Nigerians Are Not Treated Well in Any Country; Including in Nigeria


On Monday (27/03/2017), a chilling video surfaced on social media, showing a Nigerian being severely beaten with sticks and metal chairs by mob of Indians in a town called Greater Noida. According to reports, several Nigerians had been attacked and injured during a protest by locals on Monday, following the death of an Indian student; an incident for which 5 Nigerians were blamed. The Nigerians were accused of supplying the 19-year-old student with the drugs he overdosed on, and of eating him up after his body went missing.

Neighboring Cameroon recently forcefully deported thousands of Nigerian refugees who fled the country and went to Cameroon due to the murderous #BokoHaram insurgency. The Nigerians preferred to be refugees in Cameroon as the camps there are properly taken care of unlike the camps in Nigeria that are bedevil by rampant cases of corruption by government officials and sex-slave enslavement by military personnel.

Few weeks ago there were reports of rampant Xenophobic attacks against mainly Nigerians in Johannesburg, South Africa. A South African I discussed with on Twitter claimed that Nigerians are destroying their youths with drugs.

The question to ask is why the sudden attacks on Nigerians in various countries? The answer to this question starts from the present Nigerian government of President Buhari. Do Nigerians think other nations will take us serious when President Buhari sent the Nigerian army to Zaria in December 2015 and they brutally killed more than one thousand Nigerian civilians then wickedly dumped the dead bodies of those Nigerians they murdered in mass graves at night? Then just four days after this monumental savagery the same President Buhari celebrated this gross inhumanity on phone with the savage King of Saudi Arabia. To this day no single person arrested by the Nigerian government for killing innocent women and children in Zaria, burnt innocent Nigerians alive and raped girls and women. Do Nigerians think that the leaders of India, Cameroon and South Africa will brutally murder hundreds of their citizens then dump their dead bodies in mass graves at night?

In Nigeria, a serving State Governor paid murderous terrorists who killed more than 800 of his people huge sum of money. Most of those murderous criminals were not even Nigerians but this Governor showed preference of them over his own people who elected him. When elected officials do not show National pride and solidarity with their electorates then how do Nigerians expect to be respected in other countries?

Whenever there is any terrorist attack in any Western European country President Buhari is the first among world leaders to send condemnation message but when murderous terrorists slaughtered more than 800 innocent Nigerians in Southern Kaduna the same President Buhari is silent to this day. Buhari only respond to terrorist attacks in the West but if terrorism occur in the 3rd world including Nigeria President Buhari is always silent. The Nigerian tyrant is suffering from acute inferiority complex.

The unprovoked attacks on mostly Nigerian students in the Indian town of Greater Noida is most unfortunate and my message to my Indian friends and associates on my Twitter Handle was:

“My Indian Friends should tell the racist morons that there are only 50,000 Nigerians in #India, while 1,000,000 Indians live in #Nigeria.”

The population of Indian citizens in Nigeria is more than twenty times multiple of the Nigerians living in India. Such barbaric attacks should be rejected and condemn by all. Humanity is One and peaceful coexistence with respect and honor is most important.

On a final note, it is most sad at this critical stage of our history that we today have a leader that takes pleasure in killing innocent Nigerians and dumping their dead bodies in mass graves at night. Such monstrous barbarism are traditions of murderous terrorist groups such as #ISIS but in Nigeria the President will send the army to massacre innocent Nigerians and dump dead bodies in mass graves at night. God Save Nigeria!

Harun Elbinawi
[email protected]