North Korea: Nigeria Becoming an Imperialist Outpost in Africa


The Nigerian Government of President Buhari has warned the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea not to do anything that “can jeopardise peace in the Korean Peninsula and the world”.

The Nigerian government was reacting for the first time to last Sunday’s Ballistic Missile fired by the Northern Korea for its satellite program.

This is a further proof that the present Nigerian government is becoming a willing tool of Western imperialism. The question is what concerns Nigeria with the missile test of North Korea & will the same Nigerian government condemn the missile test of say US or UK?

The slavish Nigerian President Buhari thinks that by becoming a hunting dog of Western imperialism, he will derive benefit from that. The question is which tyrant from a third world country has ever benefited from Western imperialism? The greedy Western capitalists only uses people to facilitate their plunder, exploitation & domination, and dump them after they have outlived their usefulness to them.

sarkozy-and-gaddafiHosni Mubarak and Gaddafi are two African leaders who were destroyed when they romanced the West.

Since assuming the leadership of the Nigerian nation less than nine months ago, the Nigerian President Buhari has been galvanating from one Western capital to another, prostrating before them and saying things that will be pleasing to them. This rather desperate leader thinks by doing that these greedy bloodsucking capitalists will bring their billions to a Boko Haram infested country like Nigeria.

It is this worship of Western imperialism by the Nigerian President Buhari that drive him last week in UK to publicly declared that Nigerians are criminals. The man that is suppose to launder the image of Nigeria most has now become the biggest image destroyer of Nigeria. He thinks by publicly condemning Nigerians, his imperialist masters will be please with him & give him a pat on the back.

It is important that Nigeria maintain its non-alligned position, a position it has maintained since independence in 1960. Becoming a Western imperialism outpost in Africa at a time when Western powers are on the decline & other nations are emerging will be highly detrimental to the progress and development of Nigeria. All indicators points to the direction of China, Russia and Iran as the future of the world.

And Nigeria joining the Saudi camp which is an extension of Western imperialism can be seen in this light. Nigeria is a much bigger country than Saudi Arabia, President Buhari should not relegate Nigeria into a Banana Republic that will be licking the boots of the corrupt and despotic Saudi tyrant just like war-torn Somalia, Comoros and Sudan. There is nothing wrong with Nigeria having good relations with Saudi Arabia but such relations should be based on what will benefit Nigeria & not on what will destroy Nigeria like how the Saudi regime celebrated the brutal Zaria Massacre by the Nigerian Army that killed 1000+ defenseless & unarmed Shia Muslims.

Harun Elbinawi
[email protected]