Nigeria’s North Does Not Mind Disintegration– Lamido Adamawa @ #Confab

Mar. 26, 2014


by Nurudene Abdullahi and Francis Okeke

The north is not afraid of Nigeria’s disintegration, so other sections of the country should stop intimidating the region, the Lamido Adamawa Alhaji Muhammadu Barkindo Mustapha has said.

nigeria-north-southHe said that the people causing most of the problems in this country are the people who have no place to go should this country disintegrate.

Lamido spoke yesterday at the plenary session of the conference. He requested the chairman of the conference to allow him speak over the behavior of some of the delegates so far.

He warned that if these people continue this way, many people like him would walk out of the conference. “And if we are pushed to the wall, we will easily walk out of this conference,” he said.

“If something happens and the country disintegrates, God forbids, many of those who are shouting their heads off, will have nowhere to go,” he said.

He added that “But I and the people of Adamawa and many others have got somewhere to go. I am the Lamido of Adamawa and my kingdom transcends Nigeria and Cameroun. The larger part of my kingdom is in the Republic of Cameroun and a part of that kingdom is in Chad Republic.”