Nigeria’s National Assembly Playing Politics With The Lives Of Nigerians


Once again, the Nigeria’s national Assembly are all out to scuffle the Nigerian dream, our dreams. They have settled and taken a position amongst themselves to sabotage anything good envisaged by the government of Muhammad Buhari and in doing so, making our lives subservient to hardships and slavery. The national assembly have further resolved to subject Nigerians to unspeakable situation because of politics, they have padded our budget, now, their action of continuous padding of the 2016 budget is a criminality against the nation and its people.

After making serious efforts to scuffle the passage of the bill with no success, they decided once again to now turn Nigeria and Nigerians into some sort of laughing stock. Just take a look at the budget estimates you will see some figures padded again, they changed the figures to suit their self interest, this is because, no any northerner will be happy with taking away projects from the south to the north in the name of constituency projects. I’m sorry to say that we Nigerians are in trouble.

Former governor Danjuma Goje in cohorts with senator Bukola Saraki have again and again planned their barbarity on Nigerians. Information available indicates that Ministers had to stop president Muhammad  Buhari from signing ‘mutilated’ budget because the NASS have tampers with key projects. In all the federal government spotted  eight key defects in budget

The federal legislators slashed  allocations for the completion of major road projects nationwide.

The infractions were discovered  by the ministers at their Friday’s emergency meeting, the vetting process only exposed the evil intention of Goje, Saraki and their cohorts in a secret sabotage of the budget of charge.

The funds In contention are those proposed by the executive for key infrastructure projects but which were either removed from the budget, slashed or  drastically reduced by the National Assembly in the details presented to the president.

Some of those projects effected by this criminality is the Coastal Railway project which the President plans to discuss with the Chinese government during his visit. Government earmarked N60billion
counterpart funds for this project but the National Assembly removed it completely from the budget details.

They additionally expunged the Calabar – Lagos rail line project from the budget details, they reduced allocation to the completion of Idu-Kaduna rail project by 8.7billion Naira, they Slashed allocations for the
completion of all major road projects across the country,they proposed new roads for which feasibility studies have not been conducted, they Dropped proposals for the purchase of essential drugs for major health campaigns like Polio and AIDS.

They further cancelled allocations for diversification projects under Agriculture and Water Resources, they also  and diverted funds for rural health facilities and boreholes for which provisions had been made elsewhere.

The president is too eager to assent on the budget, but this 8th National Assembly are all out to scuffle our chance for better Nigeria, they are out to remain as the masters and we the slaves, they are playing politics with our lives, they are subjecting us to a continuous economic and social hardships, they have done enough, we Nigerians have to take charge of our destinies, we have to stop them, otherwise our lives are in danger, our lives are at stake here, we must do something to stop them, it is our duty and no one else, afterall, we sent them there in the first place.

Comrade, Alhassan Haruna Danbatta.
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