Now That Our Rescued Women Are Pregnant

We at the CHANGE MONITOR commend the Nigerian Army and the Government on their accomplishment so far on the war against the Boko Haram insurgents. We also received the information of the over 200 women liberated with great pleasure and optimistic that other girls and women including the famous Chibok girls will be brought back to us momentarily.

However, the news of some of the women being pregnant has been of major concern to us at the Change Monitor. We consider it unfortunate, pathetic and traumatic. Thus, the need for a quick resolution by the government with support of Non-Governmental Organisations like ours. In a bid to enrich the decision of the government, we have consulted professionals in many fields including religious leaders and social advocacy groups.

Change Monitor have considered the moral, legal, and religious implications of aborting these pregnancies and the possible effects on the mother and the country, both now and in the nearest future.

We posit that the women should be considered first and their feelings cannot be overlooked in the issue that touches their lives directly. However, the decision should be left to them only after they must have gone through a complete process of psychotherapy and counselling. We reiterate that these women are the focal issue and their opinions should be given thoughtful consideration.

After perceiving that many men serially raped some of these women for days, and that some of the pregnancies looked very much older than 16 weeks, We believe that these women are not guilty of any immorality. Though abortion from the moment of conception is immoral, irreligious and not culturally acceptable to us as Nigerians, we undoubtedly considered the rape of these women by misguided elements in our society as a strong reason for these women and their families to consider the option of an abortion. For the reason that they might hate this foetus; the result of these wicked kidnapping by the Boko Haram.

Therefore, we expect the society to give these women concession because it has become a necessity. For those who wish to deliver their babies among the women, they should be allowed and such babies should be adopted by the state or rather allow women who wish to nurture such babies after birth, with the support and monitoring by the government.

Nigerians had envisaged such happening and should be ready to help the women on whatever decisions they take on their lives and the pregnancies. Safety of mother and her opinion should count in whatever decision we agreed on as people who care a lot about them.

Change Monitor after an extensive consultation discovered that this type of anticipated abortion is known as ‘medical abortion’ and it is allowed medically. Noting that the psychological trauma the woman will go through seeing such baby delivered may be overwhelming, thus, to protect their physical and mental health, the abortion is preferred medically. It must be stated that medical abortion is very safe, no damage at all to reproductive organ of the woman involved. Medical abortion is done using many approved methods. Consequently, if the country provides these women with experienced doctors and a very worthy hospital, we can securely say that the prognosis is good.

We strongly believe that the women have no faults at least not on the issue of the pregnancy. That is the more reason why abortion of such pregnancies is preferred. Because this could possibly prevent the women from having the memory of the anguish of rape and therefore preserve her sanity. We also call on well-meaning Nigerians to speak up now and the issue should not be delayed further because time is of essence. We equally hope the Nigerians and the NGOs will support the government to bringing them back to their various families and support the families in welcoming them with warm hands.

Olatunde Fasanya
Change Monitor
Twitter: @ChangeMonitor1
* CHANGE MONITOR is a social advocacy group which monitors, preview and review the policies, programmes and projects of the government at all levels, so as to achieve a progressive and purposeful development.