Nigerian Military Has Made No Major Offensive Against Boko Haram In Borno


Serious complaints coming from military and civilian quarters on the ground in Borno, who are expressing serious frustration with the government for abandoning much of Borno to terrorists without a single major military offensive being ordered in months.

Over 12 local government remain under Boko Haram control and apart from defending Maiduguri from Boko Haram attaks via Konduga, the Nigerian military has not launched a single offensive against Boko Haram in desire to recapture any seized towns since the Damboa offensive in early August when we reported that the comander who led that successful mission was immediately transferred out of Borno.

Jonathan and Idriss Deby, linked to Boko Haram
Jonathan and Idriss Deby, linked to Boko Haram

Soldiers told us that it would be easy to recover towns but they have no such order from Abuja. They said that the recovery of Chibok from the terrorists was only ordered by Jonathan due to the embarrassment as the town was globally known as the location where over 200 girls were abducted.

Sources told us that for some reason, maybe personal, the military were sent to capture Damask, but even then they were lax on their position and allowed Boko Haram recover the town, losing 3 Hilux vehicles to Boko Haram and one artillery gun.

All in all, for several months now, the military has not been engaged in any offensive against the terrorists in Borno and seem happy to leave them in control of territory to rule over millions of Nigerians and continue to rape and conscription the youth of Borno.

There is no comment or reaction from the Jonathan government on their plans to recover Nigeria form the terrorists if they have such plans as the war situation seems in a stand-still or rather skewed to Boko Haram’s advantage. Is the so-called ceasefire still declared? Why has Jonathan not yet officially cancelled and apologized for the ceasefire and declared the war and #VictoryForNigeria back on in full force? Is he playing with lives after his deadly blunder?

There had been rumors that President Jonathan had plans to fire Chief of Defense Alex Badeh due to his failures and the failures of the army under his command which had severely embarrassed the president globally and led to the loss of much territory and Nigerian life, but it does not seem Jonathan is able or capable to move ahead with this.