Notorious Terrorist Abubakar Shekau Opens Facebook Profile?

May 21, 2013; Updated

Hamza Suleiman

NewsRescue– There is an unverified rumor breaking that the very Abubakar Shekau, the notorious merchant of death and public face of the Boko Haram cult that has killed over 4000 Muslims and Christians in Nigeria in recent years, has opened a facebook profile.

The government of Nigeria recently launched a full scale war against Boko Haram, which has led to the killing of dozens of the sect members and the fleeing of others across the borders. Abubakar’s “facebook profile,” seen here, shows a current location at Diffa, Niger airport, which coincides with the expected location of the members of this notorious, blood thirsty group.

diffa-nigerPhone networks are basically non existent in Borno state, due to the protracted waves of terror the Boko Haram sect has reigned on the region, destroying phone company masts and infrastructure. Therefore it is likely a Nigerien phone line that Shekau or his PRO officer is using and he may actually be in Niger.

Public image facebook profiles are usually not manned by the person himself, so this may not be Shekau himselfs’ personally run page. And the page seems happy to post a lot of unedited news, so it is definitely run by someone really concerned about media image.

The latest post, written in Hausa, on the page, dated yesterday said something about Nigerian government starting a war “with god”,” and that “god helps his soldiers.”

Shekau scared to show their faces "army of god" on facebook
Shekau’s scared and cowardly to show their faces “army of god” on facebook

Boko Haram sect, known for its killing of Muslim and Christian citizens and clerics, its kidnapping of innocent women and children, its forced conscription’s of people children into its armies, its dependence on heroin and other hard drugs and its love of dollars and pounds, maintaining hard cash flow via kidnappings, all actions clearly prohibited in Islam, always spreads such messages to lure the public into believing that they have some sort of godly cause.

The Scared Legions of Shekau

Boko Haram facebook
Boko Haram facebook

His post had an image of Boko Haram soldiers in practice, however their faces are covered. One wonders what soldiers of God are too scared to show their faces? Boko Haram veil their faces because they live a double life of lies. They live undercover in Niger, Nigeria, Chad and Cameroon and then in the dark of the night, they connive to commit their atrocities. If they are a true army of God, they will reveal their faces proudly. We will see if this happens someday. But I’m not keeping my fingers crossed on that.

It is left to see how long the facebook page will stay up and whether it will remain as a sort of insight into the minds of these sick, despised monsters.

Interestingly, Shekau “Likes” Nigeria’s president, Goodluck Jonathan on his page and also “likes” MTN. Sadly, he doesn’t seem to have a recent picture of himself and only used images culled from videos online. He was recently at  Plot 121, G.R.A, Bama, March 23. He also likes birthday cards, even though I know serious Muslims don’t do birthdays, another western habit.

So much for Boko Haram, what can be more “Boko” than Mark Zuckerberg’s facebook?


Now, this one is troubling. Someone logged in to his facebook account from a cell phone, September 30th, last year, in Minneapolis, USA at the “I am a star for Somalia” foundation event. Website: Guess he was in America!