Nollywood Actor, Ayo Lijadu Declares For Presidency In 2019


Veteran Nollywood actor and scholar, Ayo Lijadu yesterday declared his intention to contest the 2019 presidential election.

Ayo Lijadu, who has featured in many Nollywood movies numbering over one hundred said his decision to be president of Nigeria is to save the situation where Nigeria is nearly becoming a failed state in the boulevard of plenty.


“Ahead of the official declaration of my political aspirations to the Nigerian public, coming up before the end of the year, with regards to the 2019 General Elections, I would like to officially inform members of Kowa Party and by extension, the NEC of our great party, that I, Ayodele Cyril Lijadu, would like to contest the Presidency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on the platform of Kowa Party, beginning, of course, with the party primaries, slated for sometime in 2018.

I have come to the conclusion that this nation is gradually slipping into the status of a failed state, largely due to the fact that virtually ALL our leaders, past and present, have CONSISTENTLY FAILED to execute the sacred mandates of their offices, bestowed on them by a trusting populace, by showing exemplary leadership qualities of discipline, uprightness, incorruptibility, truthfulness, firmness, justice, equity, fairness, amongst other traits expected of visionary and disciplined leaders.

Our leaders, past and present, rather than harness the rich human and natural resources that abound in this country, and use same to propel this nation to the level of the developed nations, a feat which countries like Malaysia and Singapore, have been able to achieve within the same space of time that we had, after gaining independence, these heartless and shameless leaders have done nothing but amass wealth for self, family, and friends, as if looting of the nation’s resources was the original mandate handed to them by the electorate, and a thing fast going out of fashion.

I have one single mission embarking on this journey; to provide the kind of leadership that the people of this country have always yearned and craved for; a truthful, just, fair, bold, unfearing, incorruptible, disciplined, firm, focussed, and visionary leadership.

A leadership with integrity. One that the whole country and her citizens, from across all regional, ethnic, and religious divides, can boldly and proudly declare, even after the first few months in office:

“For once, we have a truly just, fair, and incorruptible leadership”. With my public declaration will come my manifesto and my website, detailing those critical areas of governance I feel passionate about, and which I hope to harmonize with Kowa Party policies on governance. I am going into this race with my eyes and my head very clear; not with any desperation, but with every determination to run the race, trusting in my own good intentions to pursue a good and noble cause, to trust absolutely in God’s guidance, and support of all Nigerians who have not given up hope that there are still MANY good people from amongst us who can be trusted to do what is right by this nation and her citizens when leadership is thrust on them. I am counting on your support. I hope I can get that support.

Thank you.