Obama’s speech to Muslim world

Image credit: Gerald Herbert/AP
Image credit: Gerald Herbert/AP

NewsRescue- On the 4th of June, US president- Barrack Obama will be speaking to the Muslims of the world from a University in Cairo, the Muslim education world capital. This speech is designated to be a very essential outreach to the Muslims of the world for peace and progress with the United States, and larger western world.  The media are clamoring over this and will tear the speech apart to determine its success. Now why is this speech needed, and so soon in Obama’s recently started tenure… and when did this ‘war’ with the world Muslims start and how has been its course? Let’s analyze this to determine how successful this speech can be.

Creation of Israel

It is common knowledge that the rift between the western and Muslim world started on May 14th 1948 with the creation of a homeland for Jews from Europe in Arab Palestine, after their persecution by German Adolf Hitler, and as a sort of reward in the 1917  ‘Balfour declaration‘ for Rothschild and a handful of other European Jews for their strategic help to Britain in winning the first world war. The creation of Israel sits at the epicenter of the so-called crises between Muslims and the west, and the continued occupation and settlements in more of the yet to be named a state, Palestinian land fuels on this rift. So, can a speech resolve this active crises, with the Muslim world knowing that Obama’s US still offers unconditional monetary, tactical, strategic and all other forms of support to Israel and its occupation of Palestinian land? Can peace spoken resolve justice yet denied? We will see if Obama has this ability to create a transitional or permanent memory lack in the Muslim world and especially its youth, his main speech target audience, to forget this particular reason for the rift. Perhaps they are so young they are not part of this quagmire.


The US and Afghanistan were pretty good friends back in the day, in fact the Afghani’s were described by the US as some of the best people on earth. This was a time when Osama Bin laden was exiled by Saudi Arabia and the larger Muslim world and was on hiding in Afghanistan. The US CIA employed his and other Mullah’s services in Afghanistan and trained and equipped them in a proxy war against Russia. Osama and the Mullahs bravely fought, supported by the US, to frustrate and force the then Soviet Union quit its quest to colonize Afghanistan. After Russia lost Afghanistan, USA abandoned their wonderful allies, and did not provide any assistance for the development of the Afghan people, leaving a chaotic post war state in the hands of the victorious Mullahs. This war experienced state naturally became a heaven for unscrupulous activities, and together with their US assisted and celebrated record of being able to defeat a super power as big as Russia was, they naturally set their eyes on all targets and ambitions


without limits. On September 11 2001 the twin towers came down. US decided to invade Afghanistan without providing any credible evidence of Afghanistan’s involvement in the attack , other than a blurry video of a so-called, self confession of their cave based ally- Osama Bin Laden, who we yet have not seen official statements of his no-longer being under their(US) employ. Today, polls show that a majority of the peoples of the world in Muslim and none Muslim Nations do not believe that Afghanistan and Al Qaeda were responsible for the almost impossible, highly skilled act of bringing down the towers. A BBC news story actually claims that several of the supposed Afghan trained 911 terrorists were still alive and well after the September attack.

Another of the men named by the FBI as a hijacker in the suicide attacks on Washington and New York has turned up alive and well. The identities of four of the 19 suspects accused of having carried out the attacks are now in doubt. Saudi Arabian pilot Waleed Al Shehri was one of five men that the FBI said had deliberately crashed American Airlines flight 11 into the World Trade Centre on 11 September.His photograph was released, and has since appeared in newspapers and on television around the world. Now he is protesting his innocence from Casablanca, Morocco. BBC


With several years of US occupation and puppet governance, Afghanistan remains a failed state, and only successful in opium farming and exportation activities. To make matters worse, the unstable Afghanistan is now exporting terror to all neighboring countries, heroin to Iran and terrorists to Pakistan. The ongoing Swat war in Pakistan with over 2 million displaced and many killed is a live reminder of the result of the US so-called war against terror on Afghanistan. So here again, the question is- will Obama’s electrifying speech resolve the hurt and pain that the yet evidence unsupported attack and invasion of Afghanistan leaves in its wake?

