#OKUPETIASIS: Doyin Okupe Disease, Nigeria’s Deadliest Killer Disease Of All Time ~ By Usama Dandare

Doyin Okupe

Okupetiasis is a brain damaging illness caused by an obligate and deadly parasitic protozoan called Okupeppian Doyinculatus.

Okupeppian Doyinculatus belongs to;

Kingdom: Nigeriana

Superphylum: Asorockia

Phylum: Jonathania

Class: Corruptisida

Order: Deceptirida

Family: Stupidae

Subfamily: Hypocratinae

Genus: Okupeppian

Species: O. Doyinculatus

Binomial name: Okupeppian Doyinculatus

The geographical distribution of this deadly brain damaging parasite is west Africa and commonly found in Nigeria, O. Doyinculatus is capable of infecting virtually all humans especially those without proper sense of reasoning and more often illiterates. In humans, it is one of the most common dangerous parasites; researchers estimated that up to about halve of Nigeria’s population has been exposed to and may be chronically infected with O. Doyinculatus, although infection rates differ significantly from one state to another. The truth hatred symptoms occasionally occur during the first few weeks following exposure or infection with O. Doyinculatus, it generally produces no symptoms in human adults and it hasn’t been proven yet if the parasite is capable of infecting infants. Although it doesn’t appeared active in children from 6-15 years of age, may among this range may be affected but in a heterozygous form.


ObybringbaOnce it enters the body, Okupeppian Doyinculatus traverses the intestinal or placental epithelium as a free parasite by paracellular transmigration and enters circulating cells such as macrophages or dendritic cells. It then appears to use such cells as a “Trojan horse” to gain access to privileged sites such as the brain.

Electron microscopic studies on brains of chronically infected human demonstrated that the majority of cysts of O. Doyinculatus are in neurons; the cysts were identified within axons, dendrites, or the cell body of the neurons and proliferating tachyzoites have been detected in glial cells in a patient who had developed Okupetiasis. Collectively, these studies demonstrate that O. Doyinculatus can infect a variety of brain cells, and can independently rendered the brain unusable.

The effects of O. Doyinculatus on brain cells can be almost immediate, within the first 2 hours of infection, by which time the parasite has replicated 2–4 times, almost half of the brain cells collapsed and get destroyed at a go, it is also evident that the parasite may destroys signaling pathways in the brain and subsequently making the human brain unable to function well, thus leading to a serious malfunction in the brain psychology which could reduce the average psychological reasoning capacity of the human brain.


ayo jonathanNumerous studies have shown living in a household or in an environment with pro-corruption and impunity brigades (jonathanians) is not a significant risk factor for O. Doyinculatus infection, though living with several of them has some significance effect. Regional and religious sentiments are the highest factors responsible for contacting O. Doyinculatus, exposure to or spending much time watching NTA is another major risk factor, lack of sound education and the deficiency of simple reasoning hormones are also causative factors, transplacental transmission from mother to fetus particularly when O. Doyinculatus is contracted during pregnancy can also be another risk factor.
Although O. Doyinculatus can be infected or be transmitted asexually within humans, the parasite can sexually reproduce only within the brain of the enemies of truth. Therefore, jonathanians are defined as the definitive hosts of O. Doyinculatus, with all other hosts like NTA defined as intermediate hosts.


Although there are no clinical or laboratory symptoms of O. Doyinculatus, persons affected by the disease can be identified easy by some certain characteristics and features they exhibits which are as follows;
Kleptomania (ability to steal).
Dikephobia (fear of justice).
Alethophobia (abnormal fear of the truth ).
Phobophobia (fear of development).
Love for corruption.
Ethnic and religious bigotry.


Okupepian Doyinculatus has proven to be resistance to almost all medications and treatments, it violent nature of coumoflaging made it one among the most difficult parasite to control or totally eradicate. Due to it ability to deceive easily, O. Doyinculatus usually developed a strand in it Immunoglobulin that can be resistant to any form of chemical it is expose to. As a result, the only tested and trusted method of controlling this biological disaster is “biological control method” whereby animals are used to control other dangerous animals. Therefore, the only known effective method to control O. Doyinculatus is by joining hands together and collectively vote its definitive and intermediate hosts out of power or national leadership and get them quarantine, only that could send the parasite and it hosts out of contact with rest of the population and therefore, minimizing the risk of spreading the disease.