North Korea to UN: We are poised for Intercontinental Ballistic Nuclear War

Mar. 27, 2013

NewsRescue- North Korea has warned the UN that it is in the last stages of preparation for an intercontinental and regional nuclear war with the United States and neighboring South Korea to “defend the sovereignty and dignity” of the North Korean people. The foreign ministry said the U.S. and South Korea have created “a state of nuclear war.”

Defense Ministry spokesman Kim Min Seok described the current North Korean alert as the highest-level combat posture.

According to Bloomberg,

“North Korea may launch a limited, localized attack with a clear political purpose to highlight the 60th anniversary of the truce agreement this year and win international recognition as a nuclear power,” said Kim Yeon Su, a professor at the state-run Korea National Defense University in Seoul.

The current tension was provoked after the US went ahead to initiate large military drills with South Korea in the Korean peninsula despite a warning not to, given by the government of young Kim Jong Un. The drills followed underground nuclear tests by N. Korea in defiance of the US.

United States has announced that it takes the threat by Kim Jong Un serious.

Denis Rodman after an unusual visit and meeting with 28 – year old North Korean president revealed that the president wished for US president Obama to give him a call. US refuses direct talks, maintaining only multilateral talks with the Northern nation.

North Korea is suffering from a very serious and protracted hunger situation as a result of government actions and international sanctions on the nation. There have been several confirmed occasions of cannibalism in the country.