Nigerian Soldiers Complain That Chief Of Army Staff LT Gen. Tukur Buratai ‘Hijacking Their Allowances’


Nigerian Soldiers have vented that the Chief Of Army Staff LT Gen.  Tukur Buratai is hijacking their allowances. In a statement obtained by NewsRescue they said:

“It’s worrisome to note that the Chief of Army staff hijacked it’s own personnel allowances.”

Soldiers have complained about their allowances and how some Army Generals with the collaboration of Chief of Army Staff LT Gen TY Buratai are misappropriating their allowances for personal use. They said this is weakening the morale of their colleagues who are now in foreign missions in both Liberia and Mali, because they have known that their colleagues in Nigeria are not yet paid.

The soldiers complained that out of the allowances that are meant to be given for the complete duration of their stayed mission, only half had given to them both Liberia, Sudan and Mali troops after they came back.

Sadly, the Chief of Army staff didn’t bother about whether they had been paid after their rotations, only bothering about his pocket.

The soldiers further lamented that “how would soldiers that went for foreign missions and came back not have their allowances converted to personal use?” The soldiers are using their own money to buy uniforms, drugs and other things, if the Army can’t provide these then why are allowances meant for soldiers being misappropriated?

The soldiers further said that there was no significant change between the past administration and this Buhari’s government. The only difference is that during the Jonathan time the Nigerian Army paid complete allowances for Mission but now half payment. And never in the history of foreign missions,  The United Nations paid the Nigerian contingent incomplete or half payment.

The soldiers also appealed to the COAS to take notes on the welfare and allowances of personnel especially in the war front because failure to do that would cause Chaos.