Nigerian Muslims Condemn Boko Haram; Sheik Gumi Preaches: “the suicide bombers will not see God”


August 5th, 2012

NewsRescue- Nigerian Muslims, frustrated with the peril caused by the deviant Boko Haram terrorist cult, led by the ‘self infatuated’, psycho Abubakar Shekau, are increasingly publicly declaring their unambiguous condemnation of this terrorist sect that has made the lives of Muslims and Christians in Nigeria unbearable.

The latest to loudly join this group of fearless, vocal critics of the terror reigning group of miscreants is a most famous Islamic cleric, Sheik Abubakar Gumi.

From the pulpit of the Sultan Bello Mosque in Kaduna this Friday, Sheik Gumi declared in clear, blunt and un-minced terms, that those killing innocent Muslims and Christians, men, women and children will never see the gates of heaven, unless they repented for their sins.

In similar pattern, in June this year,, a highly vocal Muslim group, prepared and distributed official statements and press documents declaring the unreserved condemnation of Boko Haram terrorist activity, and inviting upon Nigerian clerics to be fearless in the condemnation of these criminals, hiding in the midst of good people. went ahead to call for Muslims to defend Churches of their Christian brethren, by forming human shields if necessary.

See: Communiqué: Fear None Save Allah. Defend Islam, Defend People, Defend Churches, Defend Nation

With the shabby and criminal embedded security services and politicians serving the Nation, Nigerians are literally on their own in dealing with this threat, and such proactive steps come with their risks, however, Sheik Gumi in his Ramadan sermon, called upon all Muslims and Muslim leaders to make similar loud, Islamic declarations against these deviants, and as encouraged by the Muslim group, fear none but their Lord, Allah. With this, the defeat of Boko Haram will be guaranteed.

Sheik Gumi

Sheik Gumi raps Boko; security beefed

According to SaharaReporters, a Kano-based Islamic scholar told them that he would not be surprised if some extreme elements tried to attack Mr. Gumi. He stated that the sheik was right “in making it clear that all those carrying out suicide bombings and killing people are not real Muslims, but misguided heretics who have completely deviated from Islam.” The scholar praised the sheik for “preaching that there is no justification for those using bombs to kill fellow Muslims and non-Muslims with whom there should be neighborly trust.”

Mr. Gumi’s sermon against the incessant violence in Nigeria is widely seen as a direct reproach to Boko Haram militants who frequently claim credit for deadly explosive attacks. The source who attends Sheik Gumi’s mosque said Muslims all over Nigeria should be proud that the cleric has affirmed that any suicide bomber who kills innocent people “will not see God.”

“Sheik Gumi kept repeating that there is no way those doing [these killings] will make heaven, without repenting to Allah.”

Mr. Gumi also challenged other Muslim clerics and teachers to boldly preach against killings and other acts of violence that threaten to tarnish the image of Islam.

The Kano-based scholar urged Muslims in the country to pay heed to other messages from the courageous cleric in Kaduna. “If other clerics become like Sheik Gumi, we will soon overcome the situation we are facing.”

In his sermons, Sheik Gumi has charged all Muslims to stand up, and save their religion from present challenges. The cleric also condemned today’s suicide bombing attack that targeted the Emir of Fika.

Sheik Gumi has called on those mounting the attacks to renounce violence, and suggested that they be granted the same kind of amnesty extended to Niger Delta militants.
The cleric, who has a reputation for fearlessness, is the son of the late famous Sheik Abubakar Mahmud Gumi. He is based in Saudi Arabia where he lives with his family.

Muslims Under Attack

With the increased condemnation and cooperation with Nigeria’s security services, leading to an effective clamp down on Boko Haram terrorists in North Nigeria, Muslim leaders have increasingly been victims of deadly terror attacks.

From the NewsRescue report this Friday, Friday – Friday Boko Attacks: Emir of Fika, Yobe, Barely Escapes Suicide Bomber; Orderly Blown in Attack:

The Attack on the Emir of yesterday is the second similar attack on Muslim leaders in northern Nigeria, post Friday prayers in recent weeks. Friday prayer attacks have become as rampant as Church bombings were weeks earlier.

Last week, in Kano, an attack after Friday prayers left several officers dead, as well as the Boko Haram armed terrorists. See: Nigeria: Eight Killed as Suspected Boko Haram Gunmen Attack Mosque in Kano During Ramadan Prayers

And on June 13th, Boko Haram terrorist youth almost took the life of the Emir of Borno, and the state deputy Governor in a Friday Jummah attack. Boko Killed Brother, Now Try To Kill Shehu of Borno, Dep Gov. After Friday Prayers: 5 Die; it will be recalled that Boko killed the Emir’s youngest brother a year earlier.

