Nigeria’s Delayed Post Election Violence, The #SorryLosers, Their 419 Prophet And Cameroon’s Biafra

Nnamdi Kanu with suspected Radio Biafra terrorists


If you look at an egg and call it a chicken, it will not become a chicken, will it? Likewise if you look at a chicken and lie that it is an egg, the chicken will remain a chicken and will eat up all your corn.

Today, no matter how much we may wish to pretend or lie, the truth remains the truth and the truth must better be said before the first bombs blow up from the east of Nigeria, as I warned in writing two months ago.

Those protesting today for Nnamdi Kanu and James Ibori are nothing other than sorry losers. They are the corrupt, filthy, misled and misguided of those who voted for the deadly corrupt former president Goodluck Jonathan. Can this be denied? Are they not the same GEJ till 2019 people? In what world do people turn out and vote their candidate and when he loses, they start gathering arms and campaigning for violent secession? If they wanted to secede, they should not have participated in the elections as I wrote earlier in article, “Biafra’s second defeat…at the polls.”

I have evidence of what Nnamdi Kanu and his Radio Biafra stood for in 2014 before it was obvious Jonathan would lose. I debated with him angrily my very self on his station, asking why he was blindly supporting and campaigning for ruthlessly corrupt Jonathan who with his military chiefs, Ihejirika and the rest had used the terror war to swallow billions($) and thereby supervised a deadly pogrom of the northeast that led to over 100,000 dead and millions displaced. Here is the audio of the debate: . As can be heard, Kanu, real name, Nwannekaenyi Kenny Okwu-Kanu, went as far as calling Jonathan an Igbo.

So can we deny that it was only when his “Igbo” brother was clearly going to lose that Kanu and his Radio Biafra bunch of sorry losers began amassing guns and bullets for their organized post election violence?

Radio Biafra gun suppliers arrested with weapons
Radio Biafra gun suppliers arrested with weapons

It was in March this year that Imo state police declared Nnamdi Kanu wanted after they apprehended two General Overseer pastors who were his gunrunners. [See:] Evidently, the minute loss was apparent, that period when MASSOB, Dokubo, Al Mustapha and co were having those urgent meetings and people were deliberating on and considering plan B in the event of a Jonathan loss; the time when Akpabio and Jimi Agbaji were blackmailing us that there will be terror if Jonathan lost; Radio Biafra who have never been shy of openly supporting PDP and condemning APC to death, was planning its own too. Buhari had barely warmed up his seat than Kanu ran across the world and to the World Igbo Congress to solicit more guns and bullets, there bragging that even if the wise Igbos in America did it help him with them, he had bought enough guns and bullets, stashed in the hands of his deadly Radio family’s killers, robbers and terrorists in the east to use.

The motives of Radio Biafra and their plan immediately became clear when their PDP party yesterday asked Buhari to talk to these inciters of violence and terror, the seditious, treasonable leadership terror orchestrating group. How do you tell a government to talk to a group that has declared war on the nation and gone about purchasing arms to kill innocent Nigerians and promoted its members to do so wherever they can? [Listen: and] Thank God most of the group’s Igbo listeners are decent people and didn’t kill as much as the group wanted. Protesting for an openly declared terrorist and you (PDP) dare justify them!

radio biafra

How about, “Nigeria does not talk to terrorists” for an answer. If you are protesting for the release of people who are buying guns to kill us because your candidate lost the elections, then you are a sorry loser, a shame of a human and we do not sit on the table with such. Keep up with your delayed post election violence and we will do what is responsible to check it. Lord, they did not even ask Buhari his opinion on the self determination question, no, they went to start buying weapons…by which Radio Biafrans have been fingered in the killing of an innocent Police officer  this Saturday on the day of their protests and burning of shops in Ebonyi.

And those who are proposing that because during the painful past 30 years of PDP godfather and sons, Nigeria allowed Boko Haram, MEND, Ombatse and other terror groups to kick ff, so also we should free Kanu and allow him complete the establishment of his terror formation. Onye Nuzuzu! Onye’ala! This is why we voted for Buhari: Corruption and Maitatsine killer. No, Kanu will never see the light of day to kick off his terror sect.

