Nigerian Senate: A Brazen Cartel


Nigeria’s senate has of recent displayed itself openly as a mafia gang, complete with the cash flow, the sworn secrecy and the solidarity. They are famiglia.

When Toyin Saraki was invited for interrogation on suspected corruption, the Senate mafia family went in solidarity; about 20 of them escorted her to provide an intimidating presence. The message was clear: we are a family, you mess with one of us, you mess with the pack. We rule this town. We don’t care about law or justice. We ensure you keep your job at the EFCC and everywhere else. We feed you. You touch one of us, you touch us all.

When the Standing order used to swear in Senate president Bukola Saraki and deputy Ike Ekweremadu was confirmed by the Nigerian Police to be forged in an act of State felony, 81 members of the mafia stood up and openly voted confidence in the leadership. Damning corruption, damning illegality, damning Nigeria’s decision to uphold justice and defeat criminality and corruption. This cartel did not give a damn. They are above the law. In view of the entire watching globe they cared less. They are not part of your recourse to straighten Nigeria and provide hope for future generations. They are not part of change. They have no party alliance or truthful affiliation, they are only committed to themselves.

These are a cartel sworn to secrecy and self preservation. For the past 16 years, none of them has exposed the true details of the massive N120-150 billion naira (about $1billion) annual budget they covet. Nigerians don’t really know much about this gang of 109 Senators and the larger gang of lower House members, both totaling 469. They are a cult and one that will do anything to preserve their massive amassing hustle, preserve their lavish lifestyle with exotic cars, best properties across the capital Abuja, entire Nigeria and overseas. No one interferes with the cash flow. Whenever their offices are threatened, they are known to threaten to impeach the president, otherwise they never make such threats for the nation even when it is bedeviled with corruption, and deadly terror. They are the Nigerian National Assembly, with the least work and highest budget in the entire world.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian