NYPD Rapid Response Footage in Canarsie, Brooklyn: Overkill?

NewsRescue- Police in Canarsie, Brooklyn, NY ‘rapidly responded’ and arrested this African American pedestrian for unknown charges. Victim can be heard wailing as over 30 police officers make the arrest and cordoned the area. An officer advices that pictures should not be taken. Another officer starts taking pictures of the onlookers. Yet another officer suggests that the arrest is better than the victim visiting residents homes and an onlooker-lady replied, that she would rather the victim visited her than the NYPD. This underscores the level of  resentment in the local black community for New York police. The officer is seen reacting, threatening her that the next time a call for help is made, there will be no police response. This reaction is very interesting, to describe it mildly. Lady is heard continuously questioning the number of officers and police department resource employed in making an arrest of a single, apparently unarmed and of questionable sanity black man in a black neighborhood.

It is very interesting to notice at 10 seconds into the video that the police vehicle that parks with headlamps clearly brightening the arrest scene turns off his headlights. All other vehicles that could easily have lit up the arrest scene, all park and turn off their headlights. Perhaps it is official police policy to censor arrests from public scrutiny?

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