Oba of Lagos and the Igbo Saga: PDP Hand

Lagos Oba making threat

Dear Lagosian,

Yorubas are very decent and reasonable people. No tribe will entertain on their land what is going on in Lagos. We all condemn the statement of Oba Akiolu. But let ask ourselves one important questions, Why Is Oba Akiolu Angry With Igbos?

pdp agbajeMy answers are:

1. I Will Elevate Eze Ndigbo To The Status Of Oba Of Lagos – Jimi Agbaje.

2. Igbo Will Determine Who Rules Lagos- Ifeanyi Ubah

3. Lagos Is No Man’s Land.- Ifeanyi Ubah During Tan Campaign.

4. Igbo Developed And Control Lagos- Jimi Agbaje During Gej Campaign In Akwa Ibom

5. We Must Produce The Next Deputy Governor Of Lagos- Eze Ndigbo.

My Questions To Igbos:

1. Can Obi Of Onithsa Accept All The Above Mentioned?

2. Can Emir Of Kano Accept….?

3. Do You Have Any Single External Tribe In Your Cabinet In The East?

4. Can Any External Tribe Claim Onithsa Or Aba To Be No Mans’ Land?

5. Can Obi Of Onithsa Accept The Elevation Of Sarkin Hausa In Onithsa To Obi Status?

My conclusion: We have been living together as brothers for years in peace. You must respect our tradition and institutions. Ifeanyi Ubah should stop jumping around Lagos beating drums of war.

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