Northern Oligarchy: The Most Wicked Set of Elites in the World

Development & Progress in Nigeria:

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The apex Igbo socio-cultural organisation, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Saturday constituted & inaugurated a 100-member Planning and Strategy Committee,

headed by former governor of CBN, Chukwuma Soludo, to design both the economic and political development agenda for Ndigbo.

Positive step in the right direction by the Igbo elites. The question to ask is does the elites of Northern Nigeria think along this line?

Present elites of Northern Nigeria do not think 4 the progress & development of the region. They only think of how 2 acquire political power

Elites of Northern Nigeria only think of how to buy the recent & most expensive automobiles in the world to arrogantly cruse around.

It is important to note that elites of Northern Nigeria desperately want 2 acquire political power not 2 help develop the region but to loot

Elites of Northern Nigeria want to accumulate 15 year old light skinned girls as wives (4) & many mistresses outside marriage to complement

Majority of the 2+ million #IDPs displaced by #BokoHaram were well fed during @GEJonathan (a Christian) than now. Thanks to Northern elites.

There are elites of Northern Nigeria that goes to Hajj & Lesser Hajj every year while abject poverty is another name for Northern Nigeria.

The Saudi regime influenced elites of Northern Nigeria to massacre 1000+ of their people because they were Shia. Reward:200 tonnes of Dates!

The Saudi savages asked Northern elites to give the 200 tonnes to Dates to the poor. Northern elites sold the Dates & pocketed the money.

Instead of building schools & giving scholarships to children of d poor, elites of Northern Nigeria will buy houses for prostitutes in Dubai

Majority of people of Northern Nigeria are Muslims & they love #Islam. Elites of Northern Nigeria knows this so they hijacked Islam to use

In 2000, elites of Northern Nigeria introduced a fraudulent Shariah & the gullible massaes screamed “this is road to Heaven”. It was a fraud

A hungry man stole a goat in Zamfara, d Governor cut off his hand. Gullible masses screamed “Allahu Akbar”. D Governor was the biggest thief

The most unfortunate outcome of that fraudulent Shariah was that thousands of Nigerians – Muslims & Christians- were slaughtered in Kaduna.

A recent report by the @UN stated that more that 10 million children in Nigeria are out of school & more than 80% of this are from the North

@AlikoDangote is the richest Black man but he failed to built a single school in Kano State. An Igbo man has a school in Kano that is free.

The case of close to 10 million out-of-school children should have been an emergency in responsible societies but not in Northern Nigeria.

The evil #Wahhabism that is extremely intolerant & bloodthirsty has infiltrated Northern Nigeria.It is only killings, killings & mass graves

President @MBuhari was d champion of the oppressed masses of Northern Nigeria. Today @MBuhari is running the worst govt in Nigerian history.

Northern oligarchy is d most wicked & evil set of elites in the whole world & the under-development of Northern Nigeria underlined this fact

The oppressed masses of Northern Nigeria should #WakeUp & destroy d chains of d Northern oligarchy bidding them. #Progress #Development


Harun @Elbinawi
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