Nigerians Speculate President Buhari Might Announce His Resignation At 7 a.m. Today. It’s A Pipe Dream, Reply His Supporters

By Simon Ateba

ome Nigerians are wondering whether President Muhammadu Buhari, who returned from London on Saturday, would announce his resignation in his first broadcast to the nation in more than three months.

Mr. Buhari returned to Nigeria at the weekend after more than hundred days abroad, promising to address the nation on Monday.

What Mr. Buhari intends to say is not obvious as in his previous medical vacation, he addressed the nation the same day he arrived on March 10.

This time, Mr. Buhari said in advance that he would be addressing the nation on Monday, leaving many to speculate about the content of his address.

The President appeared to be doing far better than about two months ago and his supporters argue that he’s fit to hit the ground running again. To them, there’s nothing that can warrant a resignation.

But only Mr. Buhari knows what he wants to say in about two hours.