Nigerian Mother Survived 8 Shots From Buhari Govt But Lost 5 Sons During Govt Genocide


The Zaria massacre or more aptly put, genocide has its pitiful tales. Many are of families that lost more than one member when troops under command of General Buratai massacred Shia Muslims in several locations across Kaduna.

Mrs Jummai Karofi is allegedly one such victim. She lost her five sons to the military action that included burning many alive, that December of 2015. She herself survived after being shot eight times.

There ha yet been no justice and the implicated army officers have not even been suspended over 500 days later.

On Thursday 29th December 2016, Mrs Karofi narrated her experience to a tearing audience during a Sisters’ forum.


As people listened to her speech tears roll down with grief.  They promised to  remain resolute to this noble path of Islam…

She narrated that “No words can explain the brutality of the  Nigerian army in Zaria on 12-15th December, 2015. The Nigerian soldiers carried out a massacre for 3 consecutive days. It was learnt that the army wanted to do the operation in just two hours to clear off Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) and his followers from Nigerian history, however, it took them days.” Malama Jummai said the lessons from the Massacre are many.

Malama Jummai narrated how Shaikh Zakzaky (H) really has shown what and who truly is a leader, a leader who stood with his followers to face all foms of torment faced by them, never flee despite pleas from his followers to leave his house that is under heavy artillery attack.

The resolute, courage, steadfastness and resistance shown by Shaikh Zakzaky’s followers especially youths that were armless and stood in defense of their leader who was under heavy artillery attack, never backing out to leave their leader with the soldiers to reach Shaikh Zakzaky (H). And this continued until all healthy followers were either killed or remained helpless.

The operation was also planned with a contingent of army personnels who  never knew Gyellesu area, conducting their operation using security agents hiding under the cover of Shaikh Zakzaky (H)’s followers to divert their attention while approaching their target with various forms of carnage.

Heavy machine guns were used, firing indiscriminately that even brought down walls of buildings and they later went to shoot on the heads of any surviving followers they could spot.

Nigerians hiding before Buratai killed them