Iraq and Iran

Saddam Hussein was aided into and supported in power by the US. In his war against Iran, in the US quest to recapture a post revolution Iran that had decided to stand on its own and no longer obey the wishes and whims of the US, and fuel their oil companies, Saddam was empowered and given WMDS/chemical weapons to conquer Iran, some of these  Saddam used on Kurds in his own country. It is no secret to the Muslim world that the US supported both sides of the war and supplied both sides arms, Iran in contra ops. The new turn against Iraq, and the Bush (doctrine) war, based totally on false premise, claims of weapons of mass destruction, that if Saddam had, he got from the US. But luckily or unluckily for him, he had used up all these US provided weapons, and none was found to the US’ amazement… also the claim of links to 911, which Dick Cheney himself recently acknowledged to be absolutely false. The largest ever refugee crises, at least in recent times occurred in Iraq, over 4 million Iraqis migrating to neighboring Nations like Iran and Syria, with less than 15,000 accepted by the US, and the weight of this mass exodus still affects these Iraq neighbors. The instability in the region is still a big issue as the now affirmed illegal invasion and occupation still continues. An illegal and wrongful occupation so powerful that Obama, a black man could ride its wave alone, repeating Bush’s error of invading Iraq, to achieve the

Abu Ghraib
Abu Ghraib Image credit: AfterDowningStreet

almost impossible feat of being s-elected president of ‘white’ USA. Now the question again is- can Obama’s speech, despite the lack of justice yet to the perpetrators of this illegal occupation, bring about Muslim cooperation and love? Will the Muslims put this all behind them and provide the US what it desperately seeks to repair its faltered economy and restore its power and dignity? Can peace spoken negate the demand for justice delivered? Can his speech eliminate the demands of the worlds Muslims for justice to those who set up Guantanamo and the crimes of Abu Ghraib? Images released and those suppressed by the Obama administration to try to as with his brilliant upcoming speech, influence the hearts and minds, while suppressing the request for truth, fairness and justice? And will he be able to placate those angered by his inevitable acceptance and proclamation of Iran’s legal rights to Nuclear energy?


Or perhaps he is going to preach democracy. But can democracy be touted today like it was a year ago, with the US democratic system in question, the economic collapse and recent government take over of GM and similar government buy-outs, the produces of a democratic system that can be said to have failed after barely 300 years of existence. Countries like China, the strongest economy and export Nation in the world today makes claim to a non democratic success that spans over 3000 years. And in the Muslim world, the UAE, is non democratic and also has great success to display and so is Iran, a Plato ‘philosopher king’ ruled system, that also has about 3000 years success and non-foreign exploitation built history to its credit.

Americans negative impression about Muslims

And then how about the speech back home, on Americans and their own negative views about Muslims? With a new survey indicating that almost half of Americans have a negative opinion about Muslim countries. Which should actually come first- a speech to address this issue which influences the behavior of US soldiers for instance and their attitude toward captured Muslims in US occupied territory, ultimately catapulting the aversion Muslims may have for

NewsRescue Cartoon
NewsRescue Cartoon

the US, or the speech to the Muslims? Is Islam an equal level religion in America? If it is, then why are there no Muslim holidays in the American calendar system? And why was it very difficult for the Muslim congressman, Keith Ellison not too long ago to swear-in with a Muslim Quran? Perhaps this speech would have been a better starting point.

On this topic, a site that has a most relevant name,- Hotair, had this to say: Furthermore, the oppression that prevails throughout most of the Mideast means that in the short-term, public opinion does not matter as much as the opinion of the oppressors. When Obama finishes speaking to the Muslim World, it is far more likely than not that the Muslim World will still not be speaking to him. The president’s platitudinous piffle will undoubtedly send a thrill up the collective leg of the lapdog press here in America. Elsewhere, it will be remembered about as well as his equally “historic” trip to Turkey last month.

Update (AP): My thoughts exactly. To believe that half an hour of pap will advance the ball in the Middle East, you’d have to believe that tensions there are based largely on “cultural misunderstandings,” not wholly irreconcilable goals like the right of return. It’s worth doing simply because it’s a costless exercise, but as with anything Obama does, the media hoopla is wildly disproportionate to the actual effect. [Hotair]

So was his speech a success or did he just successfully deliver another great speech?