Nigerian Soldiers In Liberia Write CDS, Claim Their Salaries Are Being Coveted by Army Generals

Open Letter To Hon Minister Of Defence And CDS By Nigerian Army Soldier’s In Diaspora

Sir, it is well known fact that of recent, a CDS approved our allowances and areas but till today nothing at hand.

Sir, we are tired of deceiving by our army Generals. Despite our strong belief in democracy. We condemn a democratic government that condones corruption, especially in its military.

We urge you not to turn a blind eye to issues of corruption. This is common practice all over the world. As professional officers and soldiers, we did not want to go public with details of our frustrations concerning this mission because doing so will tarnish the image of Nigeria as a whole. But the persistent neglect of our plight made us to do otherwise.

Sir, we are appealing to you as minister of defence and CDS to as quickly as important to intervene and do the needful in addressing the issues of non – payment of allowances and areas for six months. Should this request be ignored, the resultant consequence could only be imagined. We stand bold to state that we are speaking the minds of officers and soldiers in the united nation mission in DIASPORA.

Concerned officers and soldiers of united nation mission in Liberia, Sudan and Mali. We are appealling to all meaning Nigerians to SHARE it, until it reach to a minister of defence and CDS. Thank u all. God bless Nigeria.

A representative of the soldiers of the Peace Support Operations in Liberia and Sudan told NewsRescue that they have been in Liberia since July 2015. he added that they are the 2nd battalion with total strength of 1,400 soldiers, but that since they were sent to Liberia only 2 months allowance had been paid to them.

The representative further alleged that the United Nations had already paid the money to the Nigerian army headquarters even before they departed Nigeria to Liberia, but senior officers were using the money to earn interest or for other purposes as they were yet to be paid.

The Nigerian army has been repeatedly accused of such behavior as can be seen in this report.

The soldiers had written an earlier letter since February, embedded below:

Nigerian Soldier's Wrote Open Letter to Hon. Minister Of Defence!!! Sir, we are constrain to write you this Letter…

Posted by People's Morality on Sunday, February 28, 2016