North Carolina Pastor Worley Says, Separating Gays With Fence Will Lead To Their Extinction

May 22nd, 2012

NewsRescue- A North Carolina pastor has gotten into the headlines for a video of his sermon made May 13th in reaction to the president of the United States, Obama’s promotion of Gay marriage.

Pastor Worley in the video described what he saw as a way to eliminate homosexuals and lesbians.

‘Fence them off and they will eventually be wiped out’, he said. ‘They can not reproduce’. Though highly insensitive of the homosexual cause, from an evolutionary standpoint, his statement is coherent because gay and lesbian faithful families depend on the heterosexual for continuance of progeny.

His comments have provoked gay supporters’ anger across America and his Church at Maiden has since removed the sermon off their website.

There were loud cheers and shouts of support from his congregation.

The debate on homosexuality, male-male-sex, lesbianism and related behaviors remains tense especially across religious-political and medical lines in America.

‘I will never vote for a baby killer, gay lover president’, Worley went on to say.