Ohaneaze, Ihejirika and the Hypocrites Theory of Another Ojukwu

by Alhassan Haruna Dambatta

Another drums of war are been sounded by the impecability of selfishness and regional alliance protected by ideological orientation of self minding gaze of regional identification.

The history of Nigerian nation has been intricated in sequences of thermal religious and cultural wars,promoted by some selfish,diabolic individuals enslaved in a cacoon of self mode central with brain default that destroyed our human philosophy and psychological sociology associated with the long held Nigerians dream of a peaceful,prosperous,educationally and economically advanced and an internationally well respected Nigeria. Why should Nigeria not live in peace.

The present situation caused by the past government of inefficiency have necessitated the resolve of Nigerians to vote change for the better, promoted by their determination to suffocate their differences which only help to sideline the generational anticipated advanced Nigeria, milking away the furious vision of a developed Nigeria,atleast better than Malaysia,India,Singapore,Brasil who formed part of the BRICS countries built and developed within the past 20 – 30 years.

While it took us longer than expected to realize and feel our hope, born out of womb of hopelessness of our situation,some detractors will not sleep until when they succeed in making every situation unfavourable, denying us individual observance of our collective and constitutional right, to some extend a seemingly unlimited freedom of association and expression as enshrined and promoted by our constitutional political democracy of right as a might.

These detractors only believed in safe mode,pricking away an undeniable potentials which if well harnest will evaporate the stagnant giant Nigeria is made up.

The Igbos of Nigeria have contributed immensely to the development and security of Nigerian state, promoting culture,trade and commerce and further ensured the continuous existence of a peaceful Nigeria.

Since we are yet to be avail with theorist postulations and argument of any valid reasons of why Nigerians should not live in peace as one Nation, one Destiny, we should then rush to call to attention the Ohaneze to sew their vocalism on their position on Amnesty International (AI) position that called on Nigerian government to quickly investigate and prosecute the committed crimes against humanity by the likes of former Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Azubuike Ihejirika.

The request further demanded the handing over of the criminals, amongst which are listed Army Generals found to have supervised the alienation of peaceful and innocent people,the name of Ihejirika happened to be mentioned and adviced to be investigated and extradited to the International Criminal Court in the Hague.

That did not go down well with some hired proxies who are melted into the politics of impunity,forgetting so soon about Nigerians resolve to choose change in place of idiocy, they eat and breeze calamity for Nigeria,but Nigeria have kept disappointing them.

Ohaneze youth wing have been dubious with the truth,investigating a crime to exactly unveil the truth and further prosecute the culprit should not be an issue of an idiotic sectional bruhaha that only painted the Ohaneze youth wing and Ohaneze in general as sectional bigots whose aim is to fulfill their desire embedded in hypocrisy of double mind.

They proclaimed war if Ihejirika  is touched and further
warned the reputable Amnesty International to stay clear of Ihejirika and the dream of prosecuting him,forgetting so soon how the Nigerian military sabotaged the Boko Haram campaign during Ihejirika as Chief of Army Staff.

Due to our short memory,we forgot to talk about the mass killing of innocent people in the northeast during the time of Ihejirika as chief of Army staff,abduction,torture and mass detention of innocent people, crammed in a military dungeons cell,denied food,water and basic social amenities, dying in numbers for a simple fact of their young age,religious inclination and cultural background.

Additionally,Nigeria recorded military,sojas absconding their post, unexpected and un-explain  able re-draft of security forces in places attacked minutes after such reschedules are effected and sojas intentionally withdrawn and taken to a lesser volatile section to give room for Boko Haram attacks.

In the comprehensive report,
entitled, “Stars on their shoulders, blood on their hands: War crimes committed by the Nigerian military,” examines how no fewer than 8,000 persons
were “murdered, starved, suffocated and tortured to death “in the North-East during the period.

Ihejirika to my understanding is only to be investigated,unveiling an opportunity to discover the truth associated with this maze of Boko Haram and its various affiliations to Nigerian military command as claimed during the time of Ihejirika as chief of army staff.

‘The guilty are afraid’, have since been developed as a theory that identifies hidden treasure when it comes to investigate a crime associated with the abuse of human rights, especially the Boko Haram campaign that only was seems staged managed to eliminate a section of the country and further ensure the under development of both its social,economic and infrastructural structures.

Ojukwu was seen by many as a good man,but their claims that another Ojukwu may rise to fight another war if Ihejirika is touched only add to the saying that Ojukwu only pioneered the death of many Igbos by denying them food and water so that mass death can be recorded and used it as their weapon to buy International communities sympathy at the time of the civil war. Others have long regarded him as a hero who stood by his people and fought for their right for independence.

Which ever way, another Ojukwu will only find his way to the grave as nature will always call the mortals, leaving behind Nigeria as a Nation of one people one Destiny

Comrade, Alhassan Haruna Dambatta.
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