Oh Zip It Already, Jonathan!

by Alhassan Haruna Dambatta

History has a way of putting senses into people who refused to listen to voices of wisdom,another chapter of that history is been recorded in Nigeria,Jonathan is seeking for forgiveness,forgetting so soon how he visited us with various calamities on many aspects of our lives and that of Nigeria Nation.

Last Sunday, he was reported to have said;

“We have done things that probably we shouldn’t have done,but we didn’t do them deliberately,we plead that such people should forgive us”

Just like that? but you said you don’t give a damn, how easy to forget?

When Jonathan was called to reason with the difficulties he caused Nigerians,Jonathan refused to listen,rather he listened more to the sycophants busy telling him he is the messiah,he now want us to forgive and forget. While it is difficult to do just that, we need to remind him of some of the unforgettables that may not allow some Nigerians forgive him.

While you destroyed our economy, stole our money, promoted corruption,import more insecurity,destroyed our industries,increased the number of orphans,turned married women to Spencers, such can easily be forgiven but not forgotten, because many of those you caused harm are already dead,but we the remaining living dead bear witness that some of these harm you caused can not be forgiven,we expect justice to prevail.

The children of Sheik Alzakzaki of zaria,three of them killed under your watch,an execution style,what have you done about it? or you expect Sheik Alzakzaki to hug you and say Jonathan don’t cry, I have forgiven you.

The families of General Shuwa will also not forgive you because you were sleeping then my president, a General killed under your watch, the family of the General says it is a conspiracy and you could not find it worthy of investigation,and you want them to forgive you.

The Chibok girls parents,ooh those ones,they wont forgive you.How could some one whose daughter was kidnapped,raped and killed by Boko haram under your watch will forgive you,especially with the many lies that follow.

How could the people of the North, especially the Northeast forgive you,when many of their fathers,mothers,daughters,sons have been maimed and killed under your watch,and the most annoying part is you refused to listen and act accordingly.

You told us you know where Shekau is,but you are now telling us he switched up his Thuraya phone (so, Shekau has a traceable phone),escaping justice under your watch and you want us to forgive you.

While a bomb was set in Abuja and people killed, which was referred to as the ‘October bombing’ and MEND said they are responsible but you vehemently exonerated them, claiming it was not MEND, and yet still you haven’t arrested anyone, and you want us to forgive you.

Remember you also called our elders motor park touts when they were trying to call your attention to issues requiring your prompt and decisive action as president of Nigeria, while you refused all advises, you want us now to forgive you.

You lied to us about your wife health,we said she was sick and flown abroad for surgeries last year,but you said we are the ones lying, now nature have squeezed madam PAT, she now confessed she undergone 12 surgeries, she was not even ashamed. Why must we even care about her health,you are our concern,but even with the care and love we shown and expressed, you still lied to us and call us names and you want us to forgive and forget.

Now the worst has happened,former president Olusegun Obasanjo and subsequently Yar’adua hands over to you a government free from foreign debt, with a robust saving of almost $40 billion as foreign reserve, but now you and your cabals squandered all those foreign and home savings,you are now leaving a whooping $60 billion foreign and domestic debt,meaning if something urgent is not done by the incoming government of change, the lives of generation yet unborn will be subjugated to economic hardships and slavery, turning them to slaves before their maturity.With these you want us to just forgive you and forget.

Many have called you names because of your refusal to just listen.Some said you are the king that destroyed Jerusalem, Professor Oyebode of Unilag said “Jonathan is a disgrace and embarrassment to PHD holders”. Chief Christopher Kolade said ‘you are a Kano dancer”. Lagbaja said that for Nigerians to have elected you last time as president, Nigeria is a country of 100 millions ‘MUMU’, but we said no,Nigeria is a country of 100 million innocent people who will not forgive you and will never forget the hardships, traumas and tears you caused us.

Comrade, Alhassan Haruna Dambatta
[email protected]