Also last Thursday in Kaduna,a suicide bomber was blown to death by his own bomb, after Kaduna youth caught him on mission to kill the district head, Abduwahab Aliyu in Mahuta, Kaduna outskirts.
According to an eyewitnesses, Bala Abubakar, “the incident happened at about 10pm on Thursday when some suspicious persons entered the village and some residents started questioning them and discovered that they were armed.

“The youth were able to disarm one of them who admitted that they were on a mission to kill the village head, for allegedly exposing their members.

“The other suspects escaped and it was when the people were pursuing them that a bomb exploded on the one who had been apprehended and he died instantly.”

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    UMEH EMMANEL 5 August, 2012 at 18:43 Reply

    May God (Allah) bless and protect Sheik Gumi and all other Musilm Cleric faithfuls who condemn the ungogly activities of Boko Haran in Nigeria.There is need of protecting the lives and property of all Nigerians accross the Country, irrespective of tribe and religion. God has made us one Nigeria with multi-cultural ethnicity. Thanks indeed!

  2. Avatar
    Abdul-rahman Degereji 10 August, 2012 at 09:42 Reply

    Amen summa amen. tnx mr Umeh, i wish our christians friends and relatives will understand what is boko haram and what is Islam befor tagging all muslims as boko haram which is bad. Islam is not boko haram and boko haram is not Islam!! may Allah guide us all and protect us amen.

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    Cornelius 1 September, 2012 at 15:13 Reply

    I was in the Northern Nigeria for the first time in 1965. I did not want to go back to Eastern Region after my mother’s mission there. Why? I love the Northerners and they equally love strangers especially those who are interested to learn their language (Hausa). In 1982, I came back to North with same love. To be precise, Bauchi State. During the course of my job in the state, I found time to travel to some areas like Ningi, Azare, Misua, Tafawabalewa, Dass, Kari, and a host of other Towns and Local Governments.While in the State I witnessed the worst killing of human beings because they were not Muslims.My house at Yaku wanka was surrounded by the Muslim youths with only one intention –just to kill me – “Kafrin” some one who does not know their own god. First, I picked my rosary and poured out my problem to the creator. Secondly, I phoned my boss who sought help from School of Armour which was very close to his office.Before the arrival of the Military, my house security man surfaced and charged that to kill everyone of them if they refused to leave. He further told them that the guy you wanted to kill gave him work when nobody cared “You only told me that I am related to a prominent Emir in Kano” . After the riot, I relocated in the City to Rimi nzami along Bauchi – Jos Road while my expatriates bosses fled to Lagos. Some left the Country. Who is at a disadvantage? Obviously we Nigerians are at the loosing end. I later, came down to Jos and faced the same “crap” religious crisis. These hoodlums hatched their evil plans at Ngwan rogo, Bauchi Road,Behind JUTH, and a host of other places WELLKNOWN by the Leaders of this Religion. Frank ling speaking some of this religious Leaders do not appreciate the massacre of Christians but they want to protect the Religion from ridicule. You shout god is the greatest so that devil will be with you so you can kill your fellow human being because he/she does not believe in what you believe. My joy is that you are not calling the real GOD, you know the crap god you call.Do the followers of this Religion ask themselves why is my Religion the ONLY religion on this face of the Earth that is just to KILL, KILL, AND KILL ALL OVER THE WORLD.You say a word about the religion—–Kill, you talk to any of their girls— Kill . you think you are protecting God. NO! Just ask yourself since I have being Killing Christians did I succeed wiping them out of the face of the Earth?. Even your counterpart in one of the Countries in the Middle East stoned a woman to death because she committed one sexual act or the other. Where is the man she had the affair with? YOU GUYS HAVE DRAGGED THIS RELIGION TO THE MOD. Before, the Easterners were proud to be called ALHAJI AND ALHAJA, but today you dare not mention something of that nature in their presence.You better make a big U-TURN. Presently, I am in a free Country. You go to the Mosque, Church, Temple etc at your will. You fast at your will, NO FORCE. Investors are afraid to come to Nigeria to invest not because of Nigerian’s corrupt attitude but because of Islamists. Brethren, look the face of God and stop killing His PEOPLE. May God guide while you do so Amen.

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