather scary that US top brass view chaos as a useful opportunity to gain world dominance. If this is so, does Nigeria not stand at the risk of being induced into chaos by external governments, to enable US dominate the nation and the Obama led, ‘New World Order’?

Does this explain why Barack Obama reacts strongly and swiftly to Nigeria’s laws on Gays, but is silent on Boko Haram chaos?

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Others in Private sectors

To identify members of these underground movements, one must learn to recognize certain rather simple attributes: Education- they usually trained in Ivy league institutions in the US where they got indoctrinated. 2. Influence- of course this is clear, when you see an individual with above expected global influence and control, you immediately suspect this individual. 3. Principle and policy- once you notice oddities here, that’s a  warning sign. 4. Global recognition and accolade- global awards unusually come pouring down on these people. Barely 1 month after Obama’s inauguration, he received the Global Nobel peace price, literally before he had even sat on his seat. This type of generous accolade is part of the gifts of Satan.

Now this brings us to the glue that ties it all together. Information from our sources who have been tracking associations and events for years, revealed some surprising individuals, groups and connections.


From the website-

The Osigwe Anyiam-Osigwe Foundation is a very important building block in all the Group’s activities. The Foundation, which is an autonomous entity that is not affiliated to any interest group, political party or movement or any religious organization or society, was established to give further development to the philosophy, principles and value system promoted by Emmanuel Onyechere Osigwe Anyiam-Osigwe in the course of his earthly sojourn.

…..The Foundation has inaugurated a lecture series known as The Emmanuel Onyechere Osigwe Anyiam-Osigwe Lecture Series. The Lecture Series is dedicated to the scholarly examination of Anyiam-Osigwe’s Philosophical treatises, which he synthesizes in his concept of “A Holistic Approach to Human Existence and Development”.

In brief on the lecture series, it has been organized annually since 1999 by the Osigwe Anyiam-Osigwe Foundation. In keeping with the Foundation’s guiding principles, the central themes of the Lecture Series are based on the ideals pursued by Anyiam-Osigwe in the course of his earthly sojourn. These ideals are anchored in a concept that seeks to evolve “A Holistic Approach to Human Existence and Development”. This concept is premised on Anyiam-Osigwe’s conviction that the human being is an Integral Function of the Spiritual, the Economic, the Social and the Political.

The pictures say it all, including this image of Goodluck Jonathan, standing to what “Anthem?”, in 2007, before he “by stroke of odd fortune”, inherited the presidency. The lecture was the 9th series of his lectures, captioned “Africa: Anyim-Osigwe Lecture – Can Europe Aid Continent’s Development?”

Osigwe Anyiam Foundation in pictures


Now that you are connecting these odd people around the world, with odd people back home, from all works of life, including Presidents of Israel.

Roll call who have attended include:

Perez Musharraf, President of Pakistan, F.W de Klerk, Former President of South Africa; former U.S.A vice president, Al Gore and his wife Tipper (participating on different occasions); Shimon Peres, now President of Israel; Rt. Hon. John Major, former Prime Minister of Britain; Dr Helmet Kohl, former Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany; Mrs. Cherie Blair (QC), wife of the then British Prime Minister, Tony Blair; Professor Fernando Cardoso, former President of Brazil; Aleksander Kwasniewski, former President of Poland; Professor Vaclav Klaus, President of Czech Republic and in 2008, the Spiritual Head of Tibetan people, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, among others.

Music Industry

Let’s briefly talk abut the Music. Please notice, we are only giving you the tools, we can not point out all the underworld, the rest should be easy for you to decipher with this background.

Music is the most tested and trusted access to corrupt a people and turn them into an enslaved workforce. Worship of the Creator is easily deleted and replaced by worship of creations, sex, money, things that leave the populace weak and at the mercy of the global order.

It is little surprise that Dbanj, at the time, Nigeria’s top performer, would have signed up with this organization. And not shocking either that he is seen as pals with the Nigerian president. Here’s our article on this and images from it are below:

D’Banj Sells Soul To Devil; Joins Illuminati Occult: Now Pro Death to Religion, Sex is god



DBanj Jonathan {SaharaR}
Click image to watch ‘Mercy’ video on Youtube, Dbanj flies at last seconds
The list goes on and one…very extensive actually
Gay Charlie boy? Oh please!