This Is Simply Post Election Violence, Nigeria Is Not That Advanced It Appears

Unfortunately it is obvious that Nigeria did not miss post election violence. There is no puzzle how the Radio Biafra group suddenly became better funded, better trained and better equipped (to copy a reference by late hero Andrew Azazi) when Jonathan lost. Unlike Boko Haram who started their terror campaign ever before Goodluck Jonathan ever dreamt he could be president of Nigeria…this started in 2008 under late Yar’Adua; these PDP warriors by their timing, made their agenda undeniable. The embattled former government party rather than condemning the acts of delayed post election chaos and standing by Nigeria in the face of terror incitement and intimidation, has shown its complicity and support for them. Today they are going to Father Mbaka’s adoration ground to cause trouble there…because the Father helped with the defeat of Jonathan.

It is sad to realize that Nigeria and perhaps much of Africa is not that advanced yet to accept an election defeat and not resort to chaos. Ours was postponed, but here it is. Nigeria’s election 2015 post election violence. As the noose tightens on the necks of the deadly corrupt from the defeated party, it comes harder.

We will not blame anyone or wait for anyone (opposition), we believe that a righteous pathway will deliver the best results and that Buhari is on this. Nnamdi Kanu and his pack of sorry losers will soon be disgraced. We will continue to expose them.

Radio Biafra Prophet Kanu’s Gospel Of Lies

It is so unfortunate that 30 years of PDP godfathers, (IBB, Abdulsalami, Gusau and co) and PDP sons, (Obasanjo and Jonathan) got us to this point where our youth are so unemployed and frustrated they are easily lied to and manipulated by whichever bidder comes along. Dokubo did it. Ombatse did it, Muhammed Yusuf did it, telling Boko Haram that he will reincarnate. They are still believing he will, the stupidity of it. And now Nnamdi Kanu did it. 75 million unemployed, frustrated and highly gullible youth. He had a good pool to pick disciples from.

All he did was spread the lies and they listen like it is gospel. He claimed as Nduka Obaigbena’s ThisDay had libelously lied, that Muammadu Buhari said, “a war on Boko Haram is a war against the north;” while the truth was, what Buhari said on Liberty Fm radio was, “Jonathan’s declaration of a state of emergency in the north was only meant to kill the north (economy).” This he sold to the ignorant youth who came to look at the Nigerian enigma and epitome of decency as a Boko Haram sponsor. Relate Buhari’s actual statement, supported by the fact that he is today fighting Boko Haram in the same places with no state of emergency declared, to if he should declare a state of emergency in the East as chaos goes on, for the next six months, and how that declaration can be considered a war against the east as it will cripple the economy.


Kanu kept spreading his gospel that gave him good bread to live large, by enforced taxes and levies at the threat of excommunication for all Igbos who wished to be part of the Radio Biafra family. He lied to them that Biafra was where they came from and it was to be restored. Whereas, unless he comes from Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea or Gabon, he cannot be from Biafra, which was never within the area today called Nigeria as all old day maps have shown. He claimed a territory the south of Nigeria that was named “Benin,” to have been named Cameroon’s “Biafra,” perhaps using a neighboring country name near his side that he felt associated to, so that if the south region is given self determination, his tribe can rule over the area that was better known as the Benin kingdom.  He promoted “Biafra” name without knowing why Ojukwu chose that name. He continued to spread deadly hate for Nigeria which he called a zoo, lying to the hungry adherents and miscreant disciples that he was god-sent to restore them Biafra.


Perhaps he wants to get them deported to Cameroon where Biafra was. And why is he not taking his case to Cameroon and Gabon where Biafra was centered?

Nnamdi Kanu is a 419. Those protesting today for the wrong reasons, are misguided sorry losers. It will be wise for the government to handle the chaos properly as post election violence should and to put all intelligence in place to rewind this latest terror formation that Nnamdi is setting up in the east.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian