Omaku: The People’s Chairman

July 12, 2014


by Idris A. Adamu

There has been a global debate whether 100 Days in Office is enough to assess the performance of somebody holding a political Office.

Idris Adamu

Historically, marking 100 Days in Office was a tradition originated from the United State of America under President Franklin Deiano Roosevelt of the blessed memory in the 1930s. President Roosevelt was able to accomplished much within his First 100 Days in Office.

Today, it has become a global trend for political Office holders, especially those in the Executive arm of government to marks 100 Days in Office. They often use 100 Days in Office to showcase programmes and achievements of their administration.

The Executive Chairman of Doma Local Government Council of Nasarawa State, Hon. Henry J. Omaku was not left out of those political office holders that observed 100 Days in Office.

Our choice of God and hope for rural people, Hon. Henry J. Omaku mark 100 Days in Office on Thursday July, 8, 2014 which can be best describe as 100 Days in honeymoon.

Hon. Henry J. Omaku, the people’s Chairman since his assumption of office, operated an open door policy with the people in Doma and beyond who are progressives in their style of disposition. Not like previous administration’s where people were disconnected from governance through misconception, misappropriation and application of our scarce resources and above all, the old order of politics i.e the politics of exclusion.

No doubt, the emergence of Hon. Henry J. Omaku as the Executive Chairman of Doma Local Government Council was a divine providence, considering the obvious fact that his victory in the last Local Government elections was grace by the immediate past governor, PDP State & Local Government Officials including both Federal and State Lawmakers. This is truly people’s mandate devoid of political sentiment.

In line with Hon. Henry J. Omaku’s transformational agenda, our amiable and vibrant young Chairman has restored sanity and order in the entire Doma Local Government Area through robust joint security mission. This effort alone has created a conducive atmosphere for business investment without fear of miscreants or hoodlums. Apart from massive assistance that was render to the less privilege people in the society, Agricultural revolution and infrastructural development have been a major focus of his administration. This is worthy of commendation.

So far so good, aside the giant stride that was recorded in peace building, a special empowerment scheme was designed to assist youth and the aged. In the area of agriculture, the Chairman gave out five hundred bags of fertilizers to farmers without paying kobo in return, Doma Guest House otherwise presently known as Ta’al VIP House was renovated to International Standard; five-kilometer township roads are currently on-going simultaneously. He also constructed Doma roundabout and welcome to Doma sign post at Wungye. In the same vein, the Chairman has awarded contract for the fencing of Muslims/Christians Cemetery. This is indeed historical because no government or individual has attempted to actualize this long time dream of the community. He has equipped and renovated one block of three rooms known as cooled room for storage of vaccine and anti snake venom. He relocated abattoir to Omenza-Ediya road and created new cattle market along Ediya road including relocation of timber shade to Alagye road among others. Wondering what Doma Local Government Area will look like during his one year in Office. This is worthy of praise.

Within just 100 Days in Office, what the government of Hon. Henry J. Omaku has done in terms of infrastructural development, Agricultural revolution and peace building is capable of attracting business opportunities for the benefits of the entire Doma community and generation yet unborn.

Indeed Hon. Henry J. Omaku has exhibited uncommon passion, commitment and demonstrated unparalleled ingenuity and determination in the art of governance, leaving no one in doubt of his administration vision, uprightness and mission to address lofty challenge of the good people of Doma Local Government Area.

Comrade Idris A. Adamu,

Special Assistant on Information & Ethnical Orientation to the Executive Chairman of Doma Local Government Council of Nasarawa State.