No To Saudi-Sponsored Salafist Sectarianism In Nigeria


The “Kaduna State Council of Imams and Ulama” visited the Kaduna State Governor Elrufai and declared support for the recent brutal killings of hundreds if not thousand plus defenseless Muslims in Zaria by the Nigerian Army. The Council is made up of Sunni & Wahhabi Mosque Imams.

This is a sectarian agenda that is poisonous to the quest of well meaning Muslim scholars for Unity among Muslims. Due the need of unity, millions of members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria under the leadership of His Eminence Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky refused to build separate mosques. Sheikh Zakzaky ordered all his followers to pray in the existing Sunni-Dominated mosques despite the massive anti-Shia propaganda taking place in most of these mosques.

A mosques is suppose to be a place where Unity of Muslims is promoted & propagated, the mosque Imams are supposed to be the embodiments of Muslim Unity. It is quite unfortunate & must be condemned when mosque Imams becoming willing tools of the corrupt Northern elites who today form the notorious genocidal military-civilian cabal that is today executing foreign-sponsored evil foreign-sponsored agenda against the peaceful IMN & it’s leadership.

Today one of the greatest challenges facing world Muslims is terrorism. Muslims youths inspired by the deviant cult of Wahhabism become bloodthirsty monsters that only kill the innocent & destroy towns & cities all in the name of Islam. This is what should occupy the minds, programs and activities of these mosque Imams, & not promoting the poison of sectarianism that will only harm Muslims from within.

These mosque Imams should have asked why did Nigerian Muslims youths ended up becoming members of #BokoHaram, & they are so brutal that last year they won the ignoble award as the most deadliest terrorist group in the world eclipsing the more popular ISIS.

The season we are today is the season of the birth anniversary of the seal of all Messengers & Prophets of God, Muhammad al-Mustapha (sa), this should be a period to promote Unity among Muslims & not further divisions.

The principal actors of the Zaria massacre in Nigeria wish to cover their heinous Atrocities, so they induced these mosque Imams to show support for their brutal killings of defenseless Nigerians in Zaria. But it is important that people fear God & fear the Day they will meet Him & He will preside over all affairs.

If some of these mosque Imams are angry that their school of thought is losing millions of followers to another school of thought in Nigeria, the answer to this is not to show support for what is increasingly known as a pre-planned genocide. They should ask themselves why is our school of thought becoming less attractive to Nigerian Muslims? And the answer they will find is that Wahhabism has contaminated Sunni Islam in Nigeria to the extend the highest values of love, mercy & compassion that Islam preaches is being eclipsed by the hate, compound ignorance & terrorism that are the cardinal manifestations of Wahhabism.

On a final note, Muslim scholars & mosque Imams should work for Unity & oneness of Muslims & not dance to the flute of sectarianism that is a potent poison. They should also concentrate on finding lasting solutions to the problem of Muslim youths been attracted to terrorism. They should create attractive & positive programs & activities that will attract Muslim youths away from terrorism & extremist influence.

For the past 37 years the IMN & it’s charismatic Leader have always preach peace and peaceful coexistence. The IMN & it’s members have never partake in any inter-religious & intra-religious since it’s inception. The IMN should not be a target for this mosques Imams, the IMN should be their partner for Muslim Unity & for the progress & development of our great country Nigeria.

Harun Elbinawi
[email